Green Acres Edition

I’m a city girl. I always have been.
I like the convenience and the accessibility.
In other words, I need a Target within 15 minutes with a Chick Fil A nearby. Preferably
But I am married to a country boy who dons a suit every day to support our family. Horses and farming are in his blood. The blood he passed down to my children.  And it must be contagious because a few years ago, I started dreaming of life in the country, well, within reason.
I have needs.
I see a big porch, a small barn, a little land, a couple of animals, and dirty boots, lots of dirty boots….
We’ve been on the lookout for such a place on the outskirts of our town for some time now. But with the condition of our economy, we’ve put those dreams on hold and are trying to create a more frugal life. I talked about it here.
A couple of weeks ago, my hubby and I decided not to wait for that bit of country. Even though we live in the middle of suburbia on a very small slot of land, we decided to plant a small garden. It’s a similar to a square foot garden. Next time it will be a square foot garden, now that I have the book (Square Foot Gardening: A New Way to Garden.)
The place we hope food will grow:

We opted for a plastic fence around our garden in an effort to keep the squirrels (and our toddler) from destroying the small plants. I asked y’all a few weeks ago about squirrel deterrents and let me just say, “Wow.” We opted not to urinate in the garden, but the red pepper and plastic owl options really got my attention.

My 9 year old created a grid to keep track of what we planted.  She put it on a clipboard and hung it in the kitchen. It’s very official.
Have I mentioned I’m a city girl?
Check out some other Spring gardens at Rhoda’s!


  1. 2

    ShEiLa says

    A city girl that is looking a bit country with the soil on her hands to prove it. Ü

    Great job.
    Way more organized than I would be.

    I have planted my share of gardens. I am a ‘small town’ country girl… who would love to live in a city. Especially since the closest Target is an hour a way… and I would love to visit everyday.

    Loved your post.


  2. 3


    Good luck with your garden. We are doing one for the first time this year, but my husband insisted on it being huge. And I don’t like being dirty!

  3. 6


    Very cool! I’m just green, thinking about all the garden fresh goodness y’all will enjoy come harvest time.

    We live in the country with all the countrified stuff you describe. But hubby planted tomatoes in one of those upsidedown growing things as seen on TV.

    Somehow, we just have it backwards!

  4. 7


    OK, I am very much a city girl too, but I love the idea of the square foot gardening, and have been toying with doing it.

    I also like the idea of the fence around the garden, because we have an overabundance of rabbits that I think would eat every morsel before it could really get growing.

    However, and this may be a dumb question, but I am a city girl, once you put up that fence how do you get to your garden to, you know, garden it? Do you have to take it down each time you want to dig around in it, or whatever else you do? (see, I have no idea what the right vocabulary for this is :))

  5. 8


    Thanks for asking that question about the fence! I forgot to mention how we have access to the actual garden! We put nails in the top of the four posts and just life the green ‘gate’ off the nails and the fence lays on the ground. It’s called Southern Engineering.

  6. 9


    We just tilled up a 6×6 area on Saturday, and will be planting this week. We can’t seem to decide (more like ‘agree’) on what to plant, so I think we NEED the book you mentioned.

  7. 10


    It will feel so good to have your own “square” and grow things from seeds! I can’t wait to do it someday. Bit too cold in Iowa right now but perhaps we’ll see spring soon!

  8. 11


    That is the name of my blog! LOL — Green Acres. I’m a Jersey girl living in the country in the south. I’m enjoying myself, that’s for sure! I love living out in the country and driving a big pick-up truck, lol. If my friends could see me now. Great post. Love seeing what you all planted. I need to get busy on our planting!

  9. 12


    I’m cracking up because this City Girl also just planted a garden… ours is a raised bed garden, but we did it similar in that we planted it in sections like you did. Very cool! We’ll see if either of us end up with any veggies. :-)

  10. 15


    I’m a country girl living in subdivision land. I have an herb garden mixed in with the landscaping and some tomato and pepper plants hidden in the backyard. The square foot garden sounds like a great idea. I grew up with a garden bigger than our lot we live on now. I guess I never imagined we could grow so much in such a small area.

  11. 16


    I love that book!! I am in the midst of reading it and have decided that by the time I finish it, it will be too late to plant a garden. So this year is mostly container gardening. I know what you mean about being a city girl, for the first time ever we now live where there is not even a convention center within an hour and half!! Where do these people go to see the Circus or Disney on Ice?? And I’m in Fl for pete’s sake – home of Ringling Bros AND Disney.

  12. 20


    Ilove gardening. I’m sure your whole family will benefit from it, it is a great family project. I am a country girl, living in the country, but we havent’ started our garden yet. Too cold and wet, here.

  13. 25


    There is something so satisfying about growing your own food. My children will eat nearly any vegetable grown in our dirt just for the pride of it.

    BTW, if you’re dreaming of dirty boots (really?!), you better be dreaming of a mud room, too. Just saying.

  14. 26


    You may have to replace your plastic fence with chicken wire. My first square foot gardening experience (about 15 years ago!) I put up plastic fence. The rabbits ate right through it!
    For those who are planning a square foot garden: Make your gardening area only 3 feet wide. It allows you to actually reach in and tend the middle of the box. The idea is not to step on any of the soil in the “box.” I have a total of 100 square feet of square foot gardening and I love it.

  15. 29


    Laughing here at your picture, and laughing at the official grid. They are both just AWESOME. Good luck on that garden and the challenge to keep the squirrels out.

  16. 31


    I’m kind of cracking up at the okra in every other square on that grid. Let’s just say it’s not my kids favorite and leave it at that.

    What fun. Love that last pic! You look lovely dahling!

  17. 32



    Gotta love all the comments and a sense of green thumb adventuring awaits you. We found out here in the High Desert where it snows sometimes, that cilantro, and our strawberries weathered being covered in a foot and a half of snow. Go figure. Can’t wait to continue reading your posts!

  18. 33


    City girl here…with a Super Target less than 2 miles away.

    Thinking about a gardening area like yours this year. Our neighbor has one he built last year and we had garden envy all summer last year. :-)

  19. 34


    My hubby and I were thrilled to get out of suburbia a few years ago and buy a little “farm” in the a more rural area where our kids can run wild and free. While deer and rabbits are cute and fun to watch,they devoured any attempts at gardening. Pasture fence was a bigger priority than garden fence and time and money, of course, were limited. So our quickie solution last year for our little garden was a chain link dog kennel. We found it on craigslist for a fraction of the store price and voila! An instant garden fence that the deer can’t (or at least don’t bother to) jump. Keeps out rabbits too. Looking forward to home grown tomatoes!!

  20. 35


    I want to hear updates! I’ve had the Square Foot Gardener on my wish list for years now, but I’ve never actually bought it or tried the method.

  21. 36


    Oh my! I am trying to do the veggie/herb thing this season and started seedling trays inside the house. I think I was more excited than my two kids when the first seed stuck its shell capped head above the soil! Starting my garden today. With hubby away though it is up to me to lug the lavender around! You have inspired me though to get out there!!!! Thanks!

  22. 38


    Farm living is wonderful, I love raising my boys on one, dirt and all. Once you make that leap you will never look back. A garden is a good start though

  23. 39


    This is our first year with a square foot garden, and we have a little paper like yours to help us remember where to put everything. My 10 year old son was very serious about it all! It’s growing great!


  24. 40


    Congrats on the garden and good luck! My seeds arrived in the mail today so before the end of the week, I’ll be heading out to pick up some peat pellets to start them in. I have four raised beds which will be gridded out à la square foot garden. I used that method for the first time last year and I loved it. So easy and efficient.

  25. 41


    speaking of chick-fil-a…

    Visit a participating restaurant April 15 and hang onto your receipt. The “Tax Relief Day Special” lets you return before April 30 to receive the same order for free.

  26. 42


    I have been reading that Square Foot Garden book cover to cover! It’s great isn’t it? I actually splurged for raised bed kits and I’m totally itching to get them set up. I’m hoping it’ll happen this weekend… that is if it doesn’t rain.

  27. 43


    Yes Target is 5 minutes away and I’d die without that connection.

    We just planted carrots over the weekend but it’s the slugs not the squirrels that drive me mad.

  28. 44


    I saved this post in my reader to comment on…but my in-laws had control of the guest room so I am a little late!

    We set up a Square Foot Garden this year and LOVE it! (Although living in Florida our growing eason is coming to an end!) It is the best thing for us city girls. I can’t wait to see all your goodies growing!

  29. 49


    City Gal or not .. looks like you’ve got a great start there. I’m a country gal and I’ve never been that organized .. You Rock City Slicker!
    Good Luck in your growing.
    Thanks for sharing.

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