Snippets of My Day: 7:00 AM

For your viewing pleasure, I thought I’d share some snippets of an ordinary day with the two year old in my life.

7:00 AM : Showing Momma how to apply eye makeup.


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    Just wait until she is 3!

    You’ll find her behind a chair with a black permanent marker and postage stamps “decorating” your freshly painted wall – not that it has ever happened to me :}

    She is stinkin’ cute!!

  2. 5


    I think she's starting a uber cool fad & She's on to something amazing.
    Love the shirt, my girls have the same one but long sleeve? So the question is- they have short sleeve? Or were you fashionably frugal and cut and sewed off the..longness..

    Oh I'm lame.


  3. 7


    Oh, man! So glad it wasn’t a black eye…which was what I thought you were going to tell us. At least she’s got the right area of the face for mascara!

  4. 8


    Looks like it’s going to be a fun filled day. I don’t think I would take a nap today if I were you. :) I haven’t taken a nap in years…years!!!

  5. 12

    KC says

    My daughter( 2 1/2 years ) did this 2 days in a row with purple marker. My husband has now hidden the markers :)

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