The Truth of Motherhood

Just when I think we’ve got the hang of this parenting thing, my hubby and I have a weekend where we are reminded that. we. don’t.
Okay. So y’all know all those stereotypical things you hear about boys and girls?
Things like:
“Girls are so dramatic.”
“Boys hate baths.”
I was bombarded with opinions the moment I produced gender-telling ultrasounds.
I did what all new mothers (who know it all) do: I rolled my eyes and said, “My children will never do that, they will be different.”
Can I just say….
My daughters have a Masters Degree in Emotional Outbursts and the beads of dirt around my son’s neck quake when I say the “B” word.
Is it just me or WAS EVERYONE RIGHT???
What other truths have you discovered? And is it just me or is parenting really hard?

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  1. 1

    Christine says

    I just have boys…and they're only 4 and 5 so bath time is still and adventure for them. The only thing they hate about it is that it means bed soon follows.

    Yes, parenting's hard and I know it's going to get harder in some ways.

    My fav. saying of late: "I was a wonderful parent…before I had kids."

    (I've heard the one about girls and drama, though. Good luck on that!)

  2. 2


    About six months ago, I was complaining about my then-2-year-old daughter's behavior, and several mothers told me that 3 was worse than 2.

    She's been 3 for 8 days.

    They were right.

  3. 4


    I have an 8 year old girl and two boys, 6 and almost 2. Parenting IS hard for sure. I've always said my boys won't stink or be dirty, but…it happens. My older son just doesn't care if his shirt is inside-out, backwards or buttoned crookedly. He even put jeans on backwards once and didn't notice (they were a tad big so he slid them on.) Boys. Went camping with my girl and a bunch of other 8-9 year olds. DRAMA. Oh-my-gosh. Thank God my girl was one of the calm ones. But still, I cannot even believe it's starting all ready, thought I had more time! Love your blog :-) MIKI

  4. 6


    No it's very hard. My son loves baths, he's 9. I hace to fight to get him in the shower though, however once he is in, he won't get out.

    My son had what I believed to be ODD and was kicked out of school after school until the 2nd grade. Parenting is never ending and it's tough. I'd say with girls, I don't have one, however I can only imagine what it will be like when they start dating. I think that's why I wanted a boy.

    Just remember you are not alone, us blog Moms are here to support you.

  5. 7


    I don't have the stereotypical girl, and *one* of my boys isn't stereotypical :) My daughter (10) is not emotional, at least not in the dramatic way. She'll cry b/c she feels someone else's pain, but not b/c she is throwing a pity party for herself.
    My oldest son (9) is the neat freak in the family. He *likes* to clean and is very organized. Bath time isn't a problem for either of them, but it isn't like they have a choice about it. It is a nightly routine that just happens. But, the 2nd boy (7) definitely has more 'typical boy' characteristics than the first one. The 3rd boy (2) so far is ALL BOY and it cracks me up. My daughter spends more time with him than the boys but still, he does all the typical boy things (roars with his toy dinosaurs, pretends to punch, everything has a sound effect, etc). He loves baths and wants to get in with any other person who happens to be bathing. ha
    Don't know about boy #4 yet!

  6. 9


    I'm expecting my first one in February and am one of the soon-to-be mom's saying "my kid won't do that. I'll teach it better than that." I didn't know everybody thought that! Now I'm getting a little worried! Haha 😉

  7. 10


    nothing prepares you for it. each and every stage of development is like a new amusement park ride where you aren't sure if you should open your eyes or clamp them shut

  8. 11


    Parenting is not for the faint-hearted!!! I love when friends with only girls say: our daughters play with trucks… yea I am sure they brrrrmmm them up and down… but you haven't met truck play until you have seen a three year old boy play with a truck in the space of three seconds smash it, crash it, bash it, remove the windscreen, unscrew the wheels – totally wreck it and collapse with a satisfied sigh… I tell you we have both and I will never ever get weird ideas like boys are easier or girls are easier… they present their own special gifts to the mix!!!

  9. 13


    So funny… because it's so true! I have three girls and two boys (in that order) and I never believed, until I had my kids, all the gender stereotypes. It's amazing how true they are. My girls = drama (especially the teenagers) and my boys are just such boys :) It's awesome and wonderful and tiring and hard all at the same time!!!

  10. 14


    Mine are 22 yr old son and an almost 18 yo daughter. They all go THRU stages. But thankfully most outgrow it! LOL You do know those STILL 'drama Queen' adults right? My son, thankfully went through a VERY short time of bath hating. Then as a teen took one 3 times a day! So it's a rollercoaster ride! Just buckle up and enjoy the adventure.

  11. 15


    Yes Parenting is REALLY hard, I don't care what anyone says. No one can prepare you for having children, it is up and down all day long. I have a 3 year old boy and a 1 year old girl, they dish up something new for me every single day.
    Yes it is a struggle to get my son in the bath, but once he is in there, just try getting him out!.

  12. 16


    I used to think "I'm going to teach my son to only pee in the toilet. (Like all the mothers before me didn't already try that??) Yep, so far I think it is just pretty genetic that they pee all over.

  13. 19


    I learned early on NEVER TO SAY NEVER! And if I look at my children with pride…watch out. Because the very next day, if it takes that long, I am humbled.

    One thing I never expected was to see what I dislike most about myself reflected back at me in my children. Nothing like hearing an unkind tone in your sweet faced child and realizing…they got it from me.

    And lastly…there is no way to prepare anyone for the joy that comes with parenting. It is immeasurable and at times overwhelming. A wonderful gift.

  14. 20


    Yes. This parenting thing is REALLY HARD!! I just said that to a friend last night. As I'm only two years into parenting my ONE child, and she has three little girls under 4…she just laughed at me. But even though I don't even know the half of it yet, I will agree wholeheartedly – this is HARD stuff!

  15. 21


    I have 3 boys, 18, 15 and 12, and am very thankful I have boys. I coached girls for 25 years and I have always said that God gave me boys because of "putting up with" those girls for all those yrs.
    I've also heard from other Moms, that it's hard to have both, boys and girls.
    I think it's just hard…period…to have children. But, such a joy :)

  16. 23


    it is funny how prideful and confident we are when we are inexperienced… and humbled when we have had them around for a while! :)

    I learn every day that lo and behold my mom was right all along.

  17. 26


    I'm only 2-1/2 years into it, so I'm no expert! It is so hard at times, thank goodness it's so rewarding too. I'm definitely struggling at least a little bit each day now that I have a 2 year old and a newborn…there are always times that I can't give them both what they need when it's just me at home.

  18. 27


    Let's just say that before kids, I was a teacher with a holier-than-thou attitude and always had lectures for my sister about my niece and nephew. Much to my sis's glee, I have literally stuck my foot in my mouth on almost every single thing I ever said I would never do or I didn't agree with.

    It's just different when it's your own. And parenting is SO hard to a dimension no one can describe to you. You just have to experience it!

  19. 28


    Everyone was right that THEY GROW SO FAST!!!!

    Mine is only 9 months, but BOY it seems like we just brought him home from the hospital, and now he's cruising all around the place.

  20. 29


    yes, everyone was right.

    I have three boys, and they are ALL BOY!! Give them a toy truck and some balls and they're having fun. They turn anything into guns, and if they can't, they just use their hands.

    They love baths – it's a contest to see how much water they can splash out of the tub and onto me!

  21. 30


    Parenting is SO hard. We've been having some discipline problems with our 4yo DS. I know I'm not supposed to take it personally but it FEELS personal. I feel I haven't done something right. I also have an 11mo DD who has started cuddling toys, instinctively it seems. I cuddle her but I don't cuddle my coffee cup. So, how does she know to cuddle her toy cell phone as well as her doll?

  22. 31


    Yes, it is HARD! Every day (& lying awake at night) I second guess myself about something. Just when I think I have it all figured out…WHAMMO! Something new to fret over. This is rewarding, right?!?

  23. 33


    It is not just you, parenting is really hard! My mom made it look so easy. I have two boys (13 & 15). When they were completely distroying my house when they were little, I longed for a little girl to have a sweet little tea party with. Now that my boys are teenagers I'm so excited to have less drama that with teen girls.
    We do have our share of drama, but it is few and far between!

  24. 35


    I have no idea what you're talking about. I'm the perfect mom, and taking care of my 6 kids is so incredibly easy.

    (Ok, no lightning please – it's just a joke!)

    I would PAY someone to come potty train my kids. Can you say "nightmare"?

  25. 36


    Parenting is really hard! My mom made it look so easy…When my boys were toddlers, and destroying my house, I longed for a little girl who could sit still and have a tea party. Now that my boys are teens (13 and 15) I'm hearing about girl drama! Now all of my friends with girls are having the trauma. It's a roller coaster that is for certain!

  26. 38


    When I just had my three girls I kept saying I wanted a boy. Everyone told me boys were more work than girls when they were young. I told them there is no way boys can be harder than my girls because my girls were as rough and tumble as any little boy could be. Or so I thought. Enter the twins, boys! And then because God has a great since of humor they have a little brother who is only 18 months younger than them. OMG!!! I can't tell you how many lamps I've had to replace. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is safe in this house. Love those boys, but eating my words is the pits.

  27. 39


    Ah man you mean I have to parent these kids? :p I have learned that it only takes seconds for my kids to turn my house into a war zone but hours to clean it up right. I have learned its not worth repeatably sitting my son down in the bathtub. He wants to stand and hey he is in the tub and that is worth something right??

  28. 40


    You took the words right out of my mouth!!!

    I have 2 dramatic girls and one daring boy….

    I have already settled with the fact I am screwed

    ;o) I hope you have a good week

  29. 41


    Yep, "everyone" is smart. I always love it when my sister (who doesn't have children) rolls her eyes at something my kids do, knowing that she's thinking her kids would never do that. Ugh. Someday, she'll learn! ;o)

  30. 43


    Parenting is hard, but not as hard as marriage!!!

    My first born is a boy. He is 10 and doesn't mind being clean.

    My second born is a boy and is by far much more of a drama king than my daughter ever has been!!!

    Isn't it fun discovering all of their differences!?

  31. 44


    Parenting is extremely hard and just when I think I have something figured out the kids switch it up on me. It is definitely an adventure.

  32. 45


    Way too funny. WE have had the nightly YOU MUST TAKE A SHOWER LECTURE/MONOLOGUE with our 12 year old GERMAPHOBE son (not an exaggeration) for about the last two years. And he still doesn't get it. It is pure TORTURE for him every night and yet he still is not convinced that showering is a good thing. :-)

  33. 47


    I can SO relate to your comment about your girls' Master's degrees. That line is classic! :) The recent gold medal must make you feel reassured that you're doing a great job – what an honor to be recognized by his peers!

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