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    Milkmaid says

    I have just become a wet nurse to two infants. I also have my own baby. I have found my udders getting much bigger than I could have imagined. They are too big for a girl wit NY small frames. Also, my teats are so large and dark. Like three inches. I need to continue as a WN for at least three more years. Will my udders go back to normal. My contact is to nurse wash baby for two more yrs.

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    Okay… I just found your blog. Then I found the vlog for free CFA sweet tea for a year. Then I started laughing and really can’t stop! That is so funny! I’m dying to know which CFA is paying you in sweet tea? Are you in GA? I am so impressed and now you can dress up with your kiddos in July for Cow Appreciation Day and get free food to go with your sweet tea! Happy you love and support CFA! Eat Mor Chikin!

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