Pamela Posch Designs {Giveaway}

*UPDATED Congratulations to the two winners: Molly of The Daily Diaper and QA Mom!!Everybody else: Go to Pamela Posch Designs and get Free Shipping on order over $50  AND Wristlet buy one get one 1/2 off ****You need to add “We are that family” in the notes to seller at check out.

What is it about custom embroidery that makes us girls squeal?
Is it just me? Or do you guys talk in an annoying baby voice when you see a kute widdle tiny winy tee shirt with a darling embroidered design? Okay, that may just be me.
But, seriously, Pamela Posch Designs is amazing: 
FREE PERSONALIZATION Gobble Gobble Turkey Thanksgiving Applique Tee T  Shirt Boys or Girls FREE SHIPPING

PERSONALIZED FREE Reindeer Christmas Red Nose Rudolph Applique Tee T  Shirt Boys or Girls FREE SHIPPING
Tell me these aren’t ADORABLE…I dare you.

And there’s more, much more, like these key fobs:
Design your own Wristlet Key Fob Personalized Monogrammed Custom
Personalized Green with White Polka Dots Tote Bag Monogrammed
She sent me a grab bag of adorable items to review. My review: other than serious baby-talking? Yum. Loved it all.
Well. I’m probably going to be talking in a baby voice THE REST OF THE DAY. I just can’t help myself.
Go to Pamela Posch Designs, tell me what you like and leave your comment here as your entry. TWO $25 gift certificates are up for grabs! Plus if you place an order,

Free Shipping on order over $50  AND

Wristlet buy one get one 1/2 off ****You need to add “We are that family” in the notes to seller at check out.

This giveaway ends this weekend.


  1. 7


    I like the "By the Sea" wristlet. I think my husband would like it too…he gets very annoyed with me when I lose my keys! The ones for teachers are neat, too!

  2. 10


    Nope, I am squealing! Love embroidery. Also love that adorable girl's apron! I know my daughter would be squealing if she got it in her Christmas stocking!

  3. 12


    Love the travel mug, love the orange dot key fob, and i'd love to give some of those burp cloths as gifts (that's a gift i often give!) since we're done with burp cloths around here!

  4. 14


    OH MY GOODNESS! I wish I would have seen that pink turkey shirt in time for Thanksgiving! I'm getting it for next year. But I just HAVE to have that Reindeer shirt for Christmas pictures!

    And maybe a travel mug for mom too! :)

  5. 15


    Ok…the chocolate placemat purse…seriously…put chocolate polka dots with blue and texture and adorable embroidery…yeah. i'm there. :) i need to be your online shopping buddy. sign me up!

  6. 22


    Oh my! How cute!! I will list a few of my favs…

    Paisley Design Flower shaped storage

    Red Toile and Black Check Purse Handbag

    Fruit Salad Girls Crayon Art Apron Embroidered Custom

    I love that it's not too expensive!!

  7. 23


    While I love the strawberry burpcloth, I am still enamored with that pink turkey! Who would have thought that a pink turkey could look so cute!! Well done!

  8. 29


    Love the reindeer shirts…and that they have girl and boy reindeer. How cute would that be with all three of my kids in those for a Christmas picture?


  9. 31


    oh my goodness, i wish i would have found her etsy store before now! i would have loved to order a pink turkey shirt for my baby girl! and the reindeer shirts are adorable!!! that's what i would get.

  10. 34


    I'm squealing! Oh how I love monogrammed things! I have been looking for a new diaper bag and th green and white polka dot one you hightlighted would be perfect for the spring and summer!

  11. 35


    I gasped when I saw the polka-dot bag on your post. It has my younger daughter's initials and is colors she would LOVE!
    On the website, I have to say that I love the personalized tote bag and the key fobs for myself.
    It would be hard to decide what to get if I win, but I'm sure I could manage.
    So cute!

  12. 37


    Ohhh I wish I wouldn't see these wonderful shops full of such yummy things while I'm so BROKE!!!

    This lady is talented, and her things are so cute!
    That little ribbon turkey tee shirt is so creative and cute!
    Plus those key fobs are adorable, and of course I love anything personalized.

  13. 48


    I love everything. I especially like the apron, the green polka dot tote and the girls flip flops. It is so hard to choose a favorite. :)

  14. 50

    C.Thompson says

    In that teeny high pitched voice…ADORABLE. The key fobs are great and would make some great Christmas gifts. I also love the reindeer shirts.

  15. 56


    The shirts are cute, but not my style. They look best on everyone else. :)

    I do like the key fobs and the tote. There's nothing like a unique keychain to keep this girl happy!

  16. 63


    Love the floral wristlet. I looks just like the Anna Griffin paper we used for our wedding invitations! I also secretly heart the turkey onesie, kinda makes me want to squish my preschooler back into a onesie cause its too stinkin cute!

  17. 70


    I Love the little girls apron and the initial tote! What adorable Christmas gift ideas!! I am definitely going to be ordering from her this season.

  18. 75


    I'd love to get my niece a reindeer shirt, and I'd get a key fob! The key fob would be for a gift, if I could talk myself into not getting it for me! 😉
    Thanks for the giveaway. :)

  19. 81


    Don't worry – it's not just you – I get a little high pitched when I see ANYTHING that is adorable! LOL!

    I really like the reversible fabric headbands! They are so cute!

  20. 82


    Love love love this stuff! I could spend a fortune – water bottle koozies (brilliant!), key fobs, PINK turkey shirts, aprons, travel coffee mug! I want everything!

  21. 96


    Everything is so cute! How do you choose?? I think I would have to get a bag of some sort. They are super cute! I love the red toille with black gingham bag. What a great giveaway!

  22. 97


    I suppose I'm talking like you, too, now! I can't even stand how cute that apron is!!! The reindeer shirt is too precious and my keys would be so much cuter (and easier to find!) if I had a fun key fob!!

  23. 98


    Everything is so adorable… but I love the red toile and the black gingham bags….. I love bags of all shapes and sizes.

    Thank you for a chance to win!

  24. 112


    Chocolate placemat handbag is too cute!!
    Love the hair bow organizer, and I'd love to bless my cousin with a personalized onsie for her about to be born baby boy. :)


  25. 116


    I need another bag like I need a hole in my head, but I can't resist the practicality blended with the personalization. And I am coveting a key fob of my own.

  26. 119


    the wristlet key fobs are adorable (it's debatable, but orange dot might be my favorite) and i also love the red toile and black purse.
    thanks for the giveaway!

  27. 124

    Erica says

    Can I love it ALL? I really want the red toile purse, reindeer shirt and whale onsie and burp cloth. Too, too cute!!!

  28. 132

    Anonymous says

    I love love love the mouse pads and key chain holders! As someone who ofter loses their keys deep in their purse I would love a chance at one of these!


    Jordan J*

  29. 133


    I'm having a baby boy in Feb. (baby #3 – surprise!). I'd love to have a burb cloth &/or onesie with his name. Thanks for the chance to win.

  30. 135


    Ok. Lets see. I like the girl's crayon apron and personalized hairbands. I LOVE the turkey and reindeers! LUV them!! Wish I had the turkey shirt for this year. Will have to get the reindeer if I win.

    Have a blessed day.

  31. 139


    These are so adorable. I like them all. My two favorites are probably the ones you showed, the turkey on shirts and the reindeer on shirts. There was a really cute hippo on a shirt, too :) She is one talented lady.

  32. 145


    I *NEED* some of these! Love her designs and ideas… especially the super cute embroidered/appliqued items. Thanks for sharing her stuff with us. Top of my wish list: embroidered wristlet key fob that will double as a bag tag for my gym workouts. 😀

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