Scrap Wood + Imagination = Sandbox

While my hubby worked on my patio table makeover, my kids begged for the scrap wood.  They borrowed a hammer and he let the older two have a few nails, since he was right there with them.
I laughed when they told me they were building their little sister a sandbox.
But they worked diligently and together for several hours to create something useful! I drug the bag of leftover sand from the garage and a few toys from our beach bag:

And their little sister loved it!

She even let them play in it, too.
Supplies needed:
Scrap wood and a few nails
An imagination!


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    Jo@Mylestones says

    More like a sand-seat than a sand-box, but she doesn't seem to mind the absence of wiggle room. And just for the fact they spent SEVERAL HOURS working on it, no doubt happily entertained? That's where I chime in an say "Priceless!"

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    That is SO sweet! My little girl loves her sandbox – we made that her birthday party theme last year! Plastic baby pools + 200 lbs of play sand = one super-sized backyard playdate birthday party. And instead of dirt cake, I used vanilla wafers and banana pudding to make 'sand' cake!

  3. 8


    What awesome big siblings to be so thoughtful and considerate of their younger sister. They made an awesome sandbox for her.

  4. 10


    Cool! It is so funny that you posted this though. I have two posts already scheduled for this week about sand. One is about our sand table and the other about sand alternatives. They are scheduled for Wed. and Thurs. Funny, but cool.

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    Bless their hearts! Your family seems to keep you laughing and it's good you see it that way.
    Enjoy them as much as possible.

    have a fun summer. I'll be stopping by more.
    Take care

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