1. 7

    Lisa says

    Maybe for Christmas, santa could bring casters for the stool – not sure who that gift would be for, though (you or her).

  2. 22

    rhonda says

    I thought for sure she was headed for the dog bowls (either for a splash or a snack). I'm glad I was wrong:-)

    Enjoy your time off!

  3. 24

    Rachel from KCMO says

    How wonderful that such simple things entertain the young! I like the suggestions on getting earplugs, felt circles, and (BEST!) casters, but I am willing to bet a nickle tht the noise is at least half the pleasure she gets from this 'activity!' Glad you are in a Happy Place right now! The Happiest, right!?

  4. 25

    Anonymous says

    Reminds me of my dog and his favorite squeaky rat. He will squeak this rat at all hours of the night, just to make sure it's still there.

  5. 28

    Anonymous says

    May I suggest buying 4 tennis balls, cutting one slit in each ball, and placing one on each leg of the stool? Her ride will be so much smoother, and your ears will thank you!

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