Living in the Mundane

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*UPDATED* Here is Part 2 of the video.

My life is mundane.

It’s full of dirty laundry and stinky feet. Stains and spills. Unexpected bills and quarreling kids. (I’m asking about sibling rivalry here. Please, tell me how you handle it!)

There are no celebrity’s here. We’re just regular people with normal problems.


Except for the occasional lice check, family nasal experiment, or paranoid freak-out session in a an MRI machine. 

(I’m still processing my doctor’s appointment today concerning my neck and back. I have some choices to make. I’ll tell you all about it soon).

I’ve always disliked the mundane. I still remember the girl who used to be me that was going to change the world. I grew up and now I only change the cat litter. 

I want you to meet someone who has challenged me to invite the glorious into the mundane.

Because it’s those monotonous moments that make up a day, a week, a life. 

And I want to capture them, rather than wish them away.

Christy Nockels is an up and coming Christian singer who’s album Light Life Up debuted on June 2. She accompanied Chris Tomlin in vocals in his recent tour.

She’s also a Mom. Just like us. And she struggles with the mundane too.

Would you listen to this and let it challenge you?

Being A Mom {Part 1} from christy nockels on Vimeo.

After you listen, please let me know how you feel about being a Mom, mundane moments and all. Three commenters will win Christy’s new CD Light Life Up.

You can download her song here for free. 

This giveaway will end on Friday.

*UPDATED* Here is Part 2.

And This is Where I Give Away Some Chicken

*UPDATE* Well, all you wild chicken fans, we have some winners! Congrats to Christi of In His Step, Christie O of Baby Tea Leaves and reader (no blog) Kate at 
So, when I was contacted about interviewing Food Network’s Robin Miller about her new cookbook Robin Rescues Dinner and her Tyson partnership, I asked this burning question, “Does it include free chicken?”
Because I’m all about the yard bird.
Hiding from my kids in my backyard at 7:15 AM in my pajamas to interview a TV star, well, that was just a bonus.
I’m not much of a foodie blogger, but I was really intrigued by this new cookbook because Robin has filled it with nearly 400 recipes (52 weeks) that focus on healthy, easy family-friendly recipes. She also uses a lot of the Tyson Frozen Chicken and Beef Strips in her recipes in an effort to not heat up her oven in the summer. 
And if you haven’t heard by now, it is hot in Texas. Our church actually prayed for rain on Sunday. And a rain dance my be next on the agenda.
Robin Rescues Dinner by Robin Miller: Book Cover
So, here’s what I asked Robin:
  1.   How did you go from the Mom cooking at home to the Mom cooking on TV? 
“I didn’t pursue it. I was on TV working for Family Circle magazine. I went from cranberry sauce, that I’d never made before on Tuesday, to making cookies with Al Roker on Sunday on The Today Show. Cooking came first and then my boys, who are 5 and 7 came next. So, my cooking style has changed. I used to carmelize and deglaze and spend hours in the kitchen. Now I try to get the same flavors in a shorter amount of time and that’s why I write the way I do.”
2.   Do you have a lot of no cook, oven-free recipes? 
“Yes. I have full meals including desserts that don’t require heating up the kitchen. There are so many ways to keep it cool in the kitchen and still have a healthy meal. I also like to use the early morning hours to boil rice and heat up the stove when it’s still cool.”    
3.   Do you have any healthy fun snack ideas for toddlers? 
“I try to think outside the box. I like to make sure my kids get a lot of protein throughout the day because my little boys are active. Why can’t you have whole grain cereal as a snack after school or breakfast for dinner? If my kids are starving at 4:30 pm, I give them dinner and a snack at 7:00 pm. I love using Tyson’s fully cooked chicken dipped in salsa or honey mustard. This is a great healthy snack. I like to make every snack count and not just feed them.”

And because I couldn’t resist:
4.  Have you had any THAT family moments in the kitchen? 
“We are always THAT family. In WalMart or the Supermarket, my kids are the ones running around. We drop eggs on the floor, too. Kitchen disasters happen once a week. It’s usually a spill or a mess. I like bringing my kids into the kitchen to cook with me. It’s a bonding moment and they like to cook with me. I like to turn those THAT family moments into I’m proud to be THAT family moments. There’s no shame.”
Today, I’m giving away 3 of her brand new cookbooks. They are fabulous. Each winner will also got 3 coupons for bags of Tyson chicken or beef strips! (These coupons retail at $9.99 each). Today’s total giveaway value: $150 
That’s a lot of chicken.
Just leave a comment and tell me how you keep your kitchen cool in the summer to be entered!
This giveaway will end on Thursday.

WFMW: Themed Edition Reminder

Don’t forget that this Wednesday is a themed edition of Works For Me Wednesday: Best Summer Recipes!
I’ve been trying out recipes with chocolate. Lots of chocolate.
It’s been terribly hard. 
But it’s the least I can do.
(You can link up a current or older post. Please remember that this is just a suggestion. If  you have a non-themed tip you want to share, please feel free!)
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a spoon to lick.

The Magnetic Field

My son woke up the other day bright and early.
He had one thing on his mind and it consumed his thoughts the entire day: a magnetic field.
I have no idea why.
But for some unknown reason, he thought I would be a great source of information.
You can stop laughing now.
We were heading to the library for our weekly trip, so I encouraged him to find a book on the subject.
“Unless you like hearing me say, ‘I don’t know,'” over and over again.
Later during room time, he devised a plan. His goal: to create his own magnetic field.
By the afternoon, he had talked his big sister into joining his scientific research.
They spent two hours sitting side-by-side on his bed with a notebook. I could hear them brainstorming, debating and planning while I cooked dinner.
It was music to my ears.
They presented me with a shopping list:
  • lots and lots of tiny, super powerful magnets
  • zip lock baggies
  • tin foil
  • a toilet paper roll
  • rubber bands
  • candy (not for the experiment, but we will need a snack)
The team resumed their research after dinner.
After I tucked my toddler in bed, I peeked in my son’s room to check on them.
“Mom, we’re glad you’re here,” he said.
“Yes, Mom, we need to ask you an important question,” my daughter added.
I sat down on the edge of the bed and tried really hard to keep a straight face.
“We are going to make history. We are going to create the world’s first man-made super duper magnetic field out of everyday stuff,” they proclaimed proudly.
“And we need your help. It will take us years and years and you’ll be very old when we are done. We need you to test it out since you’ll have led a full life….ya know, in case something goes wrong.”
I bit my lip.
“But don’t worry Mom, when we’re famous, we’ll give you a little bit of credit.”
“Sign me up,” I said.
It was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Summer Daycation: Balloon Yo-Yo’s

Water Balloon Yo-Yo’s
Supplies needed:
small balloon
rubber band
Fill the balloon with about 3/4 cup of water. You want it to be the size of a baseball so you might need to add a little air. Tie it and then tie off the rubber band on the knot. 
Bounce away!
My kids loved playing with these. It occupied them for an hour! Once the rubber bands broke, they wrapped up their balloons in a blanket and played baby. 
And then they smashed the balloons on the ground (but only after they were thru playing house with them!)

I’ve heard that these can be dangerous with the rubber bands popping kids or being tied around things. Please make sure you supervise your kids and then dispose of these homemade toys when they are done.