Name This Photo Contest

Okay, y’all. I’m trying something new!

Submit a caption for this picture:
(She may or may not be wearing a pair of my underwear around her neck.
I’ll never admit to it.)
I will choose the best caption and the winner will WIN A SET of four post-it pads (from Pretty Bitter) that say: I Will Do One Thing Today.
My note will say, “Put a lock on my undergarment drawer.”
P.S. I’m trying to draw out the people who don’t comment!! I’ll throw in a bonus prize to the 321st commenter on this post! (who am I kidding?) to the last comment before I close this post down! 
Come on lurkers, don’t let me down!
Winner will be announced whenever I get around to it.
Comments are now closed. I’ll announce the winners soon!


  1. 154


    "Asymmetrical is all the rage!"

    I had to laugh at Cheri-Beri's "Little Emmy ran screaming from the room, "Mommy, DON'T let Daddy dress me ever again!!!"

    That photo is too cute :)

  2. 157


    You put your bottom in.
    You get your bottom out.
    You put your bottom in.
    And you wiggle it all about.
    You do the hokey pokey,
    and you climb up the stairs.
    That's what it's all about!

    (Do I count as a lurker when this is only my 3rd visit to your blog?)

  3. 158


    No caption really, but that looks like me climbing the stairs everyday at work in my maternity pants, hoping nobody is behind me!!

  4. 165


    It's been a while…I was just stopping by to say hi, and I had to comment and thank you for the out-loud laugh!
    Hope you are well!

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