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    I needed a good laugh this afternoon, so I thought – "Let me go check out Kristen's blog". As usual – you delivered!!!! Chunky Dunking! Right there with you girl!

  2. 26


    My son spends the summers with my parents out in the country. When he was younger, they would let him skinny dip in the water troughs. Imagine my shock when at the beach he starts shucking clothes and heading for the water.

  3. 27

    Mrs. Querido says

    LOL! So true…right there with you! And I loved thatgirlblogs comment..right there with you too sista!

    LOL 😀

    I don't even think you could get me to do it with a privacy WALL and with the sun and moon shot out!

  4. 35


    That's too funny. I let my kids, let me rephrase that, I let my babies swim in the nude sometimes… and I agree with you with the chunky dunking, that would be me too :)

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