DIYP-Beaded Utensils

  • Stainless steel serving utensil w/hole in the top
  • 20-gauge silver craft wire
  • various beads of choice.  I like glass beads.
  • Wire cutters or heavy duty kitchen scissors to cut wire
  • Jewelry pliers

Detailed instructions here
(I use my beaded spoon to stir my sweet tea. For Christmas, I’m giving my Mom and Mother-in-law the Life pitcher and this platter. 

I LOVE this line from Dayspring so much! It makes me happy to use it and to give it. And, it’s on sale right now. The Life Collection is 15% off, just in time for holiday shopping!)
Here are some gift ideas I love (for kids):
Kid’s Meals -such a creative idea
Handmade Ornaments-I love these!
P.S. Come back later today for the PERFECT gift idea from your kids-for that hard to buy for person (Yes, Mom, I’m talking about you-but don’t come back and see what you might be getting for Christmas!) Oh, and I’m giving TWO of them away!


  1. 13


    With office potlucks and church functions coming up, I went to Dollar Tree and got some of the $1 serving pieces to make these! What a great idea, and so quick and easy to do….

    Thanks so much!

  2. 15


    Thanks for linking to my kids' meals! I read your blog on Friday and completely missed that you were linking to Of Such is the Kingdom! Thanks!

  3. 16


    I love these so much you would not believe it!!!

    I love it when I can use crafts I love in a different way to make gifts.

    I make jewelery, and have lots of great beads which will be perfect for this.

    If I make any, I promise to share them and link to you.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. 19

    Vanessa says

    About that pitcher – This may be a long shot – but my grandma, who is very special to me, gave me that pitcher a few years ago and I just broke mine last night. I can’t find it for sale anywhere, but if there is someone on here who ordered one and has one and would be willing to sell it to me, I would be so very grateful! Please help if you are willing! God bless!

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