1. 24


    Ohh that little one of yours cracks me up!
    I still die of laughter when ever I think about her at the end of one of your videos, the one where all the kids are quoting a scene about death or something and she just screams at the end……ha ha ha

  2. 25


    Awww, haa haa haa!! At least you know she pays attention when you put on makeup. If I had a little girl, I'm afraid she wouldn't even know what to do with mascara!!

    Love it!

  3. 33


    That is too funny! Amazing how she was able to get it on her eyes- she's a better makeup artist that I am most days! Cute!

    Yeah, my boys? We totally shave them 1/4 inch. I only have so much nagging in me and I don't want to waste it on their hair.

  4. 39


    Ok I seriously thought my daughter was the only one with hair like that!! Thank you for showing me it's not just her!! Even when I brush it and do something to it, it doesn't stay that way for long!!

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