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When You Lose a Pet

Easter 2009-August 29, 2009
One of our two cats ran out the front door a month ago and hasn’t returned. 
Our kids have been on the lookout for weeks and are still hopeful. I am not.
And then, we discovered our rabbit dead in our backyard this weekend.
At first, I wanted to tell my kids it ran away too, but decided against it because they are still dealing with the cat’s unknown future and are constantly looking out for her.
So, we told them the truth.
And the truth hurts. 
I don’t think we handled it so well because somehow they got the impression we’re getting a horse.
How do you handle the death of a pet (or how was it handled when you were a child?)
What do you say? Do you always tell the whole truth or is it a gray area for you?
Ike’s all we have left now:
He’s being treated like a special guest.

My Pride is On the Line

Just wanted to give y’all a quick update on my tweeting for sweet tea….
I’m at the halfway point. If I can persuade around 155 more tweeters to follow @BovineBliss , there is a cow costume in my future.  A cow without pride. (Thanks to everyone who’s helping me. You guys make my taste buds very happy. Some readers are even signing up for Twitter in support!)
Also, my second newsletter will be sent out on Tuesday. {The Family Room} focuses on building character in our children. It’s free to subscribe, just click on the link below my name.
One last thing, I have a couple of open spots for advertisers on my sidebar. Email me for rates, I’m running a back-to-school special right now.

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THAT Family Tree Society-Issue 53

Pictures of the Week:

The Week in Review: We survived the first week of school! Whew!

Introduction into The Society: Help me welcome my friend over at Stop and Smell the Chocolates!

1.    Tell us a little about your blog (name/reason why you blog):  

My blog is called Stop and Smell the Chocolates because I think everybody should take a little time out of their busy day to enjoy God’s blessings all around them.  And I like chocolate.  A lot.  I try to make my blog a nice place to take a little break and I have chocolatey goodness every Friday! I was inspired to start blogging by my friend Sarah at Real Life.  I think there’s a hidden writer in me that wanted to get out.  Blogging has been the perfect outlet! 

2.    How long have you blogging?  

I started my blog in April of 2008 and am still going strong!   

3.    How woul
d you define THAT family?

THAT family can be so many things – a family that makes you appreciate your blessings, a family that makes you laugh, a family that can laugh at themselves, a family that inspires you, a family that educates you in what not to do, a family that makes you feel not so strange after all…   :) 

4.    When did you discover you were a part of THAT family? 

I must admit – I was in denial about this for a long time.  I don’t have multiple trips to the emergency room.  I only have 1 son, so I don’t have sibling issues to deal with.  I thought that somehow I didn’t “qualify”.  But then one day I found some dirty dishes that I had hidden in the oven 3 days earlier.  And it got me thinking…and thinking.  Well that and the fact that I don’t have a problem with cake being a breakfast food.  I started realizing that the clues had been there all along – I really was part of a THAT family!!  It explained so much – LOL! 

5.    Where can we find your blog? and I also blog at which is still me, but less chocolatey!

I Will Blog for Sweet Tea

Official Count is around 115 followers! Goal: 313 (reduced goal since Chick Fil A is closed on Sunday 😀 (Make sure you @reply to Bovine Bliss after you follow or it doesn’t count!) The year of sweet tea is for me and the cow vlogging is for you!!
The other night right before I flipped my laptop closed, I tweeted this:
“I wish Chick Fil A would let me blog for them. They could pay me in sweet tea.”
I wasn’t kidding.
And then I went to bed and dreamed of a land where the golden goodness flowed freely and unicorns danced like the wind (yeah, let’s analyze that later, k?).
A day passed and I found a curious message in my inbox from a Chick Fil A restaurant owner: “If you were serious about your tweet, I have a proposition for you.”
It was like the Sweet Tea Fairy was waving her magic wand in my direction!
So. Here’s the deal: If you are on Twitter, I need your help. There’s a new Twitter account called BovineBliss. For every new follower I send their way, they will send me a glass of sweet tea.
I need a moment.
{Wipes happy tears away}
What’s in it for you? Well, not much. But, let’s think of me, shall we?
I’ll keep a count of just how many sweet tea coupons I get and if I reach 365 (a year’s worth), I’ll Vlog (video blog) myself standing in front of my local Chick Fil A in a cow costume and post it on my blog. 
Or I could  shave my head or kiss a live chicken on the lips…
How about you come up with a creative and humiliating idea and tell me in the comments if I reach my goal. I’ll choose a few and let y’all vote on it!
The key? As soon as you follow BovineBliss, please send an @BovineBliss message and mention that @WeareTHATfamily sent you.
Cheers {clinking styrofoam cups together}
Have a happy weekend, y’all!

DIYP-Trash to Treasure

This is how my beautiful DaySpring pitcher I ordered for a gift arrived by FedEx the other day:

Broken. Imperfect.
I emailed my (in)courage friend and asked if she could arrange for another to be sent to me. She said yes! and replied, “I can’t wait to see what kind of do-it-yourself project you come up with using the broken one.”
Of course I already had great plans for it because I’m that creative!
But first I had to dig it from the trash can outside and remove 1,506 blades of grass my hubby had just dumped on top of it.
So, even though the trash to treasure idea wasn’t mine, I was excited about the possibilities!
I decided to make my first mosaic.
I placed the pitcher in a pillowcase and used a hammer to break it into small pieces:
I bought a $1 patio paver and laid out the broken tiles:
I used a waterproof, non-toxic glue to adhere the pieces to the paver:

Next, the fun part: grout. I bought a small bag at a craft store and mixed the powder with water (I’ve never done this before so I just winged it)! I smoothed the compound on top of the tiles with a good kitchen spatula:
And wiped away the excess with a sponge:
I let it dry overnight:
I put it in my front flower bed so I can see it everyday.
It’s a good reminder that useless and broken things can be changed into something good!
Just like me.
Visit Kimba’s for more inspiration.

My Hubby Rocks {Even When He Doesn’t}

So. Sometimes, my hubby irritates me. 
{WHAT?? Oh, the SHOCK!}
Yep, it turns out I’m human.
I hope you’re not too disappointed.
My hubby and I love each other. We are deeply committed to one another. We’ve faced some harrowing battles in our 15 years and fought against Hell itself to be where we are today.
We are in a good place. But we still get on each other’s nerves at times and even push one another’s buttons.  
The other day my hubby made me furious before he left for work. It wasn’t a big deal. It was just one of those little idiosyncrasies. And I was grumpy. Lethal combination.
Later as I dressed, without thinking, I put on my pink shirt.
Everywhere I went, people commented. “Wow, you must really love your husband.” “What a great shirt.” Several women even said, “I would never wear a shirt like that. My husband is a jerk.”
I thought about our rocky morning, laughed at the irony of my thoughtless dressing and thanked God.
I am not perfect. My spouse isn’t either. But even on the tough days, I can be thankful. 
There is always something to be grateful about.
I have a man who loves me. He loves God and our children. 
He is a hard worker, selfless in so many ways…..
He rocks. 
Even when he doesn’t.
One of the top searches that leads people to my blog is
help me love my hubby
a love letter to my husband
love wife and husband
There are so many women living in unfulfilling marriages. I don’t know whether you find yourself content or confused in your marriage today. At some point, you’ve probably been both. 
Marriage takes hard work. Don’t give up. FIGHT. Woo him. Pray. 
I truly believe that my marriage isn’t any more remarkable than yours. One day I will tell our story in full. But today, know that it is only by God’s grace that we are thriving. 
Let me encourage  you to choose love. Choose the road less traveled, the one that doesn’t pick him apart, tear him down, destroying his confidence. 
Because your hubby rocks. Even when he doesn’t.

WFMW-Photography Tools

I’m am not a photographer. 
I just take pictures.
But that doesn’t mean I don’t want great photos on my blog or in my scrapbook (that I’ll get around to making someday. Maybe).
For months, I’ve been on a quest to find an easy-to-use, option-filled, free program that will turn my blah into beautiful.
I use a really great camera (Nikon D50) that I bought for my hubby for Christmas 3 years ago. (I think he thinks I bought it for me). But I don’t adjust the lenses and keep it on automatic. Because I have camera-related fears.
I’ve tried various tools like Pixelmator. It’s a great system, but too complex for me.  I like Picasa and even have it on my desktop. It’s easier to use and free, but it doesn’t give me the specialty options I was looking for, like writing text on photographs or adding special borders.
My non-professional photographic friends, if you aren’t using Picnik, you should be. Picnik allows you to upload your photos (one at a time, is the only drawback), but they load rather quickly. With just a simple click, you can round photo edges, add snappy borders in any thickness you want, put text on photos and so much  more. 
Plus, I’ve there is a Premium feature that cost just a few dollars. I’ve yet to sign up, but I hear there’s a button to remove wrinkles and blemishes from photographs. So, well, it’s only a matter of time before I go Premium.
Here are just a  couple of my favorite features, but there are dozens more:
             before after

                    sepia                            black and white

                   frame                            frame with text

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