We’ve been doing the Dave Ramsey plan for a couple of years now. (If you’re not familiar with his financial genius, this is a fantastic get-out-of-debt-save-your-pennies plan).
For a while, we’ve been tucking away dollars and cents. My dream has been to take my kids back to Disneyworld. I was hunting around the Internet a month or two ago and just for fun, searched “last minute Disney cruises” because first of all, I’m fun and second of all, I like to live on the wild side. Just call me Goofy. Hehe.
Well, lo and behold, I found something. There were only a couple of spots left and it was deeply discounted (like 70%). Plus, my toddler doesn’t turn 3 for a few more weeks, so she’s practically free.  It’s sailing the week of Thanksgiving.
And in SEVEN days (after an extremely long road trip) we’ll be on it (squeeeeelllll) because we’re opening our Christmas cruise present early!
Unless we get The Swine Flu. Or scabies. I think we can still go with lice. But I might need to check.
Basically, barring a major health crisis and a severe THAT family disaster (which sadly isn’t even that far-fetched these days), we’ll be dining with Mickey and eating butter shaped like his head.
I’ll be scheduling some posts while we’re gone and will update with pictures of me weeping at the site of Cinderella (because she’s totally real) when we return.
But mainly, I just wanted y’all to know that dreams do come true.
And piggy banks totally rock.
This will be our first family cruise, any tips? 
Back to reality~
Waking up to clearance Halloween masks is very scary.
But the mask really does bring out the blue in Cinderella’s eyes. Dontchathink?

P.S. Did you know bad guys like waffles? They are people too.

P.S.S. I’m closing this giveaway Monday afternoon, don’t forget to enter. TWO winners will get this great kid-loving gift!


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    SQUEAL! I am excited for you. We took our kids on their first cruise this summer. It wasn't a Disney cruise, mind you, but they had the time of their life and can't wait to do another one!

    You will have a BLAST!! And probably several THAT family moments. Just keepin' it real. :-)

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    I have one little cruising tip. Whatever city it is that you are in right before you board the ship, find the nearest store and buy a big pack of water bottles and stash them anywhere you can fit in suitcases. Because on our last cruise, they wanted to charge us $75 for a 24-pack of water!!

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    How exciting for you guys! That's so fun!! And I love Dave Ramsey's principles – aren't you glad you are cruising guilt free because you aren't going into debt for it. Aweseome! Enjoy your early xmas present!!

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    Good for you! We love Dave Ramsey at our house too.

    One tip, if you have a tendency to get sea sick, get the patch that you can put behind your ear for nauseau. We found out that the non-drowsy dramamine isn't necessarily NON-drowsy…and it was our honeymoon!

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    How fun! We love cruising- I REALLY want to take a Disney cruise one day! I hear they are just fabulous.

    You should head over to for lots of EXCELLENT tips and advice. There's a Disney Cruise board as well as one for family cruises. They can answer any questions you might possibly have about your cruise. I promise it's well worth your time.

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    We love Dave Ramsey as well. Gotta do those baby steps. As for cruises, I've been on 4 but none of them Disney. If you are addicted to caffeine in the form of soda like we are, be sure to buy the soda package that they offer when you first get on the boat. For like $35 they'll put a little sticker on your cruise pass and you can get "free" soda everywhere on board. If you don't each drink will cost about $3 and it adds up quickly.

    Also, I love the food and the fact that if you don't like it, just send it back and order something else. Heck, you can order every single thing on the menu if you want. It's all included!

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    SO FUN! We wouldn't consider ourselves the "cruising type" (usually don't go for the all inclusive, group-type things) but just got back from our third Disney Cruise and are planning another a couple of years from now. The shows are great, everything is family oriented, Disney just knows how to do family fun!

    Visit for lots of fun Disney Cruise tips and inside scoop. The people that post over there are absolute Disney fanatics but they share lots of great info.

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    I got to see the first Disney cruise ship BEFORE it's first sailing. Ever since then, I've wanted to take a cruise, but have never had the chance. I'm envious. I hope you have a great time, though! I've heard that they are a really fun trip!

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    You will have a blast. The kids will really love the kids section on the boat. I felt very safe leaving my kids there. We took our own colaspable cooler with us with drinks so we didn't have to pay the high prices on board. Make sure you and hubby book your dinner at the adult only restaurant early. You might be able to do that online. That place will fill up quickly! And If you plan it right, you can book it on the day where you will be dining in the sunset..

    Definitely check out the disboards.. I spent months on that forum before we actually sailed and got tons of helpful tips!

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    I am not sure if I have commented or not here before, but I have been following your blog for a while and really enjoy it. I am Mom of 2 ages 6 and 4.

    We went in January this year and are going again the coming January! Loved it! I would suggest two things, one is that the character meet and greets are worth it. We usually showed up in the designated spot 15 minutes early. We had to wait 15 minutes, but we were generally first or second in line. Much better than waiting in the LONG line once it formed.
    Also we purchased a photo autograph book on the cruise so that she would not have just a random book with signatures. Instead she has an autograph and when we got home we inserted pictures with her and that character next to it. You are so crafty you might be able to make your own at home before you go. One idea that was really cool was someone had brought fabric squares and markers with them and had each character sign a square. She was making it into a quilt after for her granddaughter.

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    Anonymous says

    I have a couple of more practical cruising tips. First, in our cabins we have been electrical-outlet poor, so I always pack along a power bar. That way you have room to charge all those ipods, Nintendos, etc and still plug in your curling iron! Also, I take along one of those cheap over-the-door shoe pocket thingies. It works great to hang on the outside of the bathroom door for sunglasses, sunscreen, kids shoes, your keycards, etc. Oh, and I love lanyards – punch the kids' keys with a hole punch and then they can wear it themselves on a lanyard. Enjoy…. we have had so much fun cruising as a family but have not yet been on a Disney cruise. They look AMAZING!

    Sandi in Saskatchewan, Canada

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    One year my daughter went trick or treating in THE $85 Cinderella dress her grandma bought for her. However, my daughter added vampire teeth. It was HILARIOUS! All the old people who answered the door would look at her adoringly, and once she opened her mouth they appeared to be thinking, "WHY??" The younger adults thought she was a hoot :-)

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    You better believe that Cinderella's real! I cried the first time I went to Disney World and saw the castle. It was just too surreal that *we were there*!

    Have lots n lots n lots of fun on your cruise!

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    Have fun! I love cruises, I think they are the best bang for your vacation buck. I am dreaming of the day we take our crew to Disneyworld, and Dave is helping us get there.

  15. 26


    You will have soooo much fun, and I look forward to reading all about it. We haven't been on a Disney cruise, but we love WDW, and not just because our older daughter is a cast member.

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    Wow… that is so great!! A Disney cruise… I always thought that would be so neat! I wonder if couples go if they don't have kids.. hmm?? 😉 I hope you have a great trip and can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!!

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    We love to cruise! It is the only way to vacation, in our opinion. Check out the boards at for tips. Anything you might want to know is there.

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    HELLO!!congrats…we're heading to the WORLD in february for the first time…yippeee…

    through which method did you get a deal for a short notice cruise…was it web site or travel agent..if you don't mind letting me know..?? thanks…

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    2 years ago my family and i (at the time a 2yr. old and a 5mo. old) went on the disney cruise over thanksgiving week. it was AMAZING! the best vacation we have ever been on, and it included the in-laws AND a trip to the emergency room for me and the 2yr. old at our first port. still the BEST vacation ever!! hope you have a great time!

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    Oh my goodness! I am so happy for you guys! That is the dream vacation to take my kids on.

    We have also been following Dave Ramsey's plan for about a year and half now. We have definitely fallen off the rocker a few times but are really trying to buckle down again. Baby emergency fund is funded again and the first credit card will be paid off by the end of January. Our Christmas budget is VERY small so sticking to it will be difficult but I am going to try really hard to do it.

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