When Dreams Come True {Giveaway}

*UPDATED* Congratulations to Cheryl! (Her dream is to “Relax” -she must be a Mom!) I corrected the bad link to Mela’s site, please make sure you visit, enjoy her music and follow your dream!
What is your dream?
I think everyone has one. Some are pursued with vigor and confidence, some hidden deep within, while others are buried under the ashes of regret and disappointment.
But everyone has one. A dream.
Lean in close and I’ll whisper mine in your ear: I want to author a book. I’ve faced a lot, A LOT of rejections, but it’s still there. My dream.

Well. I want to introduce you to someone who made their dream come true: Mela Kamin.
I’ll let her tell you in her own words: 
This is my debut CD. I co-wrote all the songs, recorded in Nashville with some

amazing musicians, after just a year of making the decision to step out in faith
and use my gifts in this way. I didn’t grow up going to church or singing in choirs.
I never sang a song in front of an audience (besides at my grandparents’ funerals)
until last year. All this happened because I overcame fear, watched God open
BIG doors and I walked boldly through, trusting Him to lead the way.

I now travel and share my stories and songs about how big God’s plans are for us.
My husband, Greg & I started 4:10 Ministries based on 1 Peter 4:10: “Each one
should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering
God’s grace in its various forms.” We work to encourage people to discover, accept,
use and celebrate their unique gifts.”

Mela sent me a copy of her CD to listen to and a couple of her cute t-shirts.

And do you know how I felt after I listened to it? Inspired.  

I’m not about to give up on my dream. Neither should you.

Would you like to win a copy of Mela’s new CD and a cute shirt for you and your child ($55 value)? Visit her site, come back here and whisper your dream if you dare (or just leave a comment) and that will be your entry!

This giveaway ends on Saturday.


  1. 5


    An attainable dream I have is to get to heaven! The roads in this lifetime are bumpy, curvy, and steep, but the day I get to heaven, will make lifes roads worth living through!


  2. 6


    Link wouldn't work for me – but I'll try googling her. just surviving and getting through each day is the best i can do for now. i do dream of healing, returning to work, saving and owning my own home but at this stage i can't even begin to imagiane how to make them happen.

  3. 7


    Link would not work for me. My dream is to one day have my son's epilepsy under control. Then we would like to travel and help those that have faced the trial that we have faced. There is a lot of information out the about epilepsy and living a "normal" life, but not much out there about uncontrolled epilepsy. Someday, I hope that I will be able to write a book about our journey. Even if the book is just for our family…I want to write it.

    pscole3467 at gmail dot com

  4. 10


    This CD sounds great! (I couldn't get the link to work either though) My dream is to write a children's book! I hope you write your book soon . . .

  5. 15


    i couldn't get the link to work, but I have visited her site before! :)

    just one of the dreams I have: I want to work in installing water filters in developing nations, such as Honduras, etc.

    I've had this dream for about 2 years, and while its on hold right now while my children are young…I think it would be a great way to spend my vacations when they get older!

  6. 17


    Her music is beautiful! My dream is to be content where I am – wherever the Lord has me. I struggle with a restless soul, but I know that the Lord has me here for a reason…

  7. 19


    I only had to listen to the first few lines of the song I Pray on the video to know I would absolutely LOVE this CD. The shirts are adorable too!

    I have a dream of using my God given talents (creativity and art) to bless others and leave a legacy my daughters would be proud of.


  8. 20


    One of my Dreams is to get a book published….It is with the agent NOW and she is talking to publishers!! Maybe soon…If not, I will "Keep On, Keeping On" toward my dream!

  9. 28


    The link wouldn't work, but this looks like a great giveaway. One little silly dream I have had is to learn to play the guitar. I have many other big dreams and prayers for my family and life, but the guitar is something I have wanted to do for years.

  10. 33


    I haven't shared this with very many people…but my dream is to do foster care for infants. Most people think we are crazy but for some reason God has laid this desire on our hearts. But it's a dream because we don't qualify at the moment because my husband has been out of work for 6 months and we are losing our home. I guess my dream should be for more practical things like a job, a home, food, clothing for my children, but nope, the dream is to do foster care.

    God moves in mysterious ways in the heart.

  11. 35

    Djfshop says

    I could not get the link to work for me. My dreams? I dream always. I pray to become closer to God each day and that this will lead me to His desires for me.

  12. 36


    The link did not work for me.

    My dream within myself is to raise happy healthy children who grow up to make positive contributions to whatever they're involved in.

    My other dream is to someday be able to travel to Europe.

  13. 38


    Hello all – first of all, I'm very grateful to have been honored through this giveaway and introduced to all of you. You can go to my website at melakamin.com or indieheaven.com to hear all the songs, see videos and read more about my journey. Thanks and have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  14. 39


    Wow, what a wonderful story! I have a couple dreams…to have more children, to start an organization to help others and to author a children's book :-) Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. 41


    I really enjoyed the song "Summer in My Soul". Even in the grey, foggy "winter" here in central California I can have "Summer in My Soul".

    My dream is to see my 8 year old son with autism grow up to be independent and have a full, happy life. I would also love to see my life as an artist (painter) really come "to life".

  16. 42


    A major dream of mine is to adopt through the foster care system. Its getting more attainable, as next month we'll become certified foster parents. We'd love to add more children to our current 3. A second dream to help with the first would be to add on to our 3 bedroom house.

  17. 48


    Dreams – to go on a family vacay w/o the worry of coming home to debt.

    Sweet Dreams – that my children will wait for the "perfect Godly" spouse.

    Pleasant Dreams – that my children would live close to me when they grow older and really really want to still spend time with us.

    Oh…for myself…I'd love to have those handmaidens the Proverbs 31 lady has…

  18. 49


    Wow…. that is a great question and one I have not been challenged with since becoming a stay-at-home mom almost 5 years ago. I will have to think on it for a while. Can't wait to hear her music.

  19. 51


    My dream is to become debt free so that I can quit my job and be a full time mom and wife. My dream is not be stressed and overwhelmed from being pulled in 8273 different directions. My dream is to be able focus on being a woman/wife/mom that honors God.

  20. 53


    Unfortunately, the link didn't work for me. But someday, I'd like to run a marathon. That's been my dream for years, and I'm finally doing something to make it happen. Running my first 5k in December!

  21. 56


    Right now my dram is to help my children reach theirs. My oldest son's is to play for the NFL. I said he was born during Monday night football, one of his first words was football and he is now 14 and still his love of football just keeps increasing.
    My Oldest daughter want to go to the Olympics for gymnastics! In Jan she is going to Iowa to compete at Shawn Johnsons gym! She is so excited.
    My second daughter want to be an Author and Singer.
    My second son is only 6 but he likes to break dance! He want to be a singer?dancer like Toby Mac!
    So I am busy supporting and encouraging them not to give up on their dreams!

  22. 58


    I think God is trying to tell me something about my dream and His will….I've been talking about my dream w/my bff, my mom, my kids and my hubby and last Sunday our pastor talked about dreams. Then I come read about Mela's dream and how God gave her the strength and courage to persue it. And your dream of writing a book…you should totally do it!

    The dream I've had for as long as I can remember is to be a physical therapist. After high school, I went to college to persue it, but got derailed by life. Now, 17 years later, I'm praying about what God wants me to do and taking the necessary steps to realize that dream.

    I'll be praying for you and your dream!

  23. 59


    My most pressing dream (it trumps all others) is to raise my family in righteousness with strong testimonies. With three boys, I definitely pray.

    sarahrebeccachapman at gmail dot com.

    Thanks so much for your blog. It's nice to know there is a community of Christians who are THAT family.

  24. 60


    Her link did not work :o(

    But my dream? To raise my children (9) to be thoughtful, independent, loving & strong Christians.

    Hope you are having a BLAST!!!

  25. 62


    As you have already guessed the link isn't working:). I will come back and check later but for now my dream "to own a coffee shop aimed at mothers, you know a play area, relaxing music, kid and adult friendly food and drinks. A place where mothers can feel welcome to come and let their kids play for as long as they like"

  26. 63


    Wow!! Inspiring indeed!!! My dream is for us to be debt-free, and more financially secure so that my husband wouldn't want me to go back to work. I pray you get YOUR dream! Blessings!

  27. 64


    My dream is making baby blankets for foster kids and other kids in desperate situations.

    I can already see parts of the dream falling into place – I can sense that this will be coming reality sometime soon.

  28. 65


    My Dream : Children! Shortly after I was married I was was told It was unlikely that I would be able to have children and if by chance I did get pregnant it was pretty sure that I would miscarry before delivery. I was embarrased and devasted and blamed God for awhile. God worked in my life though and I got things right with him and this past year starting looking into the adoption process. Well God had other plans! 4 months ago we found out I was pregant :) Im not out of the woods yet and daily have to rely on God for strength and trust Him. So my dream to have children is coming true! We still want to adopt but have currently put that on hold to see what is going on with this precious miracle growing inside of me!! Dont give up on your dreams and pray for God to show you opputunities to acheive them!

  29. 68


    I went to melakamin.com and listened to her song "I Pray". What a pretty voice and an inspiring story. My dream is to work full time in ministry beside my wonderful husband, who has yet to accept the Lord.

  30. 69


    My greatest wish is just that my kids will grow up to love Jesus more than anything or anyone else. If I can accomplish that, I think that is the greatest gift I could receive. (But the CD and short would be nice to :OP)

  31. 70


    I have many….

    The one that just won't go away….is to write and speak for women!

    Another is to bless other's financially that are struggling (much like my own family).

    I could go on and on…..

  32. 74


    Mmm, so many dreams. The practical (get financially responsible and stable), the impractical but big dream (make a CD much like Mela did — I don't have to be famous, but I'd love to inspire and do something I absolutely LOVE everyday), the spiritual (be that Godly wife, mom, and person I should be but that I'm not quite reaching my full potential with), etc. Dreams abound.

  33. 76


    I couldn't open the link, but love the chocolate t-shirt shown in your post. My current dream is to run a marathon. A dream growing up was to become an orthopedic surgeon, but I chose to be a stay-at-home-mom instead (don't regret it, but the dream is still tucked way back). Maybe some day my dreams will come true!

  34. 78


    My dream is to become a nurse. After years of thinking i'd never be able to hack it, I decided to give it a shot. I'm not going to lie and say its easy, but my husband and my kids are there pushing me all the way!

  35. 82


    My dream is to be in a place where we can help others like we have been helped the past year as my husband lost his job and is still looking for one!! God is so good!

  36. 83


    i have two big ones. one to have kids one day. not trying yet, we're getting there.
    second is to become a photographer of some sort. not really for the money aspect, more for myself. i want to be able to capture great shots and moments that become memories and emotions on film {well, on the computer anyway, nobody uses film anymore}.

  37. 89


    Other than living on and working our own family farm that we can pass down to our kids (like some others here), I have one dream I've been working toward realizing….

    I've just started my own business selling aprons, bags, other household type stuff that's handmade by me; as well as a children's line of goods. I want this business to take off and be a total success which will allow us to bless others.

    My business name is Bayou Kitchen {shop opening @ Etsy soon!} and I want to take 50% of the profits from it and start a "rolling soup kitchen" called "Hallelujah Kitchen". I want to travel around and provide free meals to people that need it – wherever that may be…inner cities, rural towns, even the suburbs! We're all hurting these days.

    God gave me the talents I have at sewing and designing, etc. I want to return that gift back to Him by serving others for Him – by feeding them, comforting them and meeting a basic need that we all have and many are struggling to meet in current times, and likely many more will experience in the future. The resulting chances we would have to share Jesus with people that do not know Him is the icing on the cake!

    Sorry to be long-winded….but you asked!! LOL As I'm sure you can tell, I'm very passionate about my dream. Thanks for sharing Mela with us!

  38. 90


    My dream is to improve my chronic pain – to the point where my husband and I can have children, and I can begin playing piano again, and teaching piano lessons.

    I don't have any kids, BUT I do have nieces!

  39. 91


    Awww, I was excited to see the site but when I tried to load it says Error 404. I would love the chance to win though, please post update when the link is working THANKS!!

  40. 94


    I want to own a shop for all items handmade. I think some of the most beautiful pieces never get their due because they are not seen by the right person and I hope I can remedy that.

  41. 98


    I have so many dreams. Most are buried pretty deep right now under toddler toys. One dream close enough to the surface to find is that my early bird boys would sleep in a bit in the morning so I could have a moment or two with my Bible and coffee to get my head on straight.

  42. 100


    My dream is to reach women in ministry. Not sure in what capacity (books, preaching, prayer team, blogging?), but I feel it in my heart to touch women spiritually.

  43. 101


    I couldn't get the link to work, my dream is for my oldest daugther to see her dream of college come true and her relationship with her boyfriend to continue to grow down the healthy path it is headed.

  44. 107


    My dream is that someone,somewhere and somehow will be able to heal my son's heart enough for him to come home from residential treatment.

  45. 109


    I love her blog. She's a 'real' mom and I think that's cool. She inspires the rest of us to pursue our dreams!

    I have two dreams – one is to be a homesteader. I'd love to grow our own food, learn to sew and teach my daughter these things.

    I'd also like to run a marathon before I'm 45 (I'm 40 now).

  46. 110


    I have several, all of which I wonder if will ever happen considering our circumstances. Nevertheless, they are dreams and dreams can come true!
    1. Run a marathon by the time I turn 40 (I am now 35, start training baby!!).
    2. Own a little eatery that only serves soups, salads & sandwiches on our town square.
    3. Own a quality resale shop.
    And, I love my husband's dream of a baseball complex with batting cages and all of the other things he has planned for it!

  47. 111

    Anonymous says

    My dream is to become who God wants me to be. I feel blessed that He has given me so many creative talents (painting, sewing, photography) and I want to use one of His gifts to bring Him glory. My dream is to step out of my comfort zone and serve Him more. My dream is to be the best wife and mother I can be.

  48. 112


    Not to be a copycat, but one of my dreams, too, is to author a book. Well, actually, let me rephrase that–to publish a book. I have already authored it/them. :) It is a LOT of work to try and get the thing published, and I just don't have the TIME it takes to search for that perfect agent etc…. For goodness' sake I am trying to raise and home school my kids–one day, though, I hope!!!

  49. 113


    My dream would be to have a fourth child and to have a BA degree and able to help people on their path with Christ, possible to be a Licensed Counselor.

  50. 117


    My dream is for my husband to come to me and tell me he wants to adopt again. Or just to say yes to adopting another one or more. The perfect dream is for him to come to me, though.

  51. 119


    Thank you for this. I am forwarding it to my newly graduated son and DIL as they are youth ministers looking for work. They also had a praise band in college. My dream is for them to find work and personally to open a restaurant for families and their gatherings. My husband has been out of work for quite some time.

  52. 121


    My dream is to go back to school to become a midwife. All 3 of my kids were "caught" by midwives and I think it would be an awesome experience to help others bring their babies into the world. Thanks for the giveaway!

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