We are THAT family Carnival & Blogoversary

I wanted to share a doozy of a story with you that would leave NO DOUBT that we are in fact THAT family…you know the ones. But, my life has been strangely normal lately. 

Because surely my toddler discovering she could actually PUT things in the two little nose holes, also called nostrils, this week doesn’t really qualify me.  It turns out that the blue noise putty hidden in my son’s room has many uses, including but not limited to, shoving them into your brain, followed by tiny bits of toilet paper.
Her snot is still blue.
And while I’m retrieving paper from my daughter’s nose with tweezers, it’s probably completely normal for my out-of-town hubby to call from the airport to let me know he found a lost sippy cup in his travel bag. He discovered it because the sour milk EXPLODED from the pressure of air travel, causing many to question the foul odor. Yep, just an ordinary day.
Every week I receive emails from other moms staying “We are THAT family too.” I’ve laughed and taken comfort (at your expense, of course) reading of your embarrassing and real life moments. I think there’s a little bit of THAT family in all of us.  It seemed fitting to provide a central gathering place to share our moments. And since I’m celebrating my 2 year blogoversary this week, I giving away TEN prizes to TEN carnival linkers!
Most days, I feel good about who we are and where we’re heading as a family. But I’ll be the first to admit, sometimes when my toddler lets out her ear-piercing scream or we end up in the emergency room more than once in a weekend, I want a disguise!

There. That’s better. Hmm…..I wonder who that woman is?
So my neighbor, friend and baker-extradonaire, Bake at 350 is providing a Grand Prize for TWO lucky participants with a dozen (each) mustache-shaped cookies!! 
Here we are incognito:
And, since it’s my party and I can do what I want, I’m not stopping there!
One lucky winner will win a custom necklace from The Vintage Pearl: ($40 value):
One lucky winner will win a gorgeous Life pitcher for your sweet tea (my sweet tea taste even better is this delicious piece of art from Dayspring: ($25 value):
One lucky winner will win a $100 Blogger blog design (The Works) by my friend Jo-Lynne owner of DCRDesign!!
One lucky winner will win a $25 gift certificate to Back 40 Life, an adorable vinyl lettering store.
Scalloped Initial Wall Vinyl Decal
Three lucky winners will win customized holiday cards (jpeg form, you can print them at places like Sam’s, Costco, WalMart, etc) from the lovely gal at Butterfly Sparks! ($15 value, each)
Select card :: Purchase below :: Email photos & wording :: Voila!
And one lucky winner will have their choice of a set (5) binky leashes of 2 sets of mitten clips from Mommie of 4 Munchkins
Lot of Five (5) Pacifier Clips Binky Holders NUK MAM Soothie Gumdrop Avent and More

Whew! Happy 2nd blogging day to me! (MckLinky will close at midnight Thursday night and all winners will be announced on Friday! Make sure you check back in!)

It’s your turn. I can’t wait to read your stories (if you’ve written a post in the past, link it up)!
P.S. The 30,000th comment is getting closer and closer!!!


  1. 2


    Looking forward to getting some laughs tomorrow when I read everyone's contributions!

    And, btw, you make sour milk exploding in luggage sound so … manageable. I'd blow a gasket! 😉

  2. 7

    Anonymous says

    I can't seem to comment with my new web address on open ID. Oh well.

    Well, I have totally enjoyed getting to know you through your blog. It's been fun. I love WFMW's and I have totally enjoyed watching you dress up like a cow to get free sweet tea! I true Texan!

    Keep up the fun and lively blog and I look for to your 3rd year!

    So now that I've kissed up can I win a prize. LOL! Just kidding!

    Anita from

  3. 10


    Happy anniversary to you :)
    I love reading about "that family"!

    I have one child and I THINK, so far, we are NOT "that family". But who knows, I could be wrong!!

  4. 15


    Happy Happy Blog Birthday!! Your blog is so fun Kristen, how lucky Bridget is to live next door to you (and you to her!)

    Awesome prizes!! Congrats again!!


  5. 18


    Happy 2 year Blogoversary!! All these stories are killing me!

    Your putting-putty-in-nose story reminded me of when my 4yo put a pea in his nose at dinner, and proceeded to shoot it out! Good Times! Thanks for giving us a place to feel normal–whatever that is. :)

  6. 19


    Your prizes are great but finding your blog is even better! Your toddler sounds a lot like my granddaughter (not only a pip but clutzy–her nickname is "Stumbalina"). The sippy cup exploding made me SMCO (spit my coffee out from laughing). Best wishes and I will enjoy reading your blog!

  7. 20


    Happy Anniversary on your 2nd year! You have a great blog and I enjoy all your post. Oh, your daughter is not the only one to discover the hidden caves of the nostrils, I was once THAT child who decided to stuff a eraser off those big pencils..back in the day… up my nose. It wasn't discovered until 5 or so years later. I was known as the child with the foreign object up her nose in the hospital!

    Blessing and may you have another great year blogging!

  8. 23


    Happy Blogoversary!!! Thank you for giving me just the inspiration I needed to post the story I did! Your blog is a hoot!!! Your prizes are so generous. Thank you for the opportunity! Joy and Blessings to you and your.

  9. 25


    Happy Blogoversary! And thanks for hosting a forum where I can find comfort knowing other moms are dealing with the same unbelievable scenarios that I do!

  10. 27


    I left the link to one of my craziest stories, even though it is an old post. I love this blog! What a great idea to celebrate. Congrats on 2 years of blogging!

  11. 29


    I love to follow you and Bake at 350. You guys keep my morning lively. i unfortunately don't have any children but have 3 nephews who can definitely make life interesting. Look forward to hearing more about ya'ls exploits. darlabeck(at)yahoo(dot)com

  12. 30


    What fun! I had a great time writing about my most embarrassing moment. I look forward to reading about everyone else's moments – they're what make life interesting, after all. :)

  13. 35


    Happy Blogversary! Thanks for sharing the bounty of your popularity. Maybe today will be a day with no "THAT Family" moments. Or at least minimal ones.

  14. 36


    unfortunately i dont have a story to tell. we don't do much as a family because our son doesn't know how to behave in public… but it's awesome to read all the other peoples stories. 😀

  15. 41


    Wow. Seriously, right after writing the previous comment, I went to the kitchen for a snack. Dutifully, I bypassed the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies on the stove, the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip birthday cookies on the counter, and even the leftover pizza. I took a container of yogurt out of the fridge and peeled off the top…well, I tried anyway. A small sliver suddenly peeled away by itself, flinging yogurt onto my black top. Sighing, I pulled off the rest of the lid and attempted to use my free hand to hold open the trashcan and toss the lid inside. Instead, the lid bounced off the trashcan and landed yogurt-side-down on the floor. I should've just gone for the chocolate.

    Oh yes, we are THAT family…or I am, all by myself. LOL

  16. 44


    Wow…too many good prizes! I need to get crackalackin' on THAT post to link up!! How long do we have? Is it just open today?? Did you already say THAT and I just didn't follow instructions?? Must run in THAT…I mean OUR family.:)

  17. 45


    Happy Blogoversary! What a fun carnival…I love reading about all your family's mishaps!

    Please note that I had to enter my link twice. For some reason, my Disqus comments were malfunctioning on my post, so I had to delete it and repost. Anyway, #79 is a bad link, so it can be removed. #81 is my actual post. Thanks!

  18. 57


    Congrats on 2 years! My blog is 2 later this month :)

    FYI: spiral mac-n-cheese fits up a little nostril just perfectly, too. My middle child demonstrated this trick for us one day at lunch.

  19. 58


    Wow – great giveaways! Thank you! Some very funny stories through all the links – thanks for giving us a place to share our less than perfect families 😉

  20. 61


    I couldn't find the post about the week that we had one bloody his nose and fall and need stitches and the other cut her own hair–it's back there somewhere though! So I created a blooper pics blog just for you guys! We are definitely THAT kind of family too! Thanks for reminding us that we're not alone. P.S. I love your header!

  21. 63


    Happy Blogaversary!! Happy Bloggy-B-Day! And keep 'em coming girl. Talk about laughing at someone else's expense…you help me with that. Except those days that I am trenching right there with you and thinking you need hugs and chocolates!

  22. 65


    I have had fun reading some of the posts and love spending my coffee breaks on your blog! I have had to pass on 'playing along' with some of the linking themes in the past, so today I decided to start a 3rd blog where I could play along when themes did not fit my other blogs. Today was my inaugural posting… as you are celebrating 2 years. Congrats!!

  23. 67


    I really need to learn that when I get behind in blog reading…I should NOT get behind in reading your blog. Missed most contests this week, but thanks for the chance to win this one.

    Congratulations on two years.

  24. 69


    C'mon "Back 40" prize! LOL

    Yogurt update: I got a cup for my son an hour or two after my own snack debacle. When I opened the lid…yep, it burped up yogurt bits onto my black shirt. Again. Sigh.

  25. 72


    Happy Anniversary! I laughed at the exploding milk story – airport security missed that explosive hazzard.

    Thanks for helping us all laugh through the fun years of parenting. My baby is celebrating his 5th birthday today, and I am already starting to miss some of those toddler "That Family" moments – As we enter the teen years with our oldest, I'm hoping/praying that unexplained objects up the nose still look like a major issue!

  26. 74


    Happy 2nd Anniversary!! I LOVE your blog — someday when my blog "grows up," I hope I'm half as good as you are! (And as a former Texas girl — before being transplanted to the frozen tundra of the Northeast — your sweet tea posts remind me so much of home.)

  27. 77


    I literally laughed out loud when I read your story (people use "lol" too much when they don't actually lol…), as it reminds me of a similar one in our house. Just a couple days ago my four year-old daughter was in her bed for rest time. My husband heard her start to freak out a little through the baby monitor, so he went to go see what was up. She had pushed some kleenex up her nose to catch the boogers, and then the piece of kleenex broke off. Then she sniffed in her little freakout, and the kleenex disappeared somewhere up in her noggin. It took them a while to get it out (especially because she started laughing uncontrollably when he told her that the nose and mouth are connected, so maybe it'll come out of her mouth), but they finally managed to locate and retrieve the rogue chunk of wet kleenex. Disaster somewhat averted?

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