Let’s Blame It on the Bird Poop

We are THAT family, now with live video footage.
Let me set this up: Little sister has learned to twist herself on the swing. Big brother wants a turn to show her how to really do it.
{Please ignore my  hubby laughing at the end of this short video. He chuckles when he’s overcome with compassion for our injured children.}
P.S. At the very end, my son says, “That would be funny_________” but the video camera cuts off.
P.S.S. Let me fill in the blank “That would be funny on Mom’s blog!” He’s right!
That kid makes lemon-aid out of lemons, every time.
{Can you stand one more P.S.?  I nearly pee every time I watch this clip!!!!}


  1. 9

    Anonymous says

    Having been skating with your little man, I’m surprised he didn’t do a “dance” after hitting his head. :) Love him!

  2. 11


    How funny! My B would do something just like that. He smacked his head hard on the parallel bars at school today. Graceful like his mom!

  3. 12


    Ouch! I love how the second your daughter hears there’s bird poop on the other swing you can practically see the thought bubble pop up as she turns her head in that direction and then heads over to check it out. Love it!

  4. 17


    How funny is that? Yea, I tend to laugh when my kids get hurt. My hubby likes to say compassion is not my gift. When they’re really hurt then Dad usually comes to the rescue because I don’t hand blood well.

  5. 21


    I can’t say much, I laugh when people get hurt (of course if it’s not serious!) As my 3 year old son would say when I laugh at him… It’s not funny Mom! That was classic. Thanks for the laugh!I do love how your daughter went straight to the other swing. Curiousity gets the best of them!

  6. 22


    Awww poor kiddo!! But hey, at least you had the camera out… Now it doesn’t have to be all bad, since he gets his 15 minutes of fame and we all get a chuckle 😉

  7. 26


    I don’t care who you that is funny! I can see my kids doing the samething. What is more funny is that your daughter went on the bird poop swing!

  8. 35


    My kids and I love this!!! My son, who is 13 and has had many similar incidents (and many with much worse results), said, “You’ve GOT to look where you’re going.” He’s the expert on it so I’ll take his word for it :-)

  9. 39


    I, like your husband, have the same issue of laughing "in compassion" when one of my children does something similar.

    I was ok until the "thunk"… impossible not to laugh. Too funny!

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