Today, I Want to Talk about My Pantry

Moving title isn’t it?
My pantry isn’t exciting. It’s smallish and very plain.
And messy…funny I should leave that part out.
I have had no fondness for the place I store food. I shove it in there and balance the madness carefully and then shut the door quickly.
It’s my pantry.
The pantry got a makeover.
Did you hear me?
This should be on Oprah. Because it’s that good.
The big reveal will come in tomorrow’s DIY project, but I wanted to give you a peek on the inside. (You won’t want to miss the outside of my pantry!!)



Now, it’s a total basket-case! The amazing thing? The majority of these baskets came from Goodwill! I spray painted of few of them black to freshen them up.

Check out more Goodwill finds at Thrifty Decor Chick!


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    I finally had to straighten out my pantry when one of the cans exploded due to its extreme age. Nothing like something old and gunky sticking to everything to get the ole butt in gear. And the pantry is STILL organized! Unfortuately, the effort wiped me out for the next several years so the rest of the house is still a total mess.

  2. 7


    Impressive! I’m still trying to come up with a way to trick the kids into organizing my pantry for me, but I may have to cave in and do it myself.

  3. 9


    GREAT JOB !! It looks great. My dream is to have a walk-in pantry where I can buy lots of glass jars that will happily hold all of our food! This looks wonderful! I know you will enjoy it.

  4. 11


    i’ve seen the idea to keep things in totes or baskets, but i’ve never wanted to pay the money. kudos to you for the baskets from goodwill. the spray painting is genius. now i can have an organized pantry too!

  5. 13


    That’s it. I have GOT to get me over to the Goodwill.

    I was in an antique shop the other day and there were some fabulous finds that someone had picked up at Goodwill, refurbished and marked for sale.

    Great job on the pantry! Bet it feels great!! I know it sure looks great!

  6. 16


    Be glad you have a pantry closet. All I have is a cabinet which I recently cleaned out & re-organized. It feels so much better now.

  7. 18


    That is such a neat idea! I’m not very talented in decorating so I’m always impressed by those who are and I have to say that you always have such cute ideas!

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