We’re Not Those Kind of People

I told my family I wanted to visit a neighboring orchard and pick strawberries.
I always get my way on Mother’s Day weekend.
My kids wandered up the rows bursting with red berries and picked the juiciest ones they could find. The orchard had strict rules about not eating the fruit until the basket had been weighed and bought.

It was pretty serious work.
My toddler immediately kicked off her shoes, so she could feel the sandy soil between her toes. She studied the ripe plants.
And her dimpled hands picked the sweetest treat.
But, she knew the rules. And of course, we always follow the rules. We would never break them. We’re not THAT family.
She certainly….
Did not eat her fill of berries…..
And stain her face and clothes so badly…….
That we had to sneak into the bathroom to scrub her clean! We’re not those people!
Next time, we’ll weigh her first. Pick fruit. And then weigh her again.
She also didn’t insist on dragging the wagon allbyherself a half a mile and threaten a terrifying temper tantrum if we didn’t let her. 
This is a picture of us not letting her have her way.
Because our children don’t act that way. Ever. Especially in public on Mother’s Day weekend.
Of course, I didn’t sneak a red berry either.

I loved the Ann Taylor outfit my hubby gave me (yes, ladies, he shops for me, the right size and everything!) But my favorite gifts were the ones my kid’s came up with on their own:
My daughter created a set of beaded jewelry (matched my outfit very well)!
She filled in the blanks of a card her teacher helped her make at school. Her answers crack me up! Her teacher must think, well, that we are THAT family!
My mom is a very patient person and is very caring and understanding.
My mom wonders when my sister will go to sleep instead of screaming.
My mom hears a crying baby and playing children.
My mom sees cheerios and crackers smashed into the carpet.
My mom wants 30 minutes of peace and quiet ALONE!
My mom is a very patient person and is very caring and understanding.
She helped her 2 yo sister make the sign below for my door:
My son created a pop-up card:
He drew a funny little cow on there and tucked in a dollar.
It reads: “Eat more chicken. Your mission is to get sweet tea.”
(He knows me well).
If you don’t mind, I’m going to go drink my sweet tea now behind the closed door. 
Here’s to hoping that sign works on Monday!


  1. 3

    Amber @ Classic Housewife says

    Oh, no, you’re not THAT Family.. NEVER… (shhh, we’ll keep your secret.) 😉

    What wonderful Mother’s Day presents!! I think your kids know you VERY well.. jewelry? Peace and Quiet?? Chik-Fil-A??? Oh, if only I had my children so “well trained.” :)

  2. 10


    When my youngin's were young, they created great gifts like yours. This year, "Happy Mother's Day" was it except for the oldest who asked, "Is Dad taking us out to eat later? Cause I can pick up (fiance) after work so she can come too."
    Thank you for sharing your day & providing a memory flash-back here!

  3. 11


    The 30 minutes of peace and quiet alone…I laughed out loud…have they heard you say that a time or two. My kids have.

    I’m glad you had a good mothers day.

  4. 13


    It sounds like you had a fantastic mother’s day. {Even though you couldn’t eat the berries ’til you paid}.
    You are very lucky. A few of our own berries at home are ready or just about ready to eat, but berry fields around here won’t be ready for another 3-4 weeks. Lucky girl!

  5. 14


    Aww! Those are the best Mother’s Day cards I’ve ever seen! “Cheerios smashed into the carpet.” hahahaha I really love that your son gave you a dollar. I gave my own Mom a roll of dimes once…that was not full.

  6. 15


    CUTE gifts!!! I’d rather have a homemade something from my little sweeties than anything else! That no-eat rule at the orchard is ridiculous…and your daughter is adorable with the berry stains! Hee hee! Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy your sweet tea and quiet and crackers and cheerios in the carpet.

  7. 17


    What great gifts!!! I hope you spent that dollar well at Chick-Fil-A! That was really sweet of him! I think the oldest may be running an etsy store of jewelry pretty soon!

    I ♥ the orchard! I’m hoping we can get there before they are all gone. I checked their website last week and they said to come before the Mother’s Day rush. I guess they knew you were coming! 😉

  8. 18


    those strawberries look amazing! Im going to have to take the kids there. and I LOVED your sons Mothers day gift- he is soooo going to be a good husband one day 😉

  9. 23


    My 5 year old grandson had a card like that and his first and last statement was:
    “My mom is a good cooker”
    we laughed and said we know where his mind was – food!!!

  10. 25


    how adorable! i love that he made you a CFA card for sweet tea. when daddy asked my kids where they should take mommy for lunch on mother’s day they replied Chick-Fil-A of course. But since it was Sunday we had to go for Famous Daves.

    Love your daughter’s answers on your card, I am sure her teacher loved reading that one!

    glad you had a great weekend!

  11. 26


    I can’t wait to go strawberry picking….must wait a few more weeks here on the west coast.

    I’ve never heard of the ‘no eat’ rule. I tell my kids to stuff their little faces so that they DON’T eat what’s in my picked baskets. They love it and at the farm we pick at, it’s expected!

    Great photos and great mother’s day gifts!!

  12. 28


    That was cute, nice mother’s day gifts. The little one gave it away that you are ‘that kind of family’! Ha!

  13. 31


    That is just too cute. Strawberries, and stains oh my.
    The cards were so thoughtful. It shows you are doing a great job with those kids…..any husband!
    Hugs to you. Miss talking to you!

  14. 32


    I think I must be a member of your club. My gifts were frighteningly (& sweetly) similar. Sans the clothes. My husband does not do the shopping. But I'm ok with that. He will give me his opinion when I want it. 😉

  15. 35


    LOVE the gifts from your kiddos! How sweet :)
    And your toddler at the strawberry farm made me laugh – we were at a gourd farm and my then-almost two year old insisted on pulling the heavy wagon too!
    I am sure it shows good character strength… haven’t pin pointed what, but if BOTH our toddlers are like that, it has to be a good thing, right?! :)

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