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The Pantry


I’ve heard about screen doors being used as a pantry door and that’s what we decided. We bought a plain $18 screen door at a local hardware store and cut it down to fit the smaller width of our pantry.

I bought some fancy scrolls to embellish the plain door. I decided to spray paint the unfinished wood. Red, of course!
My hubby nailed the scrolls onto the painted door.

And then my sweet guy took off the old plain white door and gave me the country kitchen I’ve always wanted!!
My hubby did an AMAZING job!
My favorite touch? The fork door pull. He just used pliers to give it a bend and then screwed it into the wood:

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And it cost less than $50!
a favorite project from 2009


  1. 6


    Oh my goodness…that couldn’t be more adorable! I love it…and the fork handle is PERFECT!!

    Although, I would probably have to use a dark screen because the idea of people looking in my “not so clean” pantry would drive me insane.

  2. 11


    Looks GREAT inside and out! But that is just WAY too much pressure to keep it neat. I’m kind of stressed out imagining it in my house… and strangely tempted to do the exact same thing.

    Great work!

  3. 12


    I have been lurking for a while..think this might be my first time commenting?

    Love it! Esp the contrast of the wall color and white trim against the pop of red!

    So when can you come and live at my house and work your thrifty, crafty magic for a while? No? I’ll just have to keep tuning in to see all your treasures. 😉

  4. 18


    That’s incredible! Like everyone else I love the touch of the fork. But also like others, I don’t know that I’d be brave enough to have a see-through pantry door!! Good for you :)

  5. 20


    What a great idea! That door is sooo cute. I really love it and now I really want one! :) And your hubby. What a great guy to help you with your project. I would have never been able to get my hubby off the couch to do something like that for me. He would have said, “You want what???” Men!

  6. 21


    it seems to be a landslide- i love it too! the fork is great. and of course the red… however, what a challenge to keep it neat now! that’s the whole point of a pantry, right? just stuff things in and slam the door! great job

  7. 25


    That is an amazing transformation.. and you are brave to have your pantry exposed for the world to see all the time. I am NOT so brave!

    (probably cause I’m sloppy)

    God bless-

  8. 28


    That fork handle is the icing on the cake. Love the red color, open-door concept and scrolls. It’s perfect and the price is right, too.

  9. 31


    I love it! But, I don’t think it would stay organized like that for long in our house, the kids are always digging through the cupboards trashing them.

    I love the red with the yellow it really makes it POP :)

  10. 32


    Oh I sooooo love that!!! My pantry is in my laundry room and has no door. What a great way to spruce it up! Hmmm…I wonder if Cool wants another


  11. 33

    Beth S. says

    Okay, generally in a relationship, ONE person is the crafty one and the other, not-so-much! However, you are one CRAFTY COUPLE…a rare find, indeed! My husband could probably help me with some ideas I get, but generally chooses to not get involved (except for the HUGE antique wardrobe that he stripped and refinished for me…which was my dear, sweet Grandmas. That More than makes up for all the other times he’s groaned when I try to get him involved in a new project)! You’re husband is definitely a keeper!

    I love this idea but have a long pantry with two bi-fold doors, so I don’t think it would work for me. Besides, having to look at all my stacks of cans, while usually somewhat organized, would make me nuts! Yours looks much nicer with the baskets and all! Also love the fork for a handle! Great ideas!

  12. 34


    I’m sorry. Your husband took a DOOR apart and sized it down??

    That right there is what makes this darling project an impossibility for me. I’d have to HIRE someone to do that and then a $50 project would be more like $250!


    SO CUTE. The only drawback I see – is that now you HAVE to keep that pantry organized!

    Maybe that’s a good thing after all, though.

  13. 37


    Love it! Now if my hubs was willing to put up some ‘non-traditional’ doors. I wanted to buy non-paneled doors for the kids’ closets and cover them with magnetic paint, then chalkboard paint. Sure, there’d be some chalk dust – but that’s easily controlled by keeping the chalk out of reach! Easy enough to just rehang the original doors if we move. Haven’t convinced him yet… So I doubt I’ll get these cool pantry doors, either!

  14. 38


    Wow! Didn’t see THAT one coming! Very unexpected and whimsy! Love the color, the fork, everything. I’m a total neat-freak, so the screen wouldn’t intimidate me at all. My hubby also loves to do things like that! What a treasure!

  15. 42


    That is SO cute…love the fork! However I could not stand to be able to see in my pantry from the outside…with my messy family it is best to be able to keep our mess behind the door! LOL! Great blog.

  16. 51


    I love it! I have been wanting to do this to my pantry and was stuck on how. That’s awesome and cost efficient! This inspires me to definitely do this.

  17. 52


    That is AWESOME, not to mention a total surprise! I don’t know if I could be so disciplined to keep the contents of the pantry in order all the time!

  18. 62


    Oh my gosh. I haven’t been reading your blog very long, but even so, I think you are the craftiest person I’ve ever seen! You have the absolute cutest stuff!! All over your house! I’m so jealous. What great ideas!!

  19. 69

    Mrs. Querido says

    That is AWESOME and totally fabulous! But I’m with the other ladies…there is no way I could keep my pantry in showroom condition at all times! Love the makeover!

  20. 70


    Very nice. Have a friend who did this a few years back and have always wanted to do this myself. I love the door handle. Love the red too. So colorful and happy.

  21. 76


    That looks awesome! And now you have an incentive to keep that pantry organized! I’m impressed!

    I don’t have a pantry. sigh. If you have any ideas for how to stuff all of your food into the regular cabinets in a 10×10 kitchen, let me know! Fun!

  22. 79


    I love it! What an amazing idea!! Thanks so much for sharing that. It looks great in your kitchen. And the fork handle is a very nice touch!! Well done!

  23. 81


    That is so darn cute it makes me wish that my pantry was in a closet with a regular door instead of a double wide cabinet. You did good!

  24. 82


    I LOVE YOUR PANTRY PROJECT!! The colors, the screen, the fork handle!! And, I guess it helps that your kitchen is the same color as mine! You (and your husband :)) did great work! You inspired me. Right now I am trying to finish the nursery for my son that is nearly 11 months old! I have had the main coat on since just after he was born (thinking, yeah, I will add the decorative touches when I have time) Well, you inspired me AND yesterday and today I have done horizontal stripes in three different colors. Now, I am doing three canvas for the art on his walls! I am excited to see the end product!

  25. 85

    Anonymous says

    Am I the only one who thinks that’s nasty? Ugh, I liked it way better before. But, I guess if you’re into country….

  26. 89


    Wow, what motivation to keep the pantry nice and tidy. I don’t think I have the courage! :)

    Love the fork idea as a handle .. you are giving me an idea for another area of the kitchen!

  27. 97


    Very nice, but I couldn't do that at my house. I stockpile groceries when they're cheap and so my pantry doesn't look so pretty. Thanks for the idea though. This may come in handy some day on another project.

  28. 100


    Wow! I love this! Hubby made custom doors for my pantry as well as cabinets, but I have found that my pantry gets too warm, and the screen would help ventilate!!! I also have yellow walls and red accents, so I wanna copy your door color too, LOL. I might have to use that REALLY DARK screen though, as my pantry is organized, but not near as cute as yours, LOL.

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