Also Known As Waterboarding

My hubby and I have passed down allergy and sinus issues to our three kids. We didn’t hold back because we really like them.  But the genetic mutation has plagued my kids with hives, eczema, constant post nasal drip and now we’ve added chronic sinus infections to the list.
So, we’ve started the road of allergy testing. Because nothing screams summer fun like a MILLION TINY NEEDLES IN YOUR BACK THAT CAUSE A MASSIVE ALLERGIC REACTION?
Upon doctor’s orders, we decided to do a Sinus Rinse, also known as waterboarding.  It’s like drowning in saline. 
The family lined up like I was giving away ice cream with sprinkles on top.
It was a Kodak moment, except seriously, you don’t want to see photographic evidence of a genetic mutation.  Seriously.
My stuffy-nosed clan actually enjoyed the procedure, which is proof that they needed it and that we don’t get out much.
There is a line in my kitchen right now for a warm saline rinse.
Have you tried it? 


  1. 1

    Anonymous says

    Yes, on the orders of the ENT doctor we do this to both my children (9 & 4) and they love and even ask me to do it so that they can breathe. Hereditary sinus issues are such lovely things.

  2. 2


    When you're dealing with sinus pressure – it truly does feel like a massage… I was terrified before I tried it the first time – and it really did feel good.

  3. 3


    My neighbor just told me about this. She is telling everyone she knows because it has brought her such relief from sinus troubles!

  4. 4


    I had a naaaaaasty sinus thing kick in last weekend while I was out of town. As soon as I was home, I headed straight for the hubby's bathroom and his sinus rinse bottle. Kim H said it best, it's like a massage for your jacked up sinuses!

  5. 6


    Love it! One thing I learned the hard way – if you swallow while you are doing it, the gunk goes in your ear and promptly becomes a painful ear infection. Now that I know, I'm back to wanting to kiss my neti pot at night.

  6. 8


    Huh! The Lord must have known that I wouldn't enjoy such a "fun" thing and so didn't plague me with sinus trouble! LOL. Darn it all! You have all the fun!
    Now I would stand in line for the ice cream with sprinkles.

  7. 11


    Yup, been there, done that. I think my 4 year old would benefit from it, but he has sensory issues with water and his head/ face that I am pretty sure it wouldn't fly. But I love it, it really helps clear things up.

  8. 12


    My youngest loves this, and seeing all the cool evidence it leaves behind. He laughs so hard at the green goo. That's a 6yr old boy for ya.

  9. 13


    I do it. Often even in the winter. I always feel better after and yet I hesitate to recommend it to others even when I think they might benefit, see I do mine the old fashion way… remember gargling with warm salt water. Same concept but you cup in your hand and inhale it literally. It's always a bit of a shock at first, but it works sooooo well! I might have to try an actual spray, it seems a bit more civilized. Aren't allergies fun….

  10. 14

    Anonymous says

    Consider that your kids may have wheat allergies or intolerances (not the same thing as an allergy, but has lots of fun side effects!).

  11. 15


    If I even think about getting water up my nose while swimming or think about squirting meds up my nose…my nose starts to burn and my eyes start to water.

    That being said, this spring I experienced allergies for the first time. Oh boy. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

    So I bought and used a neti pot for the first time. It was pretty easy and I didn't feel like I was drowning! It washes out the pollen and really helps.

    I do feel like a dork using it, so I make sure I'm alone. Which is no easy task with young kids…they seem to have the Mom's-in-the-bathroom radar! 😉

  12. 16


    I do a similar thing, only with a bulb syringe and 1C warm water with 1/4 tsp non-iodine salt. My toddler thinks it's hysterical every time I do it.

  13. 17


    I haven't tried Sinus Rinse. I finally had surgery to correct a deviated septum & narrow turbinates (Google it) 8 years ago after a lifetime of sinus headaches & infections. While I wouldn't recommend the pain I had the day after the surgery, I rarely have headaches anymore & literally cannot remember the last time I had an infection.

  14. 18

    Anonymous says

    Yes, every day! And coupled with a mouth guard to stop my teeth grinding, it's working wonders!

  15. 20


    YES!!! I would do a commercial for the company it has helped me so much!! I like the one you have pictured over the nettie pot. I bend as far over as I can and squeeze it slowly…I swear I feel it in my BRAIN!!! I was a perpetual sniffer…sniff, sniff…so annoying until I go this thing!! It also really helps to keep the stuff from going into the chest and causing a cough!! Just NEVER NEVER do it when nose is totally stopped up or w/ plain water, or with cold water….don't ask me how I know this…lol.

  16. 23


    Oh yes, this is wonderful! I am a huge fan of the neti pot and saline rinse. I don't think that I would have survived this spring without it! :) So glad to see others are benefiting as well.

  17. 24


    The sinus rinse bottle in your picture worked way better and easier for me.

    Just ask my son about the first time I tried it. I looked like I was being tortured but enjoyed it. It is not enjoyable and a little messy but worth every second!

  18. 25


    I haven't done it, and don't plan to, after glancing into the bathroom while my husband was doing it…why was the bathroom door open?????

  19. 27

    ShEiLa says

    Just wanted to say…

    I sympathize.

    familiar with saline waterboarding
    recurrent sinus issues
    sinus CT scan today…
    the saga continues.


  20. 28


    Yes, I've tried it and it does work! The first time, my hubby came running into the bathroom to see if I was okay – he thought maybe I had slipped under the water in teh bath tub and was drowning! LOL


  21. 29


    Ummm…no, no, I haven't tried it. I've seen it and heard of it, but unless I were drowning in snot I don't think I could bring myself to do it. It looks awful. But I'm glad it helps!

  22. 30


    We do this at the first sign of allergies or a cold. The kids now call it "cleaning your nose out". I've found the 3yo doing it herself a few times now. They were very skeptical until they saw how it helped. DH too. We'rea ll believers now! Happy rinsing!

  23. 31

    Adminswife says

    My husband has severe allergies. He can't mow the lawn without a half box of tissues. BUT, this year we discovered "Little Allergies." A cream in a tube (like a small toothpaste tube), costs $14 and is about 1 1/2 inches long. It is over the counter medicine and looks like it is for children. Now he mows the lawn without using ONE tissue. He doesn't have the sinus issues because he doesn't have the allergens climbing inside his nose. You might try it – it is expensive, but worth every penny!

  24. 34


    I got the stuff to do the nasal rinse but I am scared. I don't want to feel like I am drowning. I need to just toughen up and do it;).

  25. 36


    I Twittered you about this, but I didn't tell the whole story . . . . I am hardcore when it comes to saline sinus rinses. Hubby and I use an enema bucket. Seriously. His mother even bought it for us and wrote up the funniest directions you have ever read in your life.

  26. 38


    Hey, we use this too! LOL Recommended by our family practice Doc when we lived in Montana. Works great! Sometimes I am amazed at what "stuff" comes out. I start screaming brains! My brains! Hubby just rolls his eyes at me. LOL

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