Happy New Year {Giveaway}

This giveaway has now ended. Winners will be announced soon!
I thought about posting my best posts and pictures of 2009 like so many other bloggers are doing.
But y’all. I didn’t get out of my pajamas until 2:30 p.m. yesterday. I’m working the lazy this week.
So, I thought a giveaway (a great one at that) would be just as good!
These pictures have one thing in common.

Can you find it?
Hint: Follow the red arrows.
Some good guesses might be…my pasty white skin, my love of denim and Disney…
(This has nothing to do with this post, but I have decided next time to actually watch my little girl open her presents on her birthday and to open my eyes during pictures. You could call them resolutions, if you will).
Answer: I’m wearing my favorite necklace from The Vintage Pearl.
It’s the Eclectic Necklace. (I traded it for advertising months ago).
Here’s a closer look, but I don’t know who those children are:
eclectic necklace Product Image

It’s a New Year. And The Vintage Pearl and I are starting it off with a bang and giving away TWO $50 gift certificates to TWO winners!!
I also love this bracelet:
circle of love bracelet Product Image
Erin of The Vintage Pearl is making one for me to review!
Leave a comment and tell me something you plan to do in the New Year!


  1. 302


    I'm going to take back control of my life that seems to have taken control of me. I'm going to pray for God's guidance and take back the things I can have control over.

  2. 303


    My plan for 2010 is to catch up my scrapbooks. I've neglected them almost all year because I know I lost about 4 months of pictures when our computer crashed.
    Tomorrow I'm scrapbooking with a friend…so I'm on the right path.

  3. 311


    I plan on challenging myself to make a new meal item (one that I haven't previously made) once a week. I plan on doing other stuff too, like bathing the kid, getting a little sleep, lovin' on my people . . . I haven't gotten to the resolution thing yet. I was busy hitting the clearance racks at Target! :)

  4. 318


    I have three big goals for 2010:
    1-read the entire bible
    2-lose 35 pounds by 9/1/10
    3-launch my photography business
    Love your blog and newsletter! Happy New Year. ~Jennifer

  5. 319


    In 2010, I'd like to stay in one home! :) We have been married for 4 1/2 years and have lived in 5 homes. We'd like to stay put for a little while this time! :)

  6. 321


    I love the necklace! I plan to really blog this year and not just pretend to blog. I would love to blog everyday or at least three times a week. I'm hoping I can follow through. Thinking about coming up with the some theme posts so I don't run out of things to blog about!

  7. 322


    I'm feeling so inspired… I haven't sat down and hashed out the specifics of my resolutions/goals yet, but I'm looking forward to it. I know I'm going to try to be focussed and keep things simple.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity and for the inspiration this past year.

  8. 325


    This New Year I'm planning on actively looking for a full time job. Also, I'm planning on carrying my New Year's Resolution forward….to continue being a card sender to encourage, pray for, and express sympathy to people who I see in need.
    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  9. 327


    Love the jewelry! It would be perfect for me as baby #2 is due this year! My new years resolution is more family time in the evenings. I work full time and the evenings before my 2 1/2 year old go to bed seem to be consumed by housework, cooking dinner, etc. I want to spend more time doing family things together and work on the chores after my son is in bed. Thanks for doing the give-a-way! kellymcarter@gmail.com

  10. 332


    I just wanted to say that I stumbled upon your blog a short time ago and read the post about forgiveness and the challenges you and your husband have overcome in your marriage. It touched my heart, as my marriage has also struggled in the past. Only I was the one who had to ask for forgiveness. I believe God directed me to that post so that I could understand that every marriage struggles and that we can overcome our sins. You are a blessing and I just want to say thank you. God is using you to help so many people. Including me. God bless you and thank you.

  11. 333


    Oops, forgot to give my "resolution". I plan on saving more money this year. (Well, then I saw the website with the cute necklaces….oh well.):)

  12. 335


    Great giveaway, enter me please!! In 2010 I'm going to exercise at least 3 times a week and actually use that treadmill that is gathering dust!

  13. 337


    I plan to continue doing what I am doing being the best person/mom/wife/daughter I can be. I want to work out more and eat a bit healthier .

  14. 339

    Rachel says

    Not really a "RESOLUTION," but I must do better organizing my receipts! I lost I don't know how much money because I could have turned in several rebates! I cannot find the receipts, so I can't get my money back and TODAY is the DEADLINE for postmarking on all of them! DANGIT!

    Today I got a special accordian file for my rebate receipts, "try me free" forms, and satisfaction guarantees. I also bought one especially for car receipts (for car repairs, tires, and brake guarantees). Now that I have the tools, I have no more excuses!

    Have a HAPPY, SAFE, and BLESSED New Year 2010!

    coupongrabber (at) hotmail.com

  15. 342


    On Rosh Hashannah, the Rabbi challenged us to all chose one thing we want to do more of this year. I chose patience. I need to be more patient, everyday, in all that I do. Haven't done such a great job yet, but thankfully every moment is a new chance to try!

    Love the stuff you're giving away, so much so it prompted me to comment for the first time!

  16. 344


    This year, I have several goals…
    I plan to do a 365 scrapbook (1 photo each day for the year). I plan to run a 5K each month for the year with my sister and my 16yo son. I plan to get my small business up and running. And, I plan to focus on my family by setting aside a family and/or date night once a week. Big goals, I know, but important ones.

  17. 345


    Try to save as much money as possible to stay at home with my four kids.

    My other goal is to simplify. In everything to focus on God and my family.

  18. 347


    I'm planning for 2010 to be The Year of Feeling Awesome. That plan includes switching to an 80% raw diet. I'm nervous but looking forward to it!

  19. 348


    oh… a new year, so much promise, so many new things to do! 2009 pretty much sucked around here, so for starters, I'm just going to resolve to get my 2010 calendar filled in before I miss something important – like my birthday at the end of the month. Ha! On the big, pipe dream side of things, I want to start a blog. To write- to "use my degree" that I finally paid off last year! We'll see. Hopes are high, but Expectations are low.

    Thanks for all you do for us in the blogosphere! Blessings on a great 2010!

  20. 349


    My plans for the New Year include GROWTH! Hopefully growth in the blogging world and growth in my personal life as I try to find a new path after losing my job. I am excited for 2010 and a new start!

  21. 351


    i LOVE that necklace and the bracelet.

    for 2010: i want to shed 15-20 lbs, be more intentional in the time i spend with my kids, visit family/friends, be more consistent in our school time/day routine.

  22. 362


    Hi, I found your blog through Julie at Another Chance Ranch. I hope to become a better person next year, and take care of myself and my family the best that I can.


  23. 363


    I have only one resolution this year: Play more. Play with my kids more, play my instruments more. I think if I can get that one right, a LOT of other things will fall into place. I'd love that pretty necklace with the names of those I want to play more with this year… my three precious kids and my hubby!

  24. 364


    I plan to keep a blessing journal. We were so blessed this year and I thought I would remember all the blessings, but alas, I have forgotten some. I would love to start a new tradition of reading the blessing journal with our family on New Year's Eve.

  25. 368

    Anonymous says

    I would love to win something in the New Year! Also, I really want to start exercising regularly….

    Beth (eecooper@bellsouth.net)

  26. 373


    I would say "exercise" "eat right" but…since you are giving away jewelry it reminds me that I really need to learn to accessorize more. I'm terrible at putting necklaces and bracelets with my wardrobe. Even my earrings are ho hum.

  27. 375

    Elaine says

    What a great giveaway! In 2010,( can you believe it's already here?!?!), I plan to stick with an exercise/healthy eating plan to get healthy and give more of my time and commitment to community outreach programs in my church.

  28. 378


    Well, first off, I love the Vintage Pearl! I was introduced to it by you in another post and I have been drooling ever since! Thanks for leading me to it!

    As for 2010….so much is going on! My family will be moving 2,500 miles back to our home (CA). We will become full time missionaries and we just found out we will be having another baby! What a wonderful year of God's blessings!

  29. 381

    mommara says

    My plans for tonight are hangin out at home with the family. Nothing better I would rather do. :) This year we plan on *maybe* expanding the family.

  30. 382

    smmwellington@yahoo.com says

    Love the jewelry! This new year I plan to enjoy my children more and stress out about homeschooling less. :)

  31. 384


    Well, to be totally honest, my #1 goal is to lose weight. Additionally, I want to learn to be a better planner…to save time, money and stress. I want to be able to actually relax and spend time just enjoying my family. :)

  32. 385


    I love the necklace and bracelet. Your family is adorable! Happy New Year!
    My goals are to be involved in my new church, get back to school and do more for my family and spend more time with our parents. Time is so very short and precious. My mom has cancer again but with God's grace will go into remission again.

  33. 387


    I am planning on not getting arrested in 2010.
    Not that I ever have been before, but I figure if I go with something really easy it won't get broken.

    voodookitten@ tx dot rr dot com

    Oh, and I'd really like to start my own blog this year! :)

  34. 389


    I'm focussing on one word for my 2010. LOVE.

    That's my resolution.

    Love for my family, God, myself; love for others, my body (fitness) and basically in everything I do I plan on asking myself, "Where is the love"?

  35. 393


    what a gorgeous necklace and sweet bracelet!!

    there are many things I want to do this year… be more positive overall – less nagging at my husband and kids, less complaining in general. Also, I want to be more prayerful in all aspects of my life. I pray now and am a Christian, but I hope to become even closer to the Lord.

    Happy New Year to your family from "that family" :)

  36. 394


    In 2010 a few of the things I hope to do are: start a savings account for NEXT Christmas; spend more time crafting; spend more time reading (NOT on the computer!); exercise more; be more positive; and be a better friend/sister/daughter/mother/wife/neighbor (not necessarily in that order!)

  37. 395


    Our family faced many challenges in 2009… so my plans for 2010 are simple….

    To live life fully EVERY SINGLE DAY.

    To appreciate my husband, my daughter and my son for the human beings that they are and that they are becoming.

    To enjoy more than fret, to love more than hate, and to play more than stress.

    I am really looking forward to it….

  38. 398


    To stop caring what other people think….I stress about this 24 hours a day and its no use 1) who cares what I'm doing or not doing 2) and if they do care so badly they need to get a life. Happy New Year

  39. 399


    I LOVE those necklaces!!! This new year I plan on having a healthy new baby :) Figuring out the three kids routine and focus on being a better mommy, wife, and Christian above all. I think if you focus on the last one the other two fall right into place.

  40. 401


    I'm planning to get more involved with charities that help childhood cancer patients. My grandson was diagnosed with a malignant braintumor and will have to go out of state to get the treatment that he needs. We are relying on a lot of help from charities and organizations right now and because of the journey we are going thru with g'sons cancer i am determined to make a difference in 2010 and help families that face the same problems that we are going thru right now

  41. 402

    DG says

    I plan on working hard to switch jobs. I need a job where I won't be bored to tears and crazily taken advantage of! So I am hopeful! :)


  42. 408


    This year I want to lose a little weight and spend time daily in The Word. I want to be the best Christian, wife and mother I can possibly be!

  43. 409

    Jen M says

    I plan on enjoying the here and now, to cut back and simplify things. Getting healthy, enjoy my family , and getting rid of 'stuff' in my life! Happy New Year!


  44. 411

    Scott and Emily: says

    I plan on being a devoted momma to my 7-month-old, to quit my job (yay, husband!) and to get some good rest this year :)

  45. 412

    Heather Y says

    I love the necklace!! My plans for this year is to lose some weight, and tone up. And be a better mom and wife. Thanks for entering me in the giveaway!

  46. 413


    I want to feel stronger and more fit – not really a measurable goal, I know. I also have a plan to talk my husband into hiring a housekeeper and a cook! Ha!

  47. 415

    Lindsey says

    I love your blog…I've been following for a while! So this year I plan on trying to relax and live in the moment a little bit more. I tend to get too caught up in what's coming up next or things I "need" to do….I feel like I'm missing something. My girls deserve a mom that's fully there and present in the moment.

  48. 420

    Jamie P. says

    This year, I plan to enjoy life more! I want to focus on spending my time wisely, with my family and helping others. I want my children to know that they come first, before work, school, and all of the other obligations that divert time and attention from them.

    Jamie jamnicmo@aol.com

  49. 421


    I will be reading through the Bible this year, and being in the Word everyday. Be a better wife and mother(Spend more time with them together and each individually) Treat myself better (especially my words) And just to enjoy life more..laugh more worry less! <3


  50. 423


    Taking more pictures, which means actually keeping my camera batteries charged. And, of course, the ever-present lose weight. But I'm ready to do it now! Really…seriously…on Monday.

  51. 425


    I would like to actually get the Christmas decorations and gift wrap miscellany organized and put away (not just strewn all over the basement) before it's time to get it all out again!!!!

  52. 429


    I feel everyone looks at a new year and say, "I am going to do this or that differently." So seldom do they/I do that. I do always hope to grow closer to God, enjoy my life with my three kids and my husband. So often I live by a to do list when life is sooooo much more. I am thankful for everything I have. I have a 91 year old grandad who dictated such great advice this Christmas. He has worked for what he has, shared what he owns, lives simply, is ALWAYS happy and still lives at home. I do not think there is one thing he is bitter about. I want to use that life as an example.

  53. 436


    I resolve to improve myself in a variety of ways this year. Of course it is the weight but also to have more devotion time, to watch less TV and to move more. Eat healthy and thoroughly enjoy my children right now, in the stage of life that they are in this minute.

  54. 441


    2010.. finish and publish my book, launch my speaking ministry full time and lose 50 pounds. OH…and win a gift certificate for that fabulous jewelry!

  55. 442

    Christy says

    This year I am de-cluttering! Things that only take up space and have no use are gone!

    I love your blog! Thanks for sharing your life with us.

    ribbonsweetsboutique at live dot com

  56. 447


    In the new year I will complete my read the bible in one year goal. I will be finished at the end of February. I bought a One Year Bible last Feburary. So,there you have it. I am excited about that.

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