WFMW-Fresh Flowers

I love fresh cut flowers arranged beautifully in a vase. 

Who doesn’t? (if you don’t, that was rhetorical, I’m making a point here)
But if you’re like me, only a special occasion warrants such a gift. Flowers are expensive and that’s why my arrangements are usually made of tiny weeds, given with love by my children!
Lately, I’ve notice our little corner grocery store has had an abundance of flowers and they are consistently marking down the bright bunches of posies to $4.99 or less! But I’m drawn to the scrawny sets for $1.99. My inner bargain queen is my guide. 
Now, I realize flowers are marked down because their days are numbered. But I have a secret recipe that makes flowers last longer!
Mix 2 Tablespoons sugar with 2 Tablespoons white vinegar. 
Stir until sugar is dissolved and pour mixture into water.
I used small bud vases for my small package of flowers when I had company a few weeks ago. 
My $1.99 set spread cheer to several rooms!
And these flowers lasted all week!
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  1. 14


    Thanks for the great tip!

    I love getting flowers too, but mine ALWAYS die too quickly!
    I’ll be using your secret recipe next time for sure.

    P.S- Your flowers are beautiful!

  2. 15


    I have never heard that combo, but will definitely try it next time. I like to snip the ends from the stems periodically and that seems to help them last longer as well. Such a nice treat to have fresh flowers for guests!

  3. 19


    Can you please delete link #77? I left the wrong link (to last weeks’ wfmw instead of this week’s. Thank you and I’m sorry.

    I LOVE flowers! They always make my day. :) Thank you for this awesome tip.

  4. 21


    I’ve heard of sugar mixed with something. I don’t remember what the “something” was but it wasn’t vinegar. I prefer to get flowers only on occasion and do not enjoy huge florist arrangements. I currently have an Easter Lily plant perfuming the main level of my house and some beautiful bi-colour carnations as well. My favourite has to be a single peony from my boyfriend’s peony bush – gorgeous flour and gorgeous scent.

    I’ll have to try the sugar/vinegar trick. Thanks for posting it!

  5. 28


    My husband has made it his thing to buy me flowers from an on the side of the road vendor every month for the last 13 years. Because of that the guy gives him a great discount and I get beautiful wild flowers that last about 2 weeks. Maybe if I use your little recipe they will last a bit longer. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. 30


    The fact that flowers die so quickly is the reason I opt for silk. But, there’s just something wonderful about a house with fresh flowers in it. I may have to rethink my position. :)

  7. 36


    Very pretty! Another hint is, if you put the flowers in warm water and cut the stem while it’s under the water, they last even longer. My Mom was a florist for 40+ yrs, and I learned a couple tricks from her.
    Thanks for hosting!

  8. 43

    Angela says

    tried to change my title from last week (#171, starting with baby steps) but it didn’t change when it posted. sorry, it is supposed to be baking with applesauce. still learning mr linky, guess i messed this one up. thanks for all you do!

  9. 44


    Did you know that Aldi’s usually has flowers for about $2.99 a bunch? Don’t know if you have an Aldi’s near you or not, but it might be worth checking out if you do.

  10. 46


    I love daisies! And i love them because they last so long. Much longer than roses.

    Thanks for the tip.

    (Getting flowers given me is something that IS special . . . it happens about once in a lifetime for me!)

  11. 50


    Great tip! Thanks!

    I love putting little vases of flowers around the house. I repurpose baby food jars as bud vases, and i find they’re the perfect size.

  12. 53


    I heard on CSI that adding a few drops of bleach will kill bacteria & make flowers last longer too.

    I do know putting them in warm water for a minute before putting them back in the vase will make them perk right up!

  13. 55


    I love the divide and conquer and spread them round the house a little idea – that sure works for me!

    Meanwhile, I totally forgot it was Wednesday – talk about the confusion that sets in with a long weekend!

  14. 57


    Oh how I love fresh flowers! Someone told me a long time ago that putting an aspirin in the vase water makes them last longer too! Thanks for sharing this tip. I may just look for some marked-down fresh flowers this week when I do my shopping! :)

  15. 59


    Thanks for the secret recipe! I was just thinking about starting to get fresh flowers more often the last time I was at Aldi – they’re usually pretty cheap and it is such a treat. The secret recipe is extra motivation to do it! 😉

  16. 63


    I love fresh flowers in the house.

    We planted some rosemary bushes in the garden a couple years ago and made an arrangement of the cuttings for the Easter centerpiece. It was wonderful and is lasts a long time. We still have it on our dinning room table.

  17. 64


    I wanted to share my works for me but didn’t get it done in time. I have a large metal decorative grate that I purchased from a floral/gift shop. It’s original purpose was an outside door mat. When I saw it, I knew instantly that it would serve as a wonderful large size trivet. I have it beside my stove so that I can sit pots on it without burning the counter or looking for a hot pad or trivet. The best thing is that not only is it functional, it is also decorative and looks like it belongs right there. Repurposing items works for me.

  18. 67


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  19. 68


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