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    wow that is to the point!! It seems every year my kids and my grandkids went to school there was a lice problem at one time or another. I think they hide in the school desks. I have never heard of an outbreak at church camp.

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    We had a HORRIBLE bout with head lice and my daughter last summer. Apparently, some of the little crawlies are becoming immune to the chemical treatment. We dealt with it for MONTHS.

    After 3 treatements (with little success) we bought a Robicomb (Google it). This electronic comb takes AA batteries and it electricutes the little boogers when you run it through your child's hair. 10 days of using that thing and they were completely GONE.

    I think we acquired them from summer camp. :-(

    (and, for mommy4life, I am the pastor's wife — that's really fun to announce to the children's department)

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    lol! I love it and totally agree! My hubby and I speak at camps and also put on camps. We have gotten head lice from other camps being there as speakers!! Not fun. It's a brilliant idea!!

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    My daughter had a horrible bout of lice a few summers back. I tried EVERYTHING! Want to know what worked? Avon Skin So Soft mixed with Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid. I washed her hair in it everynight and those little sinkers were GONE and they never came back!!! I hope you never need to use the above treatment, but there it is, just in case 😉

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    Good to know about Avon Skin So Soft. I also know that lice really hate tea tree oil (that's what I've been told). I've considered starting to put it in K-'s shampoo. I hope that we never ever have that problem, but would prefer to skip chemical treatment.

    I was a kid plagued with lice. I have really thick wavy hair and a couple of times mom hacked all of my hair off. The neighbors across the street gave them to us when they came up for the summer. Then, in school, the boy who sat behind me and the boy who sat next to me had lice so bad that they quarantined their houses. (This was after I would be home on break, the lice would be gone, I would come back to school and then have them again. Mom called the school, spoke to the principal who informed her that I must be getting the lice from my cousins who went to the bigger city school district just one city over. My mom told her that she didn't realize that lice were segregated. They pulled my class and found the boys who had it. No more lice problem for me after that!)

    Mom used everything, though. She started with RIT, then other stuff. I do recall having a preference of chemical treatments (sad.) Then, she used vinegar, hairspray (to spray them stiff), a razor type lice comb, kerosene (which grandma did and accidentally put gas on my head instead), witch hazel, feldsnaptha (sp?!) soap and corn meal. If someone told her something worked, she used it on my head. I swear, I'm surprised that I can still grow hair!

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    PS (As if I wasn't long winded enough.) This winter my friend found a single lice in her sons hair. Where did it come from? The winter coat that she bought from Marshall's.

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    I started feeling the itch as soon as I read this. WE had a bad case of lice go through our childrens ministry that was bad. People who had done one or two treatments thought they could just come on back with nits! What I learned was the online stuff made from neem oil, tea tree & orange oil is the best and safest stuff out there! Here is a link to some safe home remedies:

    Here is the stuff we used that worked along with blow drying hair after every treatment (to burn up the buggers):

    TO PREVENT: Definately do tea tree oil in the shampoo! If there is a bad case going around church or camp, mix a 1 Cup Olive oil to
    1TBS Tea tree oil and put mixture in a spray bottle. Shake before each use. Have kids flip thier hair over so you can spray right above the nape of the neck at the hairline and around ears on the hair line. I works great for prevention.

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    @ Bailey's Leaf

    Tea Tree Oil has SO many healing properties…..I love it!

    OK…yes. Lice makes me *shudder* but I always remember the saying about how lice only like clean hair. (unless that is just to make people feel better, LOL)

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    Oh my goodness, in 10 years of sending my kids to camp they never did a lice check. I've never even thought of it. And camp is coming up in about a month. I guess we'll do our own little lice check. Eek.

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    Your post is too funny! We were very lucky and our son never had lice. However, I partly credit the possibility of getting lice for getting our son to take more baths when he was in the 7 – 10 yo range. Back then the style was for boys to wear their hair longer and I was terrified he would pick up lice somewhere. So I told him we had to use a hair dryer to to help prevent lice. (The bonus for me was that his hair didn't look like he was a wild child.)

    We were fortunate but lice doesn't mean you are dirty. My poor sister-in-law got lice while in the hospital when they were giving her whirlpool therapy. It seems the little buggers could live on the head rest between patients. Needless to say, I now have a phobia about leaning back on airplane or theater seats now…

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    I can't tell you how happy this post made me. I wish Jay Leno was still on because I'd urge you to send it in for "Headlines" consideration.

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    Oh, you poor thing. Keep the Tea Tree oil handy. 😉

    Hey, just so ya' know, I worked at a summer camp for seven summers and married a summer camp director. One summer, a bus full of kids arrived and the staff member in charge of 'head check' slacked because it was late. Turns out that bus brought in lice. We had to wash all 300+ campers' and counselors' hair and wash all their clothes/bedding/ etc. It was a nightmare.

    No pressure or anything.

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    Jen says

    We went through the head lice thing a few years back. My oldest has long, thick curly hair – can you imagine?!? They were going around the middle school and since they would not check the kids there and send them home the lice kept coming back. Finally, we just left the lice combs in the shower caddy and she combed her hair with them daily. Just the mention of the word lice now makes me twitchy.

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    LOL! Awesome handout!

    Now I'm itchy! The only thing that seemed to work for us was buzzing the boys' hair, and pulling every sign of the buggers out by hand. Lots of head checks. We gave up on the combs – they don't really get the nits.

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