Don’t Do Crack Winners

Well. The name this photo contest was just plain old fun.
Y’all are hilarious.
I laughed so hard at your funny captions! 
It was not easy picking a favorite, but I’m choosing:
“Hanes HER Way” by Kimberly  I hope you enjoy your post-it set! I’m also throwing in a brand new copy of The White Trash Mom Handbook by Michelle Lamar!
Here are some other favorites I decided to honorably mention:
“Does my butt look big….out of these jeans?” by ShEiLa
“The stair master isn’t all it’s cracked up to be” by Suzanne
“The future TLC’s “What Not To Wear” star by Christine
“Put your big girl panties on and deal with it!” by Kelly
“So I understand the plumbing problem is upstairs m’am?” by Marcy
“Bring up the rear” by Bree
“Now we know who really wears the pants in the family” by Gary Porter
“Over the shoulder boulder holder” by Bonnie
In an effort to de-lurk my blog, I offered a special bonus prize to the last comment before I shut down the contest. You’ll also be receiving a copy of Michelle’s book!  Because if Mom’s Christmas panties as toddler t-shirt, doesn’t scream WHITE TRASH, I don’t know what does!
Last comment prize goes to: Katie, Kevin & Kids, who said:
Dropping in from Lurkerville :)
How about…

“She is THAT toddler!”

See? It pays to de-lurk!
And just so y’all know I play fair, I’m also tossing in a small consolation prize to comment number one, Mandy C!
Stay tuned, you might just see another one of these contests! I’ll wait until I really need a good laugh!


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