And This is Where I Give Away Some Chicken

*UPDATE* Well, all you wild chicken fans, we have some winners! Congrats to Christi of In His Step, Christie O of Baby Tea Leaves and reader (no blog) Kate at 
So, when I was contacted about interviewing Food Network’s Robin Miller about her new cookbook Robin Rescues Dinner and her Tyson partnership, I asked this burning question, “Does it include free chicken?”
Because I’m all about the yard bird.
Hiding from my kids in my backyard at 7:15 AM in my pajamas to interview a TV star, well, that was just a bonus.
I’m not much of a foodie blogger, but I was really intrigued by this new cookbook because Robin has filled it with nearly 400 recipes (52 weeks) that focus on healthy, easy family-friendly recipes. She also uses a lot of the Tyson Frozen Chicken and Beef Strips in her recipes in an effort to not heat up her oven in the summer. 
And if you haven’t heard by now, it is hot in Texas. Our church actually prayed for rain on Sunday. And a rain dance my be next on the agenda.
Robin Rescues Dinner by Robin Miller: Book Cover
So, here’s what I asked Robin:
  1.   How did you go from the Mom cooking at home to the Mom cooking on TV? 
“I didn’t pursue it. I was on TV working for Family Circle magazine. I went from cranberry sauce, that I’d never made before on Tuesday, to making cookies with Al Roker on Sunday on The Today Show. Cooking came first and then my boys, who are 5 and 7 came next. So, my cooking style has changed. I used to carmelize and deglaze and spend hours in the kitchen. Now I try to get the same flavors in a shorter amount of time and that’s why I write the way I do.”
2.   Do you have a lot of no cook, oven-free recipes? 
“Yes. I have full meals including desserts that don’t require heating up the kitchen. There are so many ways to keep it cool in the kitchen and still have a healthy meal. I also like to use the early morning hours to boil rice and heat up the stove when it’s still cool.”    
3.   Do you have any healthy fun snack ideas for toddlers? 
“I try to think outside the box. I like to make sure my kids get a lot of protein throughout the day because my little boys are active. Why can’t you have whole grain cereal as a snack after school or breakfast for dinner? If my kids are starving at 4:30 pm, I give them dinner and a snack at 7:00 pm. I love using Tyson’s fully cooked chicken dipped in salsa or honey mustard. This is a great healthy snack. I like to make every snack count and not just feed them.”

And because I couldn’t resist:
4.  Have you had any THAT family moments in the kitchen? 
“We are always THAT family. In WalMart or the Supermarket, my kids are the ones running around. We drop eggs on the floor, too. Kitchen disasters happen once a week. It’s usually a spill or a mess. I like bringing my kids into the kitchen to cook with me. It’s a bonding moment and they like to cook with me. I like to turn those THAT family moments into I’m proud to be THAT family moments. There’s no shame.”
Today, I’m giving away 3 of her brand new cookbooks. They are fabulous. Each winner will also got 3 coupons for bags of Tyson chicken or beef strips! (These coupons retail at $9.99 each). Today’s total giveaway value: $150 
That’s a lot of chicken.
Just leave a comment and tell me how you keep your kitchen cool in the summer to be entered!
This giveaway will end on Thursday.


  1. 1


    It seems like lately the way my kitchen is staying cool…is by eating out! SO not the way to do it! LOL I try to use my george forman grill to cook meat. We also seem to use the crock pot a lot more.

  2. 5


    We love to marinate our meat and veggies during the day. Then we throw it all on the grill even the bread. All courses on the grill and keeps the house cool(er). We live in Georgia and the heat and humidity keep us from doing much of anything with heat. I love my grill!!

  3. 6


    definately using the BBQ is a must during summer and we make lots of fruit smoothies in the evening for our desserts. Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway.
    Love your blog!

  4. 7


    We are in Texas too and it is HOT! Thankfully we got a little bit of rain today but, after it cooled down it became hot and humid. Yuck! lol

    To keep the kitchen cool I make a lot of sandwiches during the summer. Also, the Tyson strips are great for fajitas. You can warm them up and then add guacamole, cheese and hot sauce. Yummy! I think I'll make that tomorrow night.

    Love your blog!


  5. 10


    My kitchen stays cool by letting Chipotle,Subways, OG,… kitchens to get warm while the prepare our dinner!!:)

    Actually we tend to grill out alot and I grill up alot of chicken at one time to add to various meals later in the week!


  6. 12


    I'm in central Oklahoma, so I know what you mean about not wanting to heat it up. Heat + humidity = not wanting to have a hot, heated up house.

    I either grill a bunch of chicken to use later or use my crockpot on days when the temperature is supposed to be really high to avoid heating up the kitchen.

  7. 13


    I love Robin Miller and her "meal morphs."
    In my palm pilot, I have lists of dinners I can make without cooking. About the most cooking I do is bacon in the microwave for BLTs some nights. Real Simple magazine has a great collection of them.
    Good luck all!

  8. 14


    Now that sounds like a cookbook that I'd actually use. Greg and I are determined to do more cooking together and less eating out. Pick me!

  9. 18


    Love grilling either outside or on inside grill. One pot meals, like spaghetti also. But never the oven, not in the summer. The heat index is 110-115 most days so who wants to be in a hot kitchen?

  10. 21


    We really don't change our cooking for the seasons. Florida is usually just hot, so we deal with it. we just turn the ac down.
    This cook book is something I need to learn new family meals. I'm stuck in a rut.

  11. 23

    Kara says

    The grill and crockpot are my go-to summertime cooking methods. We also eat a lot of salads. Baking (if any) is done early in the a.m. – rely on freeze pops, ice cream, etc. for dessert.

    kjkmom2boys at yahoo dot com

  12. 25


    Living in Alaska, I don't have much need to keep my kitchen cool, but on those rare hot days (read: 68-72 degrees) I enjoy using my crockpot (usually with my own Tyson chicken), grill or use the George Foreman.

    Please pick me! Chicken is ridiculously expensive here and I would love a new cookbook that has family friendly meals!

  13. 26


    either grill, eat salads or sandwiches, or crockpots. anything to not heat up the house. Especially when it's already 100 outside. It's hot in Al recently about 10 degrees hotter than normal.

  14. 28


    Grilling out! We actually ran out of propane last week and had to buy it immediately because all my meals for the week were planned around the grill! I try to turn on the oven as little as possible during the summer, but sometimes I just have to have some chocolate chip cookies!

  15. 29


    Definitely cooking outside as much as possible-God bless my husband!! We also eat lots of sammies during the dog days of summer :)

  16. 30


    We eat lots of salads or sandwiches. We also cook on the grill quite a bit.

    I'll have to look for this book. It sounds great.

  17. 31


    Add me to the list of those that rely upon the grill! We just added a propane burner to the side of the grill this year and love to use it to boil water for corn on the cob, etc. to go with our grilled meats or pizzas.

  18. 32


    Um, I drive through Bill Miller and get a bucket of fried chicken and a sweet tea! I just can't bring myself to COOK when it's 100 degrees outside.

  19. 33


    Using the crockpot in the summer time helps. Also with all the great produce in season, salads are a great thing to have without having to heat up your kitchen.

  20. 40


    We live in South Texas where it is rediculously hot, too. So we crank up the grill or BBQ pit or turn on the crock pot!

    I've been reading your blog for awhile and love it! I have to confess, though. I am one of those readers who rarely comments. But I'm a sucker for a cookbook and coupons!

  21. 45


    Living in Arizona with 110 degree heat and $200+ monthly electric bills, keeping the summer kitchen cool is a must.

    I do crock-pot meals, sub sandwiches, and easy things on top of the stove, like stir-fry.

  22. 47


    I try to do more cooking on the weekend so that whatever I fix carries me most of the way through the week. That way, I'm usually only using the microwave to heat things back up!

  23. 48

    Anonymous says

    We do lots of grilling outside. No messy pots & pans to wash either!Also this time of the year we eat lots of fresh fruits every meal, so we eat lighter too. Love your blog. Donna

  24. 50


    The crock-pot, grill, and even cold salads (like tomatoes, asparagus, mozarella cheese, avacado, dill and basil from the garden, and oil/vinegar). Yum. Of course, there is also the quick run out to grab a bite to eat because we woke up late and didn't get anything started and spent the day at the zoo or pool and now there isn't time to make something. Oh, there are always sandwiches, too. Cold cuts or pbj!

  25. 51

    Anonymous says

    I make salads up and have them in the fridge, then we grill and eat out on our deck as much as possible

  26. 55


    Wow! How awesome that you got to meet Robin Miller! I love her and she has great ideas for busy moms.

    My tip…I haven't read if someone else has already said this…is utilizing the crockpot during the summer. Instead of roasting meat in an oven that will heat up the kitchen, the crockpot cooking will taste great, save time, and keep the kitchen cool.

  27. 56


    Grill extras and then have a meal like a black and blue salad (with roast beef and bleu cheese) or a grilled chicken salad. Try not to fire up the oven!

  28. 64

    Jamie says

    I like to grill outside–anything from burgers to salmon steaks to CHICKEN thighs! We also keep things simple indoors by eating sandwiches or just doing stovetop cooking.

  29. 65


    First off Robin Miller rocks. I Tivo her. She knows what she is talking about. She is from Scottsdale, AZ (aka it is how hot there?).

    I keep the kitchen cool, by not eating and only drinking your Sweet tea. Just kidding. I use my Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker all. the. time.

  30. 66


    You really don't want to hear how I keep my kitchen cool…it would involve you moving THAT Family to the beaches of California. Ocean breezes help as much as our lower overall average temps here. Sorry:(

    The book sounds great. I am so ready to move beyond the few that I have. Fannie Farmer just isn't cutting it anymore!

  31. 68

    Anonymous says

    We do sandwiches, salads, and grill out to keep it cool! Also, bowls of cereal work well for this too!

    Jen from Texas

  32. 69


    We keep our kitchen cool by cooking things in the morning. We also eat leftovers for dinner as often as we can, so we're only cooking once or twice but we still get the same great meals!

    I love watching her on TV too!

  33. 73

    Anonymous says

    Fun ~ I'd love to win!

    We keep our kitchen cool in the summer by using our crockpot outside, and of course lots of summer bbq's! :)


  34. 74


    I try to use the grill and crock-pot more, but I struggle with coming up with meals that don't need the oven. Thankfully, Oregon doesn't get horribly hot! This cookbook would be a huge help.

  35. 76


    It hasn't been too hot here until the past week or so…by the time I get around to trying to come up with dinner it's 7:30-8 so it's starting to cool off a bit. But…it's supposed to be in the 100s next week so I'll probably have to start planning a little better.

  36. 81


    We grill and crockpot! But, we grill on the weekends — because that is my husband's territory! He usually ends up grilling several different meats so that we can use them throughout the week for easy meals that require stove top or crock pot — NO OVEN in the 104 degree days in HOUSTON!

  37. 83


    I learned last summer to put my crockpot in the garage during the day. Works like a charm! 😉

    I've got a little giveaway going as well, btw…

  38. 85


    Being an AZ girl, I've learned to crock pot it, of course, grill and I also use my roaster oven as a mini oven right outside my back door. Life saver! Perfect for when we want fresh baked goodies in the summer or dinners that just have to go into the oven.

  39. 88


    We have a small apartment so it heats up really fast. To keep cool in the summer we grill out as often as possible and eat lots of no-cook meals.

    My son has become a big fan of what we call Coctail Hour Dinner. It means cheeses, veggies, fresh bread etc. All tasty things with little work and no heat!

  40. 90


    that is so exciting!! My kitchen stays cool by not using it! I don't have a ton of time to cook because I don't really know how to cook, I'm working on it!

  41. 91


    We keep the kitchen cool in a few ways:

    1. Grill, Baby, grill!
    2. Oh how I love my crockpot!
    3. Veggies were meant to be eaten raw!
    4. I heart ice cream!


  42. 92


    My husband and two oldest daughters LOVE Tyson's chicken patties. They make chicken sandwiches several times a week when on the run.

    Easy. It just works.

    I LOVE chicken! Fried (WHOLE fryers that I cut up myself), stips, nuggets, grilled.

    I like to grill boneless, skinless chicken breasts on the George Foreman and cut them up for salads with boiled eggs, cheese, etc.

  43. 93

    Courtney S says

    I use the stove top more than the oven- however, I would love a helpful cookbook to give me more ideas on good things to cook!

  44. 97


    I use the crock pot or we grill… of course, we have had really cool temps and TONS of rain this summer in Illinois, so it hasn't been as bad to turn on the oven… So weird how the weather is so crazy in different areas this summer.

    I would love a new cookbook! Sounds great!

  45. 98


    Hello Kristen – to keep cool in the kitchen during the summertime I wear just an apron when I cook. Oh…wait, you mean how do I keep the "kitchen" cool? We do a lot of BBQing. Love it. Everything tastes so much better on the grill! And it's fun to have friends over to enjoy it with.


  46. 100


    We keep it cool by using the crock pot and doing things like salads. But the crock pot is so handy. I can have a yummy roast cooked without the added heat of running the oven for quite awhile. I have her first cookbook and would love this one! Thanks for a great giveaway!
    God bless,
    jesusluvsu2005 at gmail dot com

  47. 104


    Wow Kristen! First let me say how cool I think it is that you were able to interview Robin Miller. I love to watch her! I also think it was great that you asked her a THAT family question. I love those too.

    My kids (5 and 2 1/2) like to get their own snacks, and while I'm glad they want to do things themselves, I'm not always happy with the choices they make. I was tired of them getting crackers from the pantry, so I try to keep a lot of finger foods in the fridge. They love watermelon, grapes and cheese. My son helps himself to drinks too — for both of them!, so I keep a pitcher of Crystal Light lemonade or something like it in the fridge at all times. For regular meals we often grill out or eat cold sandwiches.

    Can't tell I'm passionate about this one can you?

    Thanks for always making my day with your fun posts.

  48. 105

    Rachel says

    I like to keep my kitchen cool by eating at my parent's house! Other than that, I cook on the stovetop, use the toaster oven or microwave, or make sandwiches and salads. My son loves eggs, cheese, fruit, and crackers/bread. I can usually get him to eat veggies pretty good, and he likes FROZEN peas, so I don't need to cook them. They make a crunchy, healthy side or snack!

    I need some good recipes – especially for a crockpot. The only thing I can make in it is a potroast. What else is there? PLEASE help me expand my horizons!

    Thanks for the entry!

  49. 106

    Anonymous says

    Keeping the kitchen cool during summer? We grill a lot. I try to use my crock pot during the summer too. So that we don't get tired of the grilled stuff! Sandwiches instead of a hot meal helps too. Or just plain not cooking/preparing food at all!

    Please enter me in the contest: (I don't have a blog..can I still enter?) Thanks! Alison

  50. 107


    I need to use my crock pot more in the summer, but we are grillers. I also keep cool with a big old fan in the middle of the kitchen floor!

  51. 109


    I did a post about this last week when we were experiencing triple digit temps. We have been using the crock pot even more than usual lately and also if something must go into the oven, I try to cook it early in the morning.

  52. 110


    Once a week the hubby and I will grill up a huge picnic package of chicken. It makes for one hot dinner, followed by another cold chicken dinner a couple of days later and ends with chicken salad sandwiches and finally a great homemade chicken soup….AND a lot less time spent in the kitchen!!

  53. 111


    How do we keep the kitchen cool? Well I would love to just eat out but that really isn't the best option! Instead we grill ALL the time! We live in New England and yes we grill year round. We will shovel a path to the grill if need be, I will hold an umbrella for my hubby if it's raining! Besides that though we do a lot of sandwiches and salads. We got a wonderful table top grill and panini press that gets used multiple times a week!

  54. 112


    We usually keep the kitchen cool by using the grill on the patio. But so far this summer, we've had so a many damp, rainy days, I look for chances to use the oven.

  55. 114


    First of all, AWESOME interview! Second, what an awesome giveaway, when so many are experiencing tight budgets! Here's how I keep cool. Every couple days I cook big batches of a meal, then we eat the cool leftovers for a few days. Sounds boring, but the beans and rice I make most often are so flavorful, that noone seems to mind.

  56. 115


    We do alot of cooking in our Nu Wave oven. I can't be the only one to actually have one of these things?? It's the coolest gadget in my kitchen! Doesn't take anywhere near as long as a crock pot, keeps the kitchen cooler than a regular oven, and you can even forget to thaw things out! Throw the meat in there frozen if you want. I love it!

  57. 116


    Like so many others, we have that big grill going. But we have learned to make pizza on the grill and other things so it is not just your standard grilling food. It too cook many thing searly in the morning while it is cool. I can not wait to see the new cookbook!!!!

  58. 117


    Like so many others, we have that big grill going. But we have learned to make pizza on the grill and other things so it is not just your standard grilling food. It too cook many thing searly in the morning while it is cool. I can not wait to see the new cookbook!!!!

  59. 118


    Like so many others, we have that big grill going. But we have learned to make pizza on the grill and other things so it is not just your standard grilling food. It too cook many thing searly in the morning while it is cool. I can not wait to see the new cookbook!!!!

  60. 119


    What a fun give-away!!! Truthfully, I don't try to keep my kitchen cool. . .I'm rarely hot so it doesn't bother me to heat up the oven, even if we are grilling out. But, I have to say, the grill and crockpot are livesavers whether you're trying to keep your kitchen cool or just need to free up some time!

  61. 120

    Linda Miller says

    Unfortunately, so far we've had no heat to contend with, just non-stop rain. Wishing there were some way to balance it out with the rest of the country. But when we do have the heat, we, like most people use our grill a lot. We'll make chicken and pork chops and such all at one time and have them over the next few days so all we have to put together are the sides.

  62. 121

    Jo@Mylestones says

    I'd send some rain your way if I could. We haven't had to worry about keeping cool in the kitchen seeing as we've had the most wintery rainy June on record.
    That said, I remember plenty of hot summer evenings from the decade we spent in DC….and the best remedy there was to grill outdoors and have a cool glass of Sangria on hand.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  63. 123


    I tend to use my crock pot & grill A LOT during the summer months, but I also put my roaster to good use. I can use it to bake breads, cookies, etc. They don't brown as well on top, but they cook just as nicely otherwise, and no heating up the kitchen/house! We live in TN so heat and humidity definitely keep me from wanting to cook much inside!

  64. 124


    I use my Nesco roaster a lot of nights. I can use it like a crockpot or bake things like lasagna, meatloaf or even cakes! It works great and doesn't heat up my kitchen.

  65. 129


    crockpot. My favorite is one can of black beans, one jat of salsa, about a pound of FROZEN chicken breast. low for 8, high for 4. a little before eating at a brick of low fat cream cheese. serve over rice (cooked in the microwae.

  66. 130


    Electric skillet
    Sometimes toaster oven for small things.
    My MIL blessed me with a roaster oven which can bake OUTSIDE.

    When I bake using my stove, I bake more than one thing at a time for more than one meal/day. I love to double or triple recipes when I cook. Microwaved leftovers do not heat up the kitchen plus some cooked foods are good cold – especially on a HOT day.

    > It's hot and humid here in FL We are praising God for more rain.
    Have you seen the movie "Faith Like Potatoes"? Recommend but it'll make you cry.

  67. 134

    Karlene says

    We cook at lot on top of the stove and needless to say most treats are the no bake variety this time of year. Cooler days yo can stuff something in the item and eat it all week!

  68. 136

    DawnJoy says

    I like to use the grill and the toaster oven to keep the kitchen from getting too hot. I just read on someone's blog through the menu monday links that she cooks a lot of her supper in the morning too, before the temps rise too much. I tried this yesterday, worked great. Dawn

  69. 137


    I'm a cheater- we're not home during the day so I don't have to worry about cooking when the house is too hot. By the time we get home from work, it's usually not that hot anymore so I don't worry about it. We also try to do things that don't take long to cook since we get home so late, so the kitchen doesn't get as hot.

  70. 138

    Lisa B says

    Lots of salads and sometimes sandwiches. It would have to be a food emergency for me to turn on the oven!

  71. 139


    We grill out! When the weather doesn't permit grilling then I menu plan for crock-pot meals or a combination of tuna salad, garden salads, fruit salad, etc… Stuff that doesn't require using the oven/stove. It's not out of the ordinary for my oven/stove to not be turned on even once during a weeks time.

  72. 141

    Meaghan says

    I keep my kitchen cool by grilling out and serving no-cook sides, like cottage cheese and salads. I also love to keep a tall glass of ice water with lemon on me at all times when I DO heat up the kitchen! 😉

  73. 143


    We like to grill, but I sitll use my oven. It doens't seem to get too hot in here….but if it does get hot, we just try to go out after dinner for a walk or to a store to walk around til the house gets a chance to cool down some.

  74. 145


    we try to use our toaster oven when we can, as it doesn't seem to generate as much heat as the oven – the grill is also a summer staple at our house!

  75. 148

    Kate says

    I try to cook everything on top of the stove or we eat out more than I care to do sometimes. I have actually been on the search for easy, healthy meals for my family.


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