Happy Birthday Swag Bucks

Y’all know I’m a big fan (BIG FAN!) of the Swag Bucks program. I’ve been amazed at how many Swag Bucks I’ve earned by simply having readers (and real life friends, family) sign up under my referral code.

Let’s just say I have enough to buy a new house.
Kidding. Just thought I’d soften the blow before I tell you that I have enough Swag Bucks to pay for Christmas 2010. Seriously.
Swag Bucks is celebrating their birthday today and the launch of Swag Bucks 3.0 and they are hoping those of you who have been holding out will join in by entering this special code: THATFAMILY
Click right here to sign up and enter the code.
The code below will be active from Feb 25th starting at 6am (PST) and will extend to Thursday March 4th at 6am. The code is case sensitive. This is only available for new registrants.
Instead of earning the normal three Swag Bucks, you’ll earn SIX.

Just like that!


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    Anonymous says

    Hi, as you may already discovered I am new here.
    In first steps it's very good if someone supports you, so hope to meet friendly and helpful people here. Let me know if I can help you.
    Thanks in advance and good luck! :)

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    Oh darn!! Well thank you! I might have to have a Searching Blitz tomorrow to rack up points 😀

    I must go make a list of topics I want to know more about…

    Thanks for the awesome blog by the way! I love to read your posts!

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    I'm happy for you, I really am. However, you keep asking for people to sign up under your referral link, even though your Christmas is paid for. What about the rest of us who have few referrals and have it worse off than you? I have a blog, and I have 4 referrals…which have earned me very little points. You talk about sharing what you have with others….well how about sharing your freebies and all the things that are given to you as well?

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    Yooper Mommy-Wow. Um, I wrote this post because Swagbucks asked me too, it was to help people who DON'T use it get extra Swagbucks. I didn't get anything for it, no prizes, money, etc.

    I never stated I had it "worse off than anyone." I like Swagbucks. I will pay for Christmas next year and my children's birthday gifts…SO THAT I can use that money for Compassion and to help others. Swagbucks has helped me to do that, so have my readers.

    And as for freebies, everything I get, I tell my readers about. I disclose it all. I don't do reviews of freebies, unless I can also give the same item away to my readers, so someone else has a chance to win. Please see my giveaway policy.

    Please remember you always have the choice to NOT read my blog if you disagree with all the things I do. I'm sorry you feel that way.

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