DIFO Project #3 World’s Largest NERF Party

(DIFO Project #2 is still going on, there is still time to cut out shapes with your kids for African Sunday School classes! This needs to be sent to me by the end of February).
I am thrilled to be a part of next month’s (March) do-it-for-others project! Several months ago, I received an email from a mom. She had stumbled upon an old post about my son’s Nerf birthday party.
She was in the early stages of planning a party of her own, but not a birthday party. I learned that her 7 year old son, Mason, had been fighting cancer since he was 2 years old, five long years. He is just finishing his last round of oral chemotherapy and he wanted to celebrate this huge accomplishment with his family, friends and town. (You can read this beautiful post by Mason’s mother to learn more about this amazing boy).
His dream is to have The World’s Largest Nerf party. Mason’s mom asked me if I had any ideas. Why, yes, yes, I do. Because I know some amazing people, my blog readers love doing stuff for others!
Thru the power of Twitter, I found a Nerf representative and she hooked them up for their local Nerf party on March 20:
Mason’s mom has worked so hard on making the local party a success. But in order to make it THE WORLD’S LARGEST PARTY, we need YOUR help.
On Friday, March 19, I’m going to be hosting a linky party in Mighty Mason’s honor for you to link up pictures/post about your own family/friends NERF PARTY. You can just include your own family or get friends and neighbors to join you in a battle.
Not only will you help make one special little boy’s DREAM come true, all the participants in the MARCH 19th LINKY will be entered to win some VERY COOL Nerf products!
This can be as simple as a Nerf battle between your kids or a big party for the neighborhood!

(Ages 8 years & up/Approximate Retail Price: $39.99/Available: Fall 09)

Gear up and go with the new NERF DART TAG FURYFIRE 2-Player Set. Complete with two new rapid-fire FURYFIRE blasters featuring auto-advance barrels that hold ten darts, two redesigned scoring vests, two sets of VISION GEAR eyewear and 20 DART TAG DARTS, the NERF DART TAG FURYFIRE 2-Player Set inspires engaging, energetic team play.


(Ages 8 years & up/Approximate Retail Price: $34.99/Available: Fall 09)

You’ll have to use your stealth and speed to win NERF’s adrenaline-pumping twist on capture the flag. Complete with two redesigned scoring vests, two STORMFIRE blasters, six DART TAG DARTS and a new Electronic Flag, the NERF DART TAG CAPTURE THE FLAG Set offers an advanced way to enjoy classic DART TAG action.

If you don’t have a blog, I’d still love for you to participate! Just email me a picture of your party and I’ll post it on my blog!
You can also send Mason a Congratulations card to this address:
Mighty Mason
7334 S Shawnee St
Aurora, CO 80016

Let’s unite on March 19th RIGHT HERE for a Nerf Linky party to make this a very special event for Mason!
Please leave a comment if you’ll be able to take a few pictures/write a post to link up/ to help Mason celebrate.


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    What a great story! Hey, these folks live right down the road from me – right around the corner from my daughter's school! I have a good friend who just threw a NERF themed party for her son, and she made the most amazing, kickass cake – it looked just like one of those NERF guns! I passed this link along to her, hopefully she'll get in touch! I know she's got lots of great pictures, maybe even cake inspiration?

  2. 4


    I just had to come back and post this – while looking up that address on Google maps to see exactly how far it is from me, I saw that there are kids running a lemonade stand on the corner in the Google streetview image. How cute is that??? I want to pass it along to the Google Sightseeing team.

  3. 7


    This is a superb idea. I hope to figure out a way to participate, maybe get several families in our small town to come along side. I hope that Mason succeeds in having the World's Largest Nerf Party.

  4. 9


    Congratulations Mason! March 20th is my husband's birthday, and we have TONS of Nerf guns around here that we play with ALL the time, we're game!

    (I just hope we can find all the dang darts. Wish they just magically reappeared in the guns after firing. I miss the pop gun with a string on the end LOL)

  5. 10


    What a great story and a wonderful idea!! Unfortunately I'm not very good at updating my blog but I'll be happy to send a card with a picture of my son with his Nerf gun he got for Christmas. I'm sure he would love to actually join in the party but he'll love sending a card as well :) He has a huge heart and actually wanted to have all the people in Haiti come to our house because they didn't have one of their own. Love that boy!!!

    We'll also add Mason to our prayers at night for his continued fight to "nerf" cancer!!

  6. 11


    Oh my gosh! That is SO stinkin' awesome!

    Lisa, remember the guns that shot pingpong balls? I loved those because the balls are CHEAP. Hmmm…must figure out how to buy nerf guns and tie it into my DD's 13th birthday.

  7. 12


    That is awesome! Count me in for the Nerf Party, I can use a good party for a good cause!

    So happy for Mason and his family and I will keep them in prayer.

  8. 17


    Seems like a great idea. Although, I don't know if we'll be able to host a party, we'll be sending a card in the mail to Mr. Mason! Praying for a GREAT day March 19th as well as adding him to our family prayer list.

  9. 19


    What a great idea! Nerf wars are a daily thing in this house. (I even had an escaped nerf dart in my luggage at Blissdom!). I'm sure we can come up with something.


  10. 21


    Thank you so much for posting this and the address to mail a card to! I actually used to live in his neighborhood a few years ago…I have no idea if they were there when we were, but it is very possible that our paths crossed as we lived down the street from each other! Wow! I am going to try to get a card made! Thanks!

  11. 32

    Cris says

    That is one strong little boy…. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I read this the other day, and just got the card to mail today. :)

  12. 33


    Oh my! What an incredible celebration of Mighty Mason. Mason has ensured chemo. It is only fitting that I help him score the world's biggest Nerf party. We will do our own Dart Nerf tag party on Friday. My post will be added to your linky…in Mason's name!

  13. 36

    Trevis Williams says

    I ran across this site a day late and a dollar short. How did the event turn out. Moreso, how is Mason?

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