WFMW-How to Pick & Preserve Pumpkins

I dare you to say that three times fast.
Fall has blown in and left a trail of colorful leaves and bulging pumpkins to share. This, without a doubt, is my favorite time of the year.
The pumpkin and I go way back. I’m usually the first on my street to garnish my front porch with bright orange in September.
My kids and hubby love to carve pumpkins the week of Halloween, but I like keep a few out through Thanksgiving. I’ve learned it’s nearly impossible without some careful pumpkin picking. 
How to Pick a Pumpkin that will last:
  • Choose a pumpkin free of blemishes, nicks or discolored marks, mold or mildew.
  • Make sure it has a stem attached. If the stem is brittle or breaks with a tug, this pumpkin won’t last long.
  • Pick a pumpkin that feels firm to the touch. Don’t choose pumpkins with soft spots.
  • If it’s available, buy your pumpkins right off the vine! It’s a really fun family outing an if you buy them in October, these pumpkins will last throughout November.

How to Preserve Your Carved Pumpkin:
  • Before you carve, soak the pumpkin in water with a little bleach added in. (This will kill any mold or rot. Make sure you dry it thoroughly).
  • Spray your pumpkin with a clear coat of gloss shellac. This not only makes it shiny, it seals the pumpkin and it lasts longer (tip from my real life friend, Karen).
  • Once you create your masterpiece, rub vegetable oil or petroleum jelly over the entire area, especially the cut part.

And this is just a bonus tip: paint on your pumpkins-words, names, patterns, etc!

That works for me!
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  1. 4


    I'm like that too! I was sorely tempted to put out mums over Labor Day, but I waited until school started. Now there are pumpkins galore!

    Great tips about the pumpkins — I'll add one more. If you are going to carve, cut the hole in the bottom. That way you can just place it over the candle without burning your fingers. AND you can keep the stem intact!

  2. 24


    I love this time of year as well, although it's just not as spectacular in TX as it was in WY. I also LOVE pumpkins and anything that has pumpkins in it. Thanks for the great tips. Maybe this year we'll actually carve pumpkins.

    And thanks for fixing the links again. I wonder if I'm the only one who has or notices the difference. :-/

  3. 26


    I can't wait to get my pumpkins. I kept an uncarved pumpkin on my porch for almost and entire year. I lived in a cold place though. Then someone stole it. It just disappeared. I was so mad. grrr.

    Come see my halloween spooktacular on my blog!!

  4. 29


    My Works for Me post has turned into NOT WORKING for ME today…go figure!!! :)

    I'd love some pumpkins right about now…Pumkin PIE (that I don't have to fix and the non-calorie kind.)

  5. 30


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