Memorable Christmas Snapshots

1. This is the picture I snapped right before she knew. I got caught holding the stockings the bag with my mouth full of Santa food:

2. My hubby reading the real Christmas story on Christmas Eve is one of my favorite traditions:

4. My daughter and her iron foot sewing tiny pockets and bean bags and capes for her dolls.

6. The Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls (enough said, really, but I have to tell you as my hubby and I were dumping two cups of butter and two cups of sugar onto the dough stretched across our table, my hubby said of The Pioneer Woman, “This woman is seriously messed up.”
In a totally delicious way.
7. Playing The Nativity with my 3 year old who has insisted on being called Mary for the last four days (She even let me be the coveted Angel once).

9. On our after Christmas shopping trip to Old Navy for $10 jeans, my hubby found a mannequin hand on the floor. He taught my son how to pass time while Mom shops.

Hope your Christmas was merry and bright. Up next: A New Year!
P.S. I’ll be posting Works for Me Wednesday (WFMW) late Tuesday night if you want to join in. I’m also getting ready to send out my January Family Room Newsletter, so watch your inbox.

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  1. 1


    Love your header! Was fun reading through some of your recent past posts. The guest spot by your husband relaying the shopping trip with the kids was a hoot! Sounds like you had a lot of holiday family fun. Wishing you and yours all the best for 2010. Congrats to your daughter for learning the recorder in such a short time. peace & blessings Tammy

  2. 3


    Love these pics! You guys are creating some great memories!

    And someone else had recommended to me those cinnamon rolls of PW's…but after second thought, I just dunno if I can get past all that butter and sugar!

  3. 4


    Looks like you had a great Christmas! I still can't believe your little one found out about Santa :( That's sad – but at least they know the real story of Christmas! And just ADORABLE how the littlest is carrying Jesus and wanting to be called Mary!

    We'll see ya on Wed! :) Have a safe and happy day!

  4. 6


    Wow, we had the same Christmas!!! Our 9 year old found out about Santa when he mentioned the package the tootsie roll being a which my husband replied "that's why we got it"….Ooooppps! We made Pdub's cinnamon rolls (the amount of butter is seriously messed up!! But sooo good!). Our 3 boys decvided to be Magi with aprons on backwards as capes (?) And pool diving rings as crowns and the baby Jesus was wrapped up in a cowboy bandanna!

  5. 8


    We went by our NICU as well to wish them a Merry Christmas and took them a bag of goodies. Our daughter came home last Christmas Day after arriving 2 months early and staying in the NICU a little over two weeks. Those nurses don't know how thankful we are for them. They loved seeing Haven as a 1 year old and she will always be our favorite Christmas present.

  6. 10


    Great pics…sorry your 10 yr. old found out about Santa in such a way! My 10 yr. old gradually figured it out and, while sad at first (me, that is), I must say it was a bit of a relief to have another helper to be my partner in crime! She was thrilled to be "in" on the secret and a big help with the wrapping and such. I could see how happy she was to watch her little brother and sister still believing. Now, when my 3-yr. old finds out…then I'm seriously going to be a sad Momma! Just include her in the fun and surprises and preparations and she'll love seeing the joy in her brother and sisters eyes! Happy Holidays…looks like your Christmas already was!!!

  7. 19


    My three year old found all of her Christmas presents: yes the ones from mommy, daddy and SANTA on Christmas Eve. Not good. I flipped out. I screamed. I cried.

    But my darling child knows the true meaning of Christmas and that is all that matters.

    Plus she has named EVERY baby doll in the house baby Jesus. She loves to swaddle him in dirty dish towels and lay him in a manger or err the dogs bed.

    Eh, what are you going to do?!

  8. 22


    The Pioneer Woman is totally messed up! She uses lots of yummy butter and sugar! But I have not done one recipe of hers that didn't turn out nummy! LOL.

    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all that jazz!


  9. 24


    Great pics! Laughing about the pink feathers and the mannequin hand. Those cinnamon rolls look sooooo yummy! I've had great success with PW's recipes (the 2 I have tried.). Sounds like your Christmas was really nice. Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!

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