Every Little Girl Needs a Pretty Dress

My life changed the day God stepped in. I knew the day The Persecuted Church entered my backdoor last summer, I would never be the same.
I cannot convey how deeply I love these people from Uzbekistan who have become my family.
And they cannot convey to me how much they love the people and family members they were brutally forced to leave behind the day they were expelled from their country less than two years ago. 
My friends will be returning to an area of Russia about 10 hours from their homeland. (They are not allowed to travel back to their country. They do not have travel documents and would face certain death). 
They will be conducting dozens of training seminars for the leaders of the underground church and Christian leaders from impoverished areas. Most of these pastors and leaders will travel days with little money and at great risk to attend the meetings.
The other day over coffee, my friend and I talked about their trip. She spoke of the workers, her friends, and of her deep longing to take them each something. The economy in these countries is very weak. Unemployment is high. It makes America’s situation look good. 
My friend looked into my eyes and said, “I want to take something for these workers. It would just be a token gift because their needs are so great. I would like every little girl (daughters of the workers) to have a pretty dress. Something so little, would mean so much.”
I grabbed her by the hand and said, “We will do this. I know some people who will help.”
And I was talking about you.
Will you help me? 
Most of the clothes worn in this area of the world have been passed down many times (6-7), so a new dress you find on sale or a lightly used Easter dress that your daughter wore a couple of times would be perfect. 
There are sixteen girls who would love a pretty dress. Here are the sizes:
2T-2 girls
3T -1 girl
4T-2 girls
5 –3 girls
6 –2 girls
7 -1 girl
8 -1 girl
9 –2 girls1 girl
10 -1 girl
12- 1 girl

If you don’t have a little girl or the ability to shop, but want to give, please consider donating a few dollars towards a dress ball caps, socks, Matchbox cars for the boys. (We will shop before they leave).
If you’re interested in sending a dress, please email me (kristenwrites@yahoo.com) and I will send you my address. I will also mark out the sizes I receive. The style (sleeveless, color, isn’t important, just a really pretty dress!)
My friends are traveling in May.
Thank you. 

P.S. There are several boys too. Do you have any ideas for small, light-weight gifts that we can collect?
*UPDATE* I don’t have boy sizes and we’ve been working on girl sizes for a month! So, let’s do ball caps and socks (all little boy sizes) and a Matchbox car! I woke up to an amazing inbox this morning. I love y ‘all for starting off my day so well! Made me cry! 

Most of the girls dresses have been claimed, but you can still send something to a little boy in Russia!


  1. 2

    Anonymous says

    I would love to do this. Where do we send the dresses? Are you going to post what sizes you have received? Is there anything else we could send?

  2. 5


    When do you need these dresses? I might be able to help if I have a bit of time. I am a custom dressmaker and have LOTS of fabric in my stash, but I’m currently swamped with two formals and other custom sewing through the month of April. Please let me know if I can help in any way!

  3. 7


    That is so awesome what you are doing! I only have boys, but I just made a donation through Paypal. I always wanted a little girl to dress in a pretty dress!

  4. 9


    That is such a neat idea!! Please let us know what kind of dresses. I know some countries are very conservative in length and color. Sleeveless ? Thanks!! :)

  5. 10


    I would love to donate a dress or two. I will go through my daughters; dresses~~most only worn a few times so in new condition. I will let you know tomorrow what sizes I can send.

    What about polo shirts for the boys. They can usually be found for less than 10.00 at Target or Old Navy.


  6. 11


    I’ll go shopping for a size 5 dress. I never get to shop for girls. I’ll also do something for a boy. Let me know what you decide on the boys. Thanks for letting us be a part of this journey.

  7. 18


    I can send some dresses in 4, 5 range…..can you email me the addy to mail them out to? I can see if I can grab some boys stuff too. :)


    michelle [at]ct.metrocast [dot] net

  8. 19


    I would love to help, but all I have right now are clothes that are 6-18 months, as my daughter is in 24 mos/ 2T now. Could anyone over there use a smaller dress, or are there only older girls left? Please let me know when you can- if they can use them, I’ll send a dress or two! Thanks!

  9. 21


    This story is incredible….thank you for sharing it with us. This family has a perspective most of us will never have and we are blessed when we get even a glimpse of it.

    I will email you – tell us what you need for the boys…or maybe just a paypal donation is best?

  10. 24

    Anonymous says

    As to lightweight things to send – stickers are ALWAYS a hit among little ones, are inexpensive, and can be bought for boys, girls, or in something sort of unisex, like Spongebob or horses. Another thing is dollar store coloring books with, if you can get them, restaurant-sized, four-color crayon packets. A restaurant might be willing to donate a box of those if you ask. Just a thought, anyway. :O)

  11. 25


    I’d love to donate a few dresses….my daughter is an only daughter with lots of brothers. Can I still send some even though others are all claimed. Also, I have some handsome little men clothes as I call them. Our church is very casual and they never wear them. This would be so much sweeter for us than sending them to a yard sale.
    webb dot rachel at gmail dot com

  12. 27


    Do you want us to purchase the ball caps and socks and cars or send you the money to do it…I would love to help out and I enjoy reading your blog everyday….Here is my email address so you can email me the information!
    Kelly Bryan

  13. 28


    Are all of these dresses accounted for? is there any other need, like some pretty socks with lace? let me know what I can do.


  14. 29


    I see that you’re collecting money donations for the Matchbox cars, but I think I could send around 50 cars if that would be helpful.

  15. 30


    Bless your heart for having one (a heart, that is)

    We just don’t realize how fortunate we are. I came across those who experienced a simiiar situation in Africa and escaped to America. I posted on it recently.
    Have a happy Sunday, Marsha

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