Name that Photo Contest

If you were this photo, what would your name be?
Winner gets a month of free advertising on my sidebar! A million dollar value. (Well, it could be if I raised my prices a little, actually for now it’s a $60 value). Winner can advertise their blog, store, friend’s blog, church, cousin’s Etsy shop, etc. As long as it’s family-friendly, you choose!)
This contest closes Wednesday.
Do you have a giveaway that would make the perfect holiday gift? October is booked and I have limited spots in the months of November & December, so email me to secure a date! Please note that I have changed my giveaway policy.

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  1. 42


    OK, I'm not reading all the other comments first, so if I duplicate, then OOPS! I have a few…

    "You missed a spot."

    "Who, ME??"

    "Spoons? We do need no stinkin' spoons."

    "Her mom doesn't know all the OTHER things she pretended to do after she pretended to eat her pudding like a dog."

    "Yes, it was THAT good."

  2. 56

    Rachel says

    I have a few ideas….

    Now THAT was deeeeeelicious!!

    Can I have just a little more? Pleeease?

    Get mommy to pierce my ears. Check.
    Get extra chocolate sauce. Check.
    Getting my picture taken befire licking it clean……PRICELESS!

    Thanks for considering! :)
    coupongrabber (at)

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