Name This Photo Contest

Okay, y’all. I’m trying something new!

Submit a caption for this picture:
(She may or may not be wearing a pair of my underwear around her neck.
I’ll never admit to it.)
I will choose the best caption and the winner will WIN A SET of four post-it pads (from Pretty Bitter) that say: I Will Do One Thing Today.
My note will say, “Put a lock on my undergarment drawer.”
P.S. I’m trying to draw out the people who don’t comment!! I’ll throw in a bonus prize to the 321st commenter on this post! (who am I kidding?) to the last comment before I close this post down! 
Come on lurkers, don’t let me down!
Winner will be announced whenever I get around to it.
Comments are now closed. I’ll announce the winners soon!


  1. 6


    Well, after recently posting "Say NO To Crack" about, well, let's just say LOTS OF CRACK in plain view at the Popeye's one night… I immediately thought of Crack Kills or Say No To Crack for this caption.

    But then I thought deeper, which was very hard because after The Bachelorette, do I really have any brain cells left? Don't answer that. If I did, I shredded them all out with The 30 Day Shred…

    SORRY, I have a real problem rambling in the comments…

    I'll get to the caption….


    No Child Left BEHIND


    No Shirt
    No Shoes

  2. 14


    i'm so not creative. i wanna be sure and comment because i LOVE your blog, but seriously… nothing worth posting. darling though, her high school prom date will LOVE this!

  3. 19


    I wanted to comment, but I can't begin to compete with all the creative ones posted so far. Love the picture though! Need idea for a blog post as well.

  4. 21


    I cannot think of a caption because I am laughing so hard. Butt (pun intended!) I can type while I laugh. Thanks for the chuckle. That poor child is gonna hate your blog someday.

  5. 24

    Trista says

    I'm coming out of the woodwork to comment. My 3 year old would call this "Plumber Butt". It's the phrase we use when we need our kids to smile for a picture….works EVERY time.

  6. 36

    Mrs. Querido says

    ROTFL!! You guys are hilarious! I love all the captions for this photo! :)

    You guys crack me up..pun totally intended!

    Sorry, fresh out of witty captions for this one…

    Your daughter is going to rue the day you ever started this blog…LOL! What blackmail material you are amassing!

  7. 38

    Rita says

    Someone told her that the Who's Who of superheros were wearing their underwear on the outside. "Excuse me while I go practice my new move: dreaded heinie blasts."

  8. 40


    *sucks air in through teeth* "Luv, yer boiler's had it, knackered it is! It'll be *rubs chin thinks of a number, doubles it* ooh, at least three weeks til I can get my hands on another one like that for you"

  9. 41


    Adorable photo…….
    My Caption title……

    "BUTT…Mommy!!!! You'll see…I'm steppin up to big girl panites!"


    "No wise cracks here… Please…I've got a serious plumbing problem upstairs….guess who flushed Mommies other 2 pair of new undies down the potty! And with a cute lil' crack like this…I'll be a great plumber someday!"

  10. 42


    I"m a lurker and I can't thinkg of anything creative right now but I do have to say that those are cuter underwear than would be found in my drawer!

  11. 47


    Baby's got back…..

    That is a cute picture. Reminds me of my girls when they were this little. They would pull my underwear out of the laundry basket and put it on their head….keep in mind, Daddy was egging them on the whole time (and proibably had a pair on his head too). :)

  12. 48

    Anonymous says

    "You told me I had to change my other panties! These ones just didn't fit me quite right so I had to wear them a bit askew!"

  13. 49


    I just started following yesterday, so as not to lurk I will post.

    I have no new ideas, but the one from the above commenters that produced a chuckle was: "No Child Left Behind."

  14. 53

    Angel B says

    "Hard to say no to crack when its that cute."

    No I am not a perve but a mom to 2 and aunt/cousin to about 20. I just love baby bootie…its so cute & squishy. My 2 yr old is potty training & therefore wanders around nude & I just love the little dimples she has.

  15. 54

    Amber says

    I don't have a caption, 'BUTT', I had to comment because it was so funny! It's like one of those pictures that you stare at and keep finding the 'out of place' things. It took me a minute to realize that she was indeed wearing underwear…just in the wrong spot. That cracked me up!

  16. 57


    Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now! Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go!

    My little one likes to have her pants around her knees before she even enters the bathroom, so we've seen way too much crack around here lately! It's REALLY hard to explain that she can't do that when we have company or are at someone else's house. :) Too cute!

  17. 72


    No More Wedgies!
    How emBARE-ASSing!

    We had a similar issue with my daughter's pants falling off during her first play date at CHURCH! I was so embarrassed!

  18. 96


    "Butt, Mommy… they're so pretty!!! I can't hide them under my PANTS!!!"

    "If the big boys can wear their pants like this, SO CAN I."

  19. 98


    i ………. cant ………….. breath …………im ……….laughing………to ………….hard…….
    i cant think of a good one but i love your blog and i love the other comments.

  20. 104


    i don't have time to read the comments now (40 quarts of strawberries waiting for me) so maybe someone already said this…

    "plumber in training"

    cute pic, BTW!

  21. 105


    That photo is just tooooo funny. I almost peed my pants (it happens when you reach middle age).

    My first thought was: America's Next Top Model or Madonna wannabe (didn't she start the whole wearing undergarments on the outside phase back in the 80's?)

    Thanks for the laugh.

  22. 117


    All new concept for "crackin' UP!"

    (okay, so even as I typed that I realized it sounded funnier in my head than it read typed on the computer … but I have never won a giveaway so being the last poster is probably my only chance!!)

  23. 123


    LOVE the pic!! I do not have a caption however, but I did want you to know that I nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger award…(check out my blog when you have time!) I am a new follower to your blog, and I love it!

  24. 124


    Cracking stairs. (instead of creaking)
    Hard to make progress when you find yourself going up and down at the same time.
    This is why I prefer to be naked!

  25. 127


    I am feeling singularly uncreative tonight…but I loved the "No child left behind" idea above! :-) And why is it that they always put mom's underpants around their neck? My youngest does that too. I guess that means, we are THAT family, also!

  26. 131


    "Have you got a licence for that?"

    Great laugh to start the day! Been following for a couple of weeks first comment though! Thanks for the laughs.

  27. 138

    inhale. return to center. says

    That duct tape goes on so easy, but comming off is another matter… MOMMMMMM!

  28. 139


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  29. 141


    How funny…the post and all the clever captions submitted! I'm a little late to the game so I'm not going to even attempt to compete with them.

    Good luck choosing! So many are funny!

  30. 144


    I confess, I've been lurking for a while – I love your blog! Your view of the world is very refreshing. Can't think of one that hasn't already been mentioned – way to go reaching for the camera at just the right moment!!!

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