My BlogHer Sponsor {Giveaway}

*Update* Congrats to The Halbert Home! You won! 

I’m going to Chicago!
In July.
For BlogHer (the blogging conference).
I'm Going to BlogHer '09
We’ll talk about my nerves and fears and ohmygosh Ican’tbelieve I’mdoingthis feelings later.
But first, I’d like you to meet the people making it possible.
I owe all my fear and excitement to UPrinting, my BlogHer sponsor!
This company has really impressed me. (They also flatter me since I’m their first blogger to sponsor for a conference).
They have set themselves apart by becoming a friend to Mom blogs. They understand the needs of bloggers and are reaching out to them in an unprecedented way!
You can apply for their blog sponsorship program they recently created! There’s free products (have you seen what they made me?), giveaways, discounts, conference sponsorships and advertising for your blog.

They also sent me 500 custom business cards I created from scratch on their website (There are hundreds of templates or you can create your own). 
And today, they are offering one of you 1000 business cards too! Click over and look at the vast choices and tell me what you like!
You can make Mommy cards, blog cards, or create something really unique (ya know that helps get your laundry done).
Thanks UPrinting for supporting Mom blogs!
This giveaway will close on Thursday.


  1. 1


    Congratulations! That’s awesome. I’m SO in need of new business cards. I redesigned my blog and now my cards don’t match. :-(

    And I’d love to see you at BlogHer. I would need a generous sponsor though… 😉

  2. 4


    Oooh…that would be sweet! I applied for their sponsorship. The business cards would be fun to design. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. 8


    Oh, I could use some new ‘mom cards’ – my kids are starting at a new school in the fall. Add to that my considerably confusing double first name and relatively unusual last name, and mom cards are an excellent solution!

    I looked at several designs, and it’s hard to pick! I do like Wrap It Up and Perennial Blooms, but that’s just a start!

  4. 12


    I have the same feelings you do about BlogHer – the Ican’tbelieveI’mdoingthis stuff you are talking about – BUT business will SURELY solve all of my anxiety problems. I need me some business cards so consider me in….cool?


  5. 23


    oh cool…i would LOVE to win since I’m getting so tired of hand writing my blog address on little scraps of paper…that would be much easier. LOL. what a cool giveaway!

  6. 24


    Very impressive! Both the business cards and the sponsorship. I didn’t even know that kind of think that kind of thing was possible. Obviously I need to widen my horizons.

  7. 25


    Jealous that you’re going to BlogHer! Especially since it’s in my very favoritest city – Chicago! I love Chicago! Have a slice of Lou Malnati’s pizza for me!

    I need new cards. I’m out and was tired of my design anyway. Loving this website and all it has to offer. The only trouble would be picking just one!

  8. 26


    I really liked the Green Patch style, but if I won I’d probably design something to match the logo on my labels :) Cool contest!

  9. 28 says

    I would love to win these and design my own, if possible. I’m always caught drooling over my friends’ cards. 😉

  10. 31


    I’ve always wanted a mommy calling card, so this would be awesome! Thanks and have fun! Can’t wait to hear about it. :)

  11. 33


    What a fun giveaway! Lucky you, but your sponsor is luckier. 😉 Can’t decide which card, so maybe design my own mommy card? Or maybe gift tags for my children’s presents? Hmmmm. Like the 2×2, as well. Have FUN in Chi-town!

  12. 36

    Anonymous says

    I would love some cards. I am a piano teacher and these would be so great! I like the smaller square ones!

    klnlovesmickey AT yahoo DOT com

  13. 39


    I would definitly love these cards. Of course making the most of them by having them be blog/Mommy cards in gender netural since I have a little Chloe and a little John-John.

    Thanks for sharing about BlogHer and Uprinting!

    You’ll be working on your patience skills over the next couple months :)

  14. 41


    I was on the waiting list and just got a ticket. Now I would love to find a sponsor to help pay my way.
    I like the Guilty Pleasures Business Cards.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. 42


    Since these conferences seem to be for women, I will not be attending. However 1000 cards sounds nice. I would put the pic that is currently on my sight on the card (The one that says I do my own stunts).

  16. 44


    Have been trying to find affordable business cards for my blog for months—and FREE is definitely in the right price range!!!! I just haven’t decided which design I like best yet! I hope I have to!!!

  17. 46


    I could really use these! I just changed the name of my blog and I need new biz cards for BlogHer.

    I was “Soy is the New Black” and now I am “Multi-Minding Mom.”

    I would love to create custom business cards with my new logo.

  18. 47


    I would love to design my own to match my blog design.. new design currently in the works! Yeah!

    I like the new sizes!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  19. 48

    MommaYoung says

    Congrats on being able to go to blogher…

    Yes, isn’t it funny how tinkering around on the internet “helps” get my laundry done…

    Have a great trip and yes, thank you Uprinting.

  20. 49


    Great business cards! I would probably pick something out of the fun or floral category. I love that they have some very modern trendy designs. Very cool!

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