I Dare You to Tell me

Tomorrow is my birthday.
I’m  turning 37 years old.
And I didn’t feel old, until I typed those numbers.
Wow. Please pass the heating pad and ointment.
I need to announce some winners:
Before my memory fails me.
Gourmet Homemade winners: (please email me if you see your name below)
Two Sisters Shop Birthday banner/tablecloth winner:

So. I dare you to tell me…..
How old are you?

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  1. 151


    I just turned 27 today, and consider yourself to be blessed with yet another year on this earth with your family!! DH and I are six months apart he thinks that we are old at 27 and I think that we are still very young. I had a great teacher in sixth grade that taught our class to love life and appreciate every year she was 70 something and said she was just starting to get old!! Great Grandma just turned 75 this year I asked her what that feels like and she said she feels the same as she always did, sometimes she looks in the mirror and wonders who is that wrinklly faced lady.

  2. 158

    Rachel in KCMO says

    YAY! I had no idea so many of us were born in the same year (1972)!! Some days I feel about as mature as a 25 year old, but my body sometimes leads me to believe I am pushing 50. At least I haven't had a mid-life crisis…..yet!

    Have a wonderful and blessed birthday, Kristen!

  3. 160


    I'm glad to see that I am NOT the youngest! I am turning 23 in March! But age is just a number – it is all about how you feel & act! Therefore you can be 25 forever! Happy Birthday!

  4. 169

    Anonymous says

    Someday you'll cringe when you realize how young you were when you thought 37 was "old"!! I can absolutely promise that. It's all relative. I know 50 year-olds who are young and 37 year-olds who feel old. It's really all in our heads. So says the "young" sixty year-old (me) :-)

  5. 179

    Anonymous says

    I will be 50 on the 31st, but I don't feel it at all! I think maybe I miscounted the years as they went by or someone is playing a trick on me… My kids keep me young!

  6. 185


    Happy Birthday! I hope it is a great fun-filled day.

    I'm twenty-nineteen. I wasn't feeling old until I read your post and all the young commenters. Actually, I'll be 40 in July and I'm really looking forward to my forties.

  7. 188

    Anonymous says

    Wow, Kristen! Happy Birthday! It's also my birthday today, too! 41 for me. Special to be sharing this day with you!

  8. 199


    I thought that I was 37 until my dh told me that I was 38. THEN my sister confirmed that I really was only 37! I am so confused! Is that a sign of old age? lol

  9. 200


    Happy birthday to you, dear Kristen! You are a woman who is making a difference with her life–who is strong and brave, beautiful and fun, talented and most of all, LOVED.

    I'm 32.

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