DIYP: Before & After Bedroom Makeover

First night in her big girl bed (and her sister’s old room)
Well. We did it! We switched our girl’s rooms. My older daughter loves her new room and my toddler is adjusting to her big girl bed.
I thought I’d show you the before and after pictures and a couple of the projects I did:



I spray painted the little candlier black that used to hang in the nursery. I love it hanging over the bed!
I painted the garage sale bed black and love the way it turned out.  See the fancy white monogram? It is actually a “W” I didn’t use for another project! I repurposed it since my daughter’s name starts with “M”!

She wanted a fairy room. I didn’t want to do characters, but I added a few fairy touches. I got these little dolls (ornaments, I think) for $3.99 each at TJMaxx. I left the red curtain arch that used to be over my toddler’s crib. It’s actually red tab top curtains from Target and I used finials to hold the curtains in place.

The little suitcases on top of my daughter’s desk came from a garage sale too. It’s amazing what you can find! They are stuffed full of doll clothes.
This is the armoire from the other room. Since our toddler didn’t need a desk and our 9 year old did, we moved it. I decided to mix the black and white furniture. I used a Scrapbook Rub-On Damask ($1.50 from Hobby Lobby) to add a touch of black to the armoire.
I found a matching set of these old candle sconces. They were a lovely shade of mushroom green. I spray painted them black, but left the original candle holders alone. Oh, and I got the pair for $1!

I used spray paint created for plastic to makeover my daughter’s hot pink desk chair. It’s now a sleek black. 

I saw this cute idea (Fairy Lights) on TipNut and couldn’t believe how easy they were to make! 
They create a fun glow when the lights are off.

I saved a cardboard egg carton and cut them out:
I found a strand of battery-powered lights in the wedding section of Hobby Lobby for $2.99. There are only 10 lights, but it was just what I wanted.
I stuck the bulbs thru the cardboard and that’s it:
I love the way the fairy mirrors turned out that I hung over the bed. I found these pretty mirrors at TJMaxx and I ordered two fairy silhouettes from Etsy. They were su
per easy to apply:

One of my favorite DIY in her room is this last minute idea I had that involves a garage sale frame and chalkboard paint:
After spray painting it white, I nailed it to the wall and taped off the edges of the frame. I painted chalkboard paint right on the wall!
I wonder if she’ll let me spend the night in there!
Probably 75% of my daughter’s new room came from thrifty finds! 


  1. 5


    Wow you did a wonderful job you are so crafty I really like the picture frame chalkboard my oldest daughter would love something like that.

  2. 6


    Can you come and give me an extreme DIY makeover?? That room is fabulous. Your daughter must love it, it is so grown up! Yet whimsical. And the look on your “baby’s” face in her big girl bed is priceless… do you have before and after pics of that room as well??

  3. 7


    I really love the room, its very sophisticated but girly at the same time. The mirrors and fairly lights are beautiful. It’s a great room, especially since there was so much love behind it.

  4. 8


    I love the fairy mirrors. I also like the colors in the room. Not traditional pastel “girl” colors. So that makes it fresh and new for me.

  5. 10

    ShEiLa says

    You are so creative.
    I just sit with my jaw on the keyboard… way cute results.
    Creative. Fun. Themed.
    Love it all.

  6. 11


    Love the room!! I so admire people who have a decorator’s sense.

    Just a note, since you ARE that family, maybe move the bed so that random bed jumpers don’t hit the chandelier…

  7. 13


    I bet she is just ecstatic! Her room is sooooo GORGEOUS! I love the green, red and black together! I love how you added in the white too, it all looks so nice together! Those fairy mirrors you did are incredible! Thanks So Much for Sharing!

  8. 15


    great job! you are the spray paint queen~ i don’t know how you think of all these things. and what a motivator, to have this every friday~ it gives you a goal to shoot towards and share with us all.

  9. 16


    So many great DIY projects in this room. I bet your daughter loves it! Heck, I’d like to come spend the night there! :o) That bed is FABULOUS if I must say so. It’s hard to believe someone was getting rid of it.

  10. 22


    That’s awesome! I feel very inspired now. I think I’ll have to work on my kids’ rooms this summer. I love garage sale and thrift store finds.

  11. 29


    Love it!! Your spray painting has inspired sooooo many of my projects!! A whole book-shelf in my livingroom is spray painted and/or painted- it’s on my blog.

  12. 34


    You are very creative…and I love your daughter’s new room! You are so HGTV!

    However, I have a question. In the 12th picture down (the one where you’re sticking the lightbulb through the egg carton) in the background there is a goldenrod platter that goes in that black iron stand thing.

    I just got the same thing at Goodwill last week…I LOVE it. It has a few different color platters.

    Problem, is I’m not sure what to do with it. I think you can use it to serve food on when hosting guests, but I want to decorate with it. Like maybe a centerpiece for my dinning room table? What do you do with yours? Do you put anything on those platters? Is there a fancier word for what it’s called?

  13. 35


    You did a fantastic job. You managed to mix what your daughter wanted and what you wanted beautifuly. I would love to have seen her reaction.

    And your toddler looks so cute in her big girl bed with her nice clean blanket. No matter how many kids we’ve moved from the crib to the big kid bed, I’m always suprised at how small they look.

    Anyways, great job.

  14. 39


    Wow I can’t believe all the garage sale finds you have in one room. I want to spend the night in that room! When I move back to Texas can you come help me decorate? Joking……. sort of.

  15. 47


    What a wonderful room re-do. Love the bed that you painted and the upside down W turned M is just the right touch.

    Love what you did with the lights and egg carton too.

  16. 48


    Very lovely, and thanks for the tip about the mirrors at TJ MAXX! They look just like the vintage ones I collect, but at a fraction of the cost, I’m sure!

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