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    oh my goodness, i am loving these snippets! they’re so funny!

    i’ve done a couple of things like this before, but i did all the pictures in one post. i love that you’re making each it’s own post.

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    I’ve heard horses have dry lips. Good to know you take such good care of animals (was a little worried after the whole Dora hanging ;).

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    Beth S. says

    Looks like your little toddler and mine would have all kinds of fun getting in trouble together! And their Moms could enjoy each others company and try to relax by drinking some sweet tea and swapping 2 1/2 yr. old little girl stories!!!

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    So cute! How did you get her to nap for an hour? My 9 month old doesn’t think naptime is cool at all. He’s also pretty sure that bedtime sucks as well. Sigh.

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