And This is Where I Give Away Some Chicken

*UPDATE* Well, all you wild chicken fans, we have some winners! Congrats to Christi of In His Step, Christie O of Baby Tea Leaves and reader (no blog) Kate at 
So, when I was contacted about interviewing Food Network’s Robin Miller about her new cookbook Robin Rescues Dinner and her Tyson partnership, I asked this burning question, “Does it include free chicken?”
Because I’m all about the yard bird.
Hiding from my kids in my backyard at 7:15 AM in my pajamas to interview a TV star, well, that was just a bonus.
I’m not much of a foodie blogger, but I was really intrigued by this new cookbook because Robin has filled it with nearly 400 recipes (52 weeks) that focus on healthy, easy family-friendly recipes. She also uses a lot of the Tyson Frozen Chicken and Beef Strips in her recipes in an effort to not heat up her oven in the summer. 
And if you haven’t heard by now, it is hot in Texas. Our church actually prayed for rain on Sunday. And a rain dance my be next on the agenda.
Robin Rescues Dinner by Robin Miller: Book Cover
So, here’s what I asked Robin:
  1.   How did you go from the Mom cooking at home to the Mom cooking on TV? 
“I didn’t pursue it. I was on TV working for Family Circle magazine. I went from cranberry sauce, that I’d never made before on Tuesday, to making cookies with Al Roker on Sunday on The Today Show. Cooking came first and then my boys, who are 5 and 7 came next. So, my cooking style has changed. I used to carmelize and deglaze and spend hours in the kitchen. Now I try to get the same flavors in a shorter amount of time and that’s why I write the way I do.”
2.   Do you have a lot of no cook, oven-free recipes? 
“Yes. I have full meals including desserts that don’t require heating up the kitchen. There are so many ways to keep it cool in the kitchen and still have a healthy meal. I also like to use the early morning hours to boil rice and heat up the stove when it’s still cool.”    
3.   Do you have any healthy fun snack ideas for toddlers? 
“I try to think outside the box. I like to make sure my kids get a lot of protein throughout the day because my little boys are active. Why can’t you have whole grain cereal as a snack after school or breakfast for dinner? If my kids are starving at 4:30 pm, I give them dinner and a snack at 7:00 pm. I love using Tyson’s fully cooked chicken dipped in salsa or honey mustard. This is a great healthy snack. I like to make every snack count and not just feed them.”

And because I couldn’t resist:
4.  Have you had any THAT family moments in the kitchen? 
“We are always THAT family. In WalMart or the Supermarket, my kids are the ones running around. We drop eggs on the floor, too. Kitchen disasters happen once a week. It’s usually a spill or a mess. I like bringing my kids into the kitchen to cook with me. It’s a bonding moment and they like to cook with me. I like to turn those THAT family moments into I’m proud to be THAT family moments. There’s no shame.”
Today, I’m giving away 3 of her brand new cookbooks. They are fabulous. Each winner will also got 3 coupons for bags of Tyson chicken or beef strips! (These coupons retail at $9.99 each). Today’s total giveaway value: $150 
That’s a lot of chicken.
Just leave a comment and tell me how you keep your kitchen cool in the summer to be entered!
This giveaway will end on Thursday.


  1. 151

    laytonfamily says

    the only way I know how to keep the kitchen cool is by using the grill – or going out to eat. I'd LOVE to learn some more ways, because we live in ORLANDO FL – it's already roasting here. I sure would love to get away from the stove in July & August!!

  2. 153


    Living in Indiana, it doesn't get nearly as hot as it does in TX, but you can still, um, "burn your biscuits" when getting into a hot car. I use the grill and the crockpot a lot. I also cook some things in the morning when it's cooler.

  3. 155

    Beth S. says

    Oh my goodness…someone else who thinks like my HUSBAND! It drives me nuts when he tells me to not use the oven so I don't heat up the kitchen! I flat out told him "you can stop telling me that because I refuse to not use my oven all summer!" Maybe this recipe book can keep peace in my house!

    The last time he tried to pull this kind of thing, it was the clothes dryer that he didn't want me to use because of the electric it used up. I told him to "do it yourself, then" and he has…ever since! (that's probably been 12 yrs. ago!) Maybe, if I work it right, I can get HIM to do the cooking, too! 😉

  4. 158


    I use my crockpot to cook the main dish, and sometimes even bake a loaf of bread in my bread maker. Neither seem to heat up my kitchen. I also will sometimes grill extra chicken one night for dinner and use the leftovers the next night for chicken caesar salad. My panini press (electric) is also great for a quick lunch or dinner.

  5. 159


    I use my crockpot to cook the main dish, and sometimes even bake a loaf of bread in my bread maker. Neither seem to heat up my kitchen. I also will sometimes grill extra chicken one night for dinner and use the leftovers the next night for chicken caesar salad. My panini press (electric) is also great for a quick lunch or dinner.

  6. 161


    Is this giveaway still open?
    So how I keep my kitchen cool in the summer: crockpots, lots of crockpot dinners. Grilling outside. Lots of salad or popcorn for suppers. Sandwiches for lunch. Cereal for breakfast. Pretty much anything where I don't have to turn on the oven.

  7. 164


    Here in Michigan we don't have to worry too much about the heat and humidity the way folks that live south of us do. But, when it gets hot enough that I don't want to add heat to the kitchen we stick to salads with the local fresh summer produce, sandwiches that we can grill or just eat cold – and sometimes I'll even pop a potato in the microwave.

  8. 165


    crockpot all the way! And we balance out the end of the meal with ice cream. Makes us forget all about any heat that little appliance might stir up.

  9. 166


    We use the grill and open flame pit more, and leave the stove for the winter…..I also cook ahead- like if I know I need the oven because we have to have lasagna, i make sure to fix a meat in ther too, that can be reheated elsewhere- like turkey breast or chicken…plus we watch the weather- if its hot- no oven!

    this giveaway is awesome! Thanks!

  10. 167


    I love the crockpot. Also cooking a couple of big meals near the beginning of the week and then using the leftovers, in creative ways, the rest of the week helps with the heat.

  11. 171

    Katy Frame says

    Like a lot of people have already said, we grill a LOT during the summer. I can't complain, my fiance is the grill master. 😉 Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. 172


    Fancy salads, fancy sandwiches and fruit kabobs are summer standbys. I also make pasta salad and refridgerate it and then just throw in chicken or sausage or veggies or whatever I've got that sounds good.

  13. 175

    Ashley says

    Mostly my kids just eat popsicles in the summer. They go through those boxes of 100 like lightning!
    But seriously, like everyone else, I use the crockpot or stovetop if we're not grilling outside! My goal is to not turn the oven on unless I absolutely HAVE to.
    ashleyhinton at yahoo dot com

  14. 179


    Quick meals. Things that don't take a year in the oven (but I couldn't live without my microwave, and don't tell me to…). :) Sometimes we grill outside, which keeps the kitchen clean and lets the kids use the sunlight to play while we cook.

  15. 180

    Anonymous says

    We grill our meats outside, and just cook sides in, or eat salads.

    Kris S
    tohappy2h8 at yahoo dot com

  16. 182


    I cook the next day's supper later at night, the day before. That way I'm using the oven when it's cooler and I don't have to worry about cooking in the morning. NOT a morning person!a

  17. 186


    I gotta confess when I saw free chicken in my reader I was hoping for Chick-Fil-A…but even still we could DEF use some good chicken recipes here at the circus. My kids seem to only like it in the form of nuggets, so if I could find a healthy, kid friendly way to serve it, I would be so grateful!

  18. 187


    Crossing my fingers that the random picker picks me – I would LOVE that cookbook! I keep my kitchen cool in the summer by using the crockpot to make dinner. I pop something in before I leave for work and it's ready when I get home – without warming up the house!

  19. 188


    I use my crock pot- a lot. I have a LARGE crock pot because with 7 children- 5 of them boys- we have a lot of hearty appitites around here. Now that 2 of the boys are gone- off to Iraq with the Marines, I thought that my food budget would decrease- not so 😉 the others have made up for it.

    So, I still use my crock pot. I fill it in the morning, turn it on and forget it. Then about 20 minutes before we eat, I throw some rice and veggies in the rice cooker/steamer and we eat and the kitchen is still cool.

    And if it is like this week when all the boys are gone to scout camp and it is just me and the 2 girls and I forget and still cook for 7, then we eat a lot of left overs!

  20. 189


    Looks like a FAB cookbook. I try to keep my kitchen cool, by eating cool foods….summer fruits are always stocked in my fridge!

  21. 190


    We try to find cold foods. Pasta salad, green salads, hawaiin haystacks, sandwiches, etc. I haven't used the crockpot much because it's too hot to even want to eat something warm!

  22. 191


    I still find myself using the oven quite a bit… so, I let my two year old play with his toys in a sink full of bubbly water. He loves it and it keeps him cool and entertained so I'm free to cook :-)

  23. 193


    Living in Louisiana, sometimes being cool is a state of mind. Seriously though it can be difficult. We love to get in our large, inground pool that dh built from a kit. Can you tell I am proud? It was his first attempt and he did a fab job. I also love to relax on my newly installed but looks like it has been there ages brick patio. It has both a hammock and swing which is underneath the shade of a large live oak! one of my favorite spots by far!

  24. 194


    We eat a lot of sandwiches and salads in the summer. Also, I try to talk my hubby into grilling any chance I can!

    I have made some of Robin's recipes in the past and really enjoyed them. I'll have to keep my eye out for her new book if I don't win!

  25. 195


    I love my crockpot! It serves a dual purpose in keeping the kitchen cool and letting me have dinner 75% done by the time I get home from work.

  26. 196


    Living in texas – i completely understand the no oven thing – we eat lots o raw fruits and veggies, dad grills or we use the crockpot. Thanks for the great blog and the great giveaway.

  27. 197


    LOVE this giveaway! I can't justify buying a new cookbook, but getting one for free would just be a dream! And I'm all about some coupons! So send it on, sister!

    And to keep my kitchen cool this summer, we have the kids frequenting the freezer for boo-boo bunnies and popsicles! Of course, the back door standing open tends to cancel out the cooling effects, but they keep trying!

  28. 199


    I keep the kitchen cool by making yummy out-of-the-box salads and using our grill ALL the time! The food tastes great, it keeps the temp in the house down- and, best of all, gets hubby helping- cuz you know he wants to man that grill! :)

    Thanks for the chance… jadensmail at gmail dot com

  29. 203


    I live in the Vegas area and it is HOT! We use the grill and crock pot a lot. I also love a good bowl of cereal for dinner. No fuss. . .No muss!
    mikenlisa2005 {at} gmail {dot} com

  30. 206


    I recently rediscovered how great the crockpot is. Also, a family favorite is quesadillas – bean or chicken with cheese – Yum!

  31. 207

    Anonymous says

    My ideas have been covered: crockpot, lots of grilling, CEREAL, popsicles….. *fingers crossed!* ~Kirsten
    b.k.parr (at) netzero (dot) com

  32. 208


    I absolutely love cookbooks! I think I may be addicted to them! So this is a fabulous giveaway!

    To keep our kitchen cooler in the summer we eat more salad's, and do stuff in the crockpot!
    But we are always up for some new ideas!

  33. 209

    Amanda B says

    Since we live in AZ, I lvoe taking advantage of the abundance of sunshine and using my Hot Pot solar cooker in the summer. It is so easy, and I can even bake bread in it. I also use the grill, crockpot and toaster oven to avoid heating up the house with the oven or standing over a hot stove when I would rather be sitting in front of the cooler!

  34. 212


    I prefer to grill. Turned on the oven last night and thought I was gonna die! I hate cooking in the Summer but the dang kids still think they need to eat.

  35. 214

    Momofseven says

    I love to use rotisseried chicken, which I cook at night, or buy at costco. It goes great with salads, any kind! Any thing I like to oven cook, I try to cook ahead of time when its cool at night.

  36. 215

    Rhodora says

    Ooh, pick me, pick me!

    It usually doesn't get real hot till the afternoon here, so on a weekend morning I do my "big cooking" for the week. I set aside a few hours in the kitchen to make enough dishes to last the week. One dish on the crockpot, one in the oven and one or two on the stove.

    So during the week when I don't even want to think about turning on the stove, being tired from work and it being too hot in the house, we just have to nuke one of the dishes and we are good to go…

    I like the idea of sandwiches for dinner tho', and I have been known on occasion to have cereal too!

  37. 219


    We grill a lot in the summer. I've also heard that using your crockpot and putting it on the porch to cook helps a lot. We have bears where in our neighborhood, so I don't think I'll be placing any of our food outside! We also do a lot of our baking (bread, muffins, etc.) in the morning.

  38. 221


    Cook everything on the grill, in a crockpot (lasagna is my latest fave) or in a skillet. The cooktop cools down much faster than the oven. I also schedule my meals around the weather forecast (microwave leftovers when it's really stinkin' hot).

  39. 222

    Anonymous says

    We mainly eat snack foods or get delivery when it is hot!!
    This is a really great giveaway and I hope I win.

    pandaandtigger@msn (dot)com

  40. 225


    we do a lot of bbq'ing. i can make a salad and some pilaf or a bit of pasta without too much heat and hubs can throw something on the grill and only have to check it a few times so he doesn't get to hot either. i'm always looking for something new and exciting though!

  41. 226

    Anonymous says

    Load the grill, chill the watermelon, and look at the tomatoes that refuse to turn red with a big sigh and try to forget about BLTs for a while longer.

  42. 228

    Andrea C, says

    We keep the kitchen cool by doing lots of BBQ foods on the grill. When we're not grilling, we're using the crockpot.

  43. 233


    We use a crockpot…. A LOT!!! You would be so surprised at what all you can make just out of that alone!! Especially some Sesame Chicken, its HEAVENLY! :)

  44. 235

    Anonymous says

    I try to do most of a weeks cooking in one day, that way I'm only heating for that day. We also, do a lot of sandwiches, salads & cereal. I also love to use crock pots, rice cooker & things like that.

    mommybirdto4girls at yahoo dot com

  45. 236

    Mrs. Querido says

    We eat a lot of salad in summertime…chicken salad on tostadas, egg salad sandwiches, taco salad (using meat that was already cooked but was just waiting in the freezer for its debut!).

    Or, good old lunchmeat sandwiches come in handy too.

    Don't forget your friend the crockpot…I LOVE cooking with that in the summer!

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  46. 240


    I use my crockpot, and sometimes I even put it outside. I also use my grill and we eat lots of fruit, cottage cheese and veggie dinners!

  47. 242


    We just moved last November into a house without central air. It was up in the 90s last week (and mid 60s this week, go figure). We had LOTS of deli meat or pbj sandwiches. :)

  48. 243


    Cooking is inevitable for me, so I try to cook/bake right before bed, so the house has all night to cool down. I use the microwave to reheat anything that is already made in the fridge.

  49. 244

    Nicole says

    I use my crockpot ALOT and even put it outside on the patio if it is really hot. Who wants to stand in a hot kitchen in the summer? Not me!


    ndisilvio @ gmail . com

  50. 245


    We try to grill as much as possible in the summer…the whole meal on the grill! Then enjoy with a nice cold beverage! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  51. 247


    We have been ordering carry out a lot lately….It's just too darn hot!!! I DO love to cook, but just haven't been in the mood lately. I like watching Robyn on tv.

  52. 248

    Renee Holley says

    My husband's not much of a grill man, unlike his father. I tend to use the oven even though it's hot. I like just popping things in the oven instead of standing over the hot stove.

  53. 249


    I didn't realize you were in Texas too – it's as if the sun is taking a break by laying down here isn't it?

    The toaster oven is my friend – I've baked a meatloaf in that sucker (just used smaller pans). Without it I don't know how I'd get through the summers around here! The grill helps a lot too.

  54. 250


    Wow! I'm really excited about this cookbook! It's been hotter than blue blazes lately and I've been trying to be creative with dinner, so as not to heat up the kitchen. We've been trying lots of salad recipes. I could definitely use some inspiration!

  55. 254


    Well, I cook alot on the grill and try to avoid using the oven as much as possible. I also try to make cook and light meals as much as I can. One of my favorites is salad that everyone builds themselves. Since the kids are picky and only want fruit, lettuce, and meat on theirs, that is all they put on theirs. Hubby and I load ours down with all sorts of other toppings.

  56. 258


    I try to do a lot of Prep work for my weekly meals on the weekend beginning Friday night. I do a little at a time but enough to prep my meals for the week! This usually means I do less "cooking" for dinner. Just mix, heat, and serve. I make extra pancakes and waffles that we pop in the toaster during the week. I roast 2 chickens at a time late at night. Just stuff like that that makes it "cooler" and easier for this working mom!

  57. 259

    Clarissa says

    You are actually praying for rain! In Maine and New England we are praying for sun. We have had 7.7 inches of rain this month and 2 weeks of rain everyday!

  58. 260


    My wonderful husband will often grill several things at once on the weekend (all chicken breasts, or a mix of chicken breasts, tri tip, or steak), enough to last well into the week. I'll make sandwiches, salads, or stir fry with fresh vegetables for the rest of the week.

  59. 262


    I plan meals for my hubby to grill, and we usually grill for several nights at once. Then I have pre-cooked meats & veggies for fajitas, salads, you name it. Also lots of pasta around here, since it's so quick. I'd love the cookbook to help me find more recipes that my kids will eat, too.

  60. 263


    Sounds like a good cookbook. I live in Arizona, so keeping the kitchen cool is really important…otherwise the electric bill goes through the roof from the AC working overtime. I do a lot of microwave cooking and outdoor grilling.

  61. 265


    I love Robin Miller! Hmm, keeping a cool kitchen, we use the outside grill, our foreman grill and the crockpot. Also I serve a lot of no cook dinners. Thanks for the giveaway, hope to win.

  62. 266


    We use the BBQ ALOT in the summer. We live in So Cal and don't have central air. It gets HOT in here. The BBQ is great for that, I'm always happy to find tried and true recipes for the grill, and not heating up the kitchen!

  63. 270


    The grill or the crock pot save the day when it gets too hot up here in Michigan. Which, this summer, isn't too often. We're on about our third spring, I think.

  64. 271


    We grill outside a couple times a week… I plan to eat leftovers that we can microwave if I know a really hot day is coming… and sometimes I'll use the toaster oven instead of the oven if the recipe works with that; it generates a LITTLE less heat, at least.
    btw, I wish we could give you some of our rain here in New England!!! It won't stop!!

  65. 273


    This summer, we dug a firepit in the backyard. I haven't used it much, but I'm excited to try out my campfire cooking someplace where I can run to a 'real" kitchen to rescue dinner if I need to!

  66. 275


    I grill as much as possible. 😉 And we've had more than the normal amount of rain for us this time of year. I'd LOVE to send some your way if I could. I'm about done with it all at this point & want some sun!

  67. 277

    Stephanie says

    I love to bake, but I can't stand to make my kitchen hot. Nor can I stand the $200 electric bill each month. My biggest tip for keeping it cool in my kitchen is baking after hours. My energy company's peak hours of usage are 1 pm to 9 pm during the summer. I'll either bake super early or wait until after everyone has gone to bed. If it is a meal that requires the oven I still prepare it during the off hours. Then we simply reheat it in the microwave when we are ready to eat.

  68. 278


    We use the grill a lot as well as use the crockpot. We also tend to eat a lot of salads, wraps, etc that do not have to be made in the oven.

  69. 279


    As someone whose air conditioning has been broken for the last 4 days, I know how important it is! i cooked dinner in the crock pot today and last year I bought a combo microwave/convection oven and if I need to use my oven during the heat of the day, I use that instead. I also try and group my baking.

  70. 281


    I like the grill and will use the stove top in the early hours of the day. We also eat a lot of salads! This is a great giveaway!

  71. 282


    We eat a lot of sandwiches and salads. OR we eat out…lol

    Its getting old quick so Im gonna fire up the crockpot and see what I can come up with…Oklahoma heat can be unbareable!

  72. 283

    Michelle says

    Seems like here it's even too hot to grill outside!! I have a Cuisinart panini/griddle that I LOVE!! I have forever loved the George Forman, but this one is so much easier to clean because the cooking plates come off and you can wash them in the sink!! Definitely keeps our house a lot cooler!!

  73. 285


    We're all about the grill in the summer! Not only do we grill the current night's supper, but we grill enough for the next night too. We'll use the leftover grilled chicken to make salads the night after we grill. It's just as yummy, and there's no heating up the kitchen required!

  74. 287


    My favorite ways to keep the kitchen cool (and I'm in Texas too) are to 1. order Papa John's on Mondays for 5.99 for a large one topping, 2. use my crock pot for one-pot meals, and 3. use my toaster oven.

    I love to grill, but going outside to the 100+ temps doesn't seem like a better option. :)

  75. 289


    We make a lot of salads, and cook a little later in the evening to survive the heat.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway. How fun!

    zoetrope2000 at gmail dot com

  76. 290


    Cool giveaway! I do lots of stovetop cooking or my husband will use the grill (the only time he cooks LOL). I do much less baking in the summer which does help keep the kitchen cool.

  77. 293


    I keep the kitchen cool by trying to not use the oven. I use recipes that I can cook on top of the stove, in the crockpot or outside on the grill. Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  78. 295


    Baked potatoes in the summer?! Yes, yes, yes: wrap them in foil and place them in the crock pot. And put the crock pot in the garage. No heat in the house!

  79. 296


    An air conditioner keeps our kitchen cool LOL Actually, it doesn't do that hot of a job (window unit) so we've been eating alot of cold fruits, veggies and deli meat. It's working alright so far!

  80. 297

    Staci says

    We eat way too many convenience foods. I love to cook in the spring, fall, and winter but I really get into a funk in the summer.

  81. 298


    I try to use the microwave and grill more in the summertime. The crockpot is another favorite for summer time cooking!!

    Great giveaway!


  82. 299


    I grill as much as I can. And many times I'll grill early in the week and cook all the meat we need for the week, especially if it's chicken to be shreadded or going to be mixed in with something else. Then all it needs is a quick heat in a skillet and it's all hot and yummy again, tasting like it just came off the grill.

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