My Kids Are Funnier Than Yours

I’m not a bumper sticker kind-of-mom.

But I think I’d put the title of this post on my minivan bumper. Because I’m wild and crazy like that. And also, I have pride.
My kids put the fun in funny.
Just recently:
We were eating pizza at the Sam’s Club cafe (which is a stretch of the word cafe, since there are 4 picnic tables and a soda dispenser), when my toddler noticed two kids at another table sitting by themselves. (Yes, we eat out at Sam’s. This is often a highlight of our week: $9.54 for all five us to eat fresh, hot pizza).
So, she says in the loudest voice possible (she wasn’t shouting, the child just talks LOUD (mental note-schedule hearing test)), “Momma, where are those kid’s parents?” and she points, of course. Just in case anyone was in doubt who the said abandoned children were.
Before I could shush her or even respond, she yells her own answer:
“They are probably dead.”
It’s too bad. Sam’s was the nice restaurant on our list.
[I think she’s entered the talking about “death” phase a bit early. Ever since our pet rabbit Marshmallow died, it’s been in her vocabulary. The other night it was cold and we decided for the first time to roast marshmallows….she piped up, confused and a little afraid, “But I thought Marshmallow died???” I’ll need to remember that story for the family counselor.]
Just thinking about leaving my kids Tuesday for another country, makes me weepy—so, today, I’m pushing those thoughts away and I’m asking you to tell me something funny your kids have said!
Ready. Set. Go.


  1. 1


    Oh, man – that story just pushed every single funny thing my kid has EVER said…right out of my head. That's hilarious!

    Here's one – we were at a buffet, and a *ahem* "large" woman was in front of us. My three year old daughter (picture for a moment where her eye level would be) turned to me and said, "Mommy! That lady has a big bottom!!!" Oy. My kid's loud, but…luckily, the restaurant was louder. That's why I love taking my kids there. LOL

  2. 2


    This is my first time to comment but I couldn't pass this up. For the conversation purpose in the story L is my oldest and N is my grandma

    When my oldest was 3 we were at my grandmas house and she was playing waitress. She was going around asking everyone what the wanted. When she got to my grandmas she said, "Nonny, what would you like?" My grandmas replied, "Well where do you work?"
    L: "Texas Roadhouse" (We eat there A LOT"
    N:" I will have some baby back ribs and tea."
    L goes to the kitchen and then returns to my grandma and in all seriousness, " Nonny we have mommy back ribs and daddy back ribs but no baby back ribs." We cracked up and still do to this day and she is 6. Have a wonderful trip.

  3. 3


    giggle giggle … my hubby just told me at bedtime for the kids that laughter makes you live longer (as I, the party pooper was telling him to stop making our 7 year old laugh so much when he's SUPPOSED TO BE SLEEPING!) … so thanks for the laugh and the extra years you just provided me

  4. 4


    my 3 yr old son asks questions about people quite loudly too. We are trying to teach him to ask those questions quietly to us. We don't want to tell him not to ask questions but it's tempting.

  5. 5


    My 2.5 year old son was a little irritated "down there". It hurt him during diaper changes. I tried to comfort him and told him "I'm sorry you have a boo-boo". He then said, "Mommy, kiss it." He was very adamant about that request and kept repeating it. I admit I totally set myself up on that one! Think fast, think fast….Aha! I ended up blowing his boo-boo a kiss.

  6. 6


    My 4 yo just tonight came up to me, cleared his throat, stuck one arm out the side and placed the other on his chest, and sang, "Me, me, me, me, me, me, me." I love his impressions the best!

  7. 7


    Hudson and I often play the game what letter does _____ start with. Well In the car the other day our game went like this:

    Hudson: Mom what does bell start with?

    Me: Well what is the first sound?

    Hudson: Ding a ling a ling?

  8. 9


    My two year old had diaper rash from eating, oh I don't know – 40 cutie oranges over 2 days~ Great parenting I know. While changing him he says "my but
    huwrts, I wanna new one".
    Oh if only it were THAT easy – something hurts…get a new one!

  9. 10


    Cute story, gotta love em!! I have been meaning to do a post of the things my 5 yr old has said lately, one of which was; "mom, why when you turn into a grandpa and a grandma do your teeth turn yellow?" I was just glad no grandparents were in the car when she asked!

  10. 11


    My 6 yo says the funniest things and I often post them on facebook so I am copy/pasting one of her latests…

    (after me telling her for the 3rd time to go get the dirty clothes from upstairs) "For Pete's sake, can I drink?"….she was drinking water btw….DH and I were LOL'ing

    By the way at your suggestion I got the book "Have a new child by Friday" just for her! Now if only I had reading time…

  11. 12


    "I like cuddling with you, Momma. I don't like cuddling with Daddy
    cause he has hair in his armpits."
    It's 11:30 at night and I'm cracking up, laying in bed with Josh and

    Eli's too embarrassed to explain to Josh why I'm laughing, so I have
    to tell Josh why he's an unacceptable cuddle buddy.

    "Eli, you're going to have hair in your armpits when you grow up too," Josh says.

    "Nu uh, cause I like bacon and not sausage," Eli retorts.

    What? Where does his logic come from? After a few questions we figure out that our friend Eric told Eli that if he ate his sausage at breakfast he'd get hair on his chest. Eli doesn't like sausage so, consequently, he's not going to have hair on his body when he grows up.

    Makes sense to me…

  12. 14


    My oldest was in first grade and she hopped in the car after school. She said…"Mom, we had a test at school today." My response…"really? What was it on?" She looked at me like my hair was on fire and said…"a piece of paper!"

    Of course, I must follow that story with the comment…"Mom, when I get older I can't wait to have a big butt just like you." Upon getting the "look of death" from me she proceeded to finish her statement…"that way I won't fall in the toilet anymore!"

    Yes! She is a blonde!

  13. 15


    I think my 3 year old could give her a run for her money: when we were at Chick Fil-A one day, he very loudly says, "Mommy! Why is that man wearing girl shoes?!" I turned to see a (somewhat shocked) very nice lady with short hair, as I quickly ushered the kids out the door!

  14. 16


    My daughter is oly 2 1/2, so it feels like we are always laughing. Today, dressed very much like a princess in a pink satin cloak, she looked at me and said "I'm a pink monster. Grrr." Because pink satin is oh so frightening. Then again…

  15. 17


    That is hilarious!

    At dinner the other night I made a polenta casserole. My four year old asked, "Mom what is this called again?" and my six year old replied, "It's placenta."

  16. 19


    my hubby came home to have lunch with me and our 4 year old last week and he gave me 3 simple sweet kisses, to which Piper said, "Um, you can't make out in the kitchen!" We laughed so hard…her daddy was quick to say if we wanted to, we would and she said it 'freaked' her out to see it!!! HAHAHA

  17. 20

    Kelly, KS says

    I have three girls and a son. The first two girls are very athletic and would rather play sports or horses vs. wear dresses and dance. I finally got a "girly girl" the third time around, and my sweet 3yr old third daughter loves to dance. We just started her in a dance class and she! So she comes in the other day and wants to dance for me…leotard on, of course. She runs in to the kitchen and says – "MOMMY! I'm going to dance for you." I said okay and waited. She ran over and stood where she was going to prepare to run in and dance for me. She then says, "Seduce me!" WHAT?!! :) I said, "You mean INTRODUCE me." Couldn't wait to tell my husband about that one. We still wonder where she heard that word!

  18. 21


    My 5 year old son was playing with my Dad, who is 70, and was not feeling so great this particular day. J asked Dad, 'Wanna chase me?" Dad= "No." J- "But I'll walk!"

    :) Me, rolling on the floor laughing hysterically!

  19. 22


    "Mom, I think I know why they call it ketchup."

    "Really? Why?"

    "Because when you eat it, it give you energy to catch up to the people who went ahead of you."

    Here's another one.

    "I have a new friend called Hunter… I think they call him that because he looks really hard for things."


    And, those were both just last week. :)

  20. 24

    Heather, TJ, Brock, and Jillian says

    My son, who is 3, likes to refer to SpongeBob as SpongeBob SQUIRT pants. I don't even let him watch that cartoon, so I don't know where he pulled that one out of! :) Safe travels!!!!

  21. 25


    Oh my daughter comes up with a lot. She will soon be 5.

    Just today we were singing "Jesus Loves the Little Children" and when we got to the "red and yellow, black and white…" part she yells out: What about the pink ones? I'm pink!"

    Or I still laugh at when she asked me what my scar was on my tummy. I told her it was my c-section scar and that's how she and her brother came out. Many months later she hears the story of John the Baptist being born. She asked me "Was he born like us or was he SQQQUUUEEEEZZEED out?" I guess when we talked about my scar I told her the other way babies were born.

  22. 26


    This is a conversation between me and one of my 4 yr old twins:

    me: Nicky, did you still something on this blanket (as I drape it over my legs)?

    nicky: No Momma, it's my boogers.


  23. 27


    I have a blog label "lucyisms" for all the crazy stuff my 4 year old says. However, I was recently explaining to my 8 year old that his Uncle is really his Great Uncle and my son said "that's like a Grandpa once removed."

  24. 28


    OK, I know you are swamped with trying to get geared up for your trip – which is amazing, I might add – but you really should take a minute and read what I just posted yesterday about casserole ( If you are really pressed for time, you can skip all the stuff about dryer hunting (because ours caught on fire two weeks ago) and just go to the last paragraph. Kids can be funny! I'm sure you'll miss your a whole bunch!

  25. 29

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  26. 30


    Several years ago we were driving home from my parents house and passed a semi truck. My daughter happened to look at the driver who was very Grizzly Adams looking and said "There's a werewolf driving that truck!"

  27. 31


    From my 15yo daughter, as she scarfs down Girl Scout cookies yesterday: "Evolutionists say we evolved from monkeys but clearly teenagers are more closely related to pigs." Hmm… I have to say the girl's got a point.

    And not to be outdone… a few weeks ago my 11yo daughter asked me what we were having for dinner. I told her we were having broccoli & beef. She replied, "Well, yesterday was Ash Wednesday and I gave up broccoli for Lent." Riiiiight.

  28. 32


    While reading our nightly devotions ( this one happened to me about Daniel in the lions Den), Our just turned 8 year old said, " Ya know, I don't think that the angel held the lions mouths shut, I am thinking that he popped into the den, called for some pizza hut delivery, and then said We all need a nice little chat on how to be kind to others!"

  29. 33


    While reading our nightly devotions ( this one happened to me about Daniel in the lions Den), Our just turned 8 year old said, " Ya know, I don't think that the angel held the lions mouths shut, I am thinking that he popped into the den, called for some pizza hut delivery, and then said We all need a nice little chat on how to be kind to others!"

  30. 34


    While reading our nightly devotions ( this one happened to me about Daniel in the lions Den), Our just turned 8 year old said, " Ya know, I don't think that the angel held the lions mouths shut, I am thinking that he popped into the den, called for some pizza hut delivery, and then said We all need a nice little chat on how to be kind to others!"

  31. 35


    I don't have kids yet but when I was a child, my grandma was at the grocery store with my 5 yr old brother and he looked at a rather large woman and said, "Who let her out of Jurassic Park?" Wow!

  32. 37


    I could go on and on . . . I try to write them all down or you forget so quickly. Since we have 5 kids, we have plenty of opportunity to split our guts laughing at the things they say.

    Here are a few recent ones::

    "Mom, you smell like Advil." (8-year-old daughter, Rebekah)

    "We're like 2 peas in a carrot." (7-year-old daughter, Lydia, talking about herself and a friend)

    "We do have 5 kids, mom.I counted and we do!" (4-year-old son, Joe)

    "Yesterday when I hiccuped or burped it tasted like puke, but today it just tastes normal." (our 10-year-old son, Jacob . . . I guess that is a sure fire sign that you are better, right?)

    "But if I don't have a happy meal, then I'm not happy." (Joe — nice try there, buddy!)

    "I can't do gentle." (joe)

    "When I play in the sun, I get all hot and summery." (Joe, again!)

    I'll stop there. Kids sure are funny! Mine (and, I guess, yours especially)


  33. 38

    Kara says

    After taking my 3yo to the ER two weeks ago, I called my husband to report that we were on our way home, as soon as we picked up the antibiotic they prescribed. Walked in the door, and our 5yo greeted me with, "So now he has alien-biotics too???"

    He also refers to his p*nis as "my peanuts." Not sure if he's heard the term "nuts" from the older boys & translated it this way? But I struggle not to laugh out loud every time he says it. And, of course, I am not willing to have an indepth discussion on the topic to correct it – because it's too darn cute!

  34. 39


    When my youngest daughter was about 5, she asked, "Mommy, if God has the whole world in His hands, does that mean Australia is getting squished?"

    Good question. Enquiring minds want to know.

    Far more uncomfortable were her questions at 8 after I told her about how babies were made.

    At first she just pursed her lips, and then asked, "I see. How long does he have to leave it in for?"

    It was not one of my better parenting moments!

    Thanks for the laugh this morning!

    Sheila from To Love, Honor and Vacuum

  35. 40


    This may be only funny to us, but I'll risk it and post anyway.

    As you may know, we live in the 'burbs. We were downtown one day at the convention center and then walked a block or two to a restaurant. (Kiddo was abut 6.)

    Standing at the crosswalk with several other people, he pipes up, "SO, this is what it's like to be a pedestrian."

    Poor, poor suburban kid! It's like in 6 years, his feet had never touched the pavement.

  36. 41


    Last night we were at a local Irish place watching the Olympic closing ceremonies. The flaming things were lit, all the people were dancing around them and my 5-y-o son pipes up and screams, "Mommy, those are BAD people!!! See that big fire? They are WORSHIPiNG it! UGH!"

  37. 42


    My eight y.o. was sitting on the couch reading when he says to me "What does b o o b i e s spell? WHAT?? He was reading an article called "The World of Boobies".

    Oh My Word! It was about birds. Thank to Ranger Rick for that one. LOL

    I've enjoyed reading all the funny things kids say!

  38. 43


    Funny!!! I always love your stories because they actually help me feel like I'm not alone out there in parentworld!

    My 7 yr old is known for his hilarity & last week in Awana, the leader proceeds to tell me this story: Jonah had finished like 9 verses and they had only a few minutes left and the teacher tried to get one more out of him. At this request, Jonah tucks up his knees (picture fetal position) and commences to rocking back and forth saying, "too many verses, too many verses"! I'm not sure, but I think he may have reached his limits! :-) He always has us in stitches!

  39. 44


    A few of our best stories involve poop, and I don't want to go there this morning. My son did tell my husband "don't let the BAD bugs bite" the other night though.

  40. 45


    Our kids provide plenty of humor. I recently posted about my youngest's version of what he learned about the civil rights movement, something was obviously lost in translation. So, to be quick I will share another story from our kindergartner. He refers to his privates as dingleboppers (we have no idea where this came from). They went sledding one day this winter on a very large hill, I was not with them, so he couldn't wait to share his day with me when they got home …"Mom, it was so much fun! We went really fast down these big hills. When I went up, my dingleboppers went up. When I went down my dingleboppers went down." That was all he had to tell me. LOL

    Be safe in your travels. Africa is an incredible place. I have always wanted to go. My husband lived there for almost four years as a child. His parents were short-term missionaries.

  41. 46


    My father is a CPA that works at home most of the time, but during tax season he flies from his home office here in OR down to the main office in CA from Feb 15th to April 15th. We try to make light about it with the kids, because they miss him.

    Last year, about half way through the trip, we asked Kaleigh "Where's Adad" … she replied "Oh, Adad's dead" … we just about died laughing. She spent the whole month explaining to us that Adad's dead. We just figured she'd see him when he got back, so no biggie.

    Well, April 18th he gets back and I asked (all excited):

    "Hey, Kaleigh, look! Who is that?"

    "That's Paw-Paw"

    "Huh? That looks like Adad to me!"

    "Nope. Adad's dead. That's Paw-paw!"

    So … now he's Adad to 8 out of 9 of my kids, but if Kaleigh hears that she corrects us and tells us, even a year later, that Adad's dead, and that's Paw-Paw. No grieving, no upset…just the facts. We can't convince her otherwise, and I have NO IDEA how she came up with that, or where she got Paw-Paw …

  42. 47


    Recently, we were eating at a VERY nice Japanese restaurant. It's the kind where the chef cooks at your table and does a show. Anyhoo, the chef was commenting to my mother in law about how many children we have. She replied "and they are having number 5 soon!". The chef said "WOW! Busy Daddy!". My eight year old son then pipes up (very loudly) :"Oh, that's right! Daddy works ALL NIGHT!!!!" I could have died!!!! My husband is an RN and works third shift…. We might need to find a new Japanese Restaurant!!!

  43. 48


    The boy doesn't necessarily say funny things, he just does funny things. Like the time he got locked in teh panty and we couldn't get the door off. it was midnight and I was laughing so hard, I thought we were goign to have either use an ax to break the door down or call the fire department. Or the time we were at the park and my 8 year old decideds to use the baby swing and his thighs swell around the swing and it took 4 strange men to get him out of the swing after 45 minutes of trying. Another OMG laughing moment of wondering if I was going to have to call the fire department. Do they charge you? I'm just waiting for his next unexpected crazy mishap moment.

  44. 49


    The boy doesn't necessarily say funny things, he just does funny things. Like the time he got locked in teh panty and we couldn't get the door off. it was midnight and I was laughing so hard, I thought we were goign to have either use an ax to break the door down or call the fire department. Or the time we were at the park and my 8 year old decideds to use the baby swing and his thighs swell around the swing and it took 4 strange men to get him out of the swing after 45 minutes of trying. Another OMG laughing moment of wondering if I was going to have to call the fire department. Do they charge you? I'm just waiting for his next unexpected crazy mishap moment.

  45. 50


    Last night as I was cuddling with my 6 yr. old son as he was falling asleep, I had my face resting on the side of his head and was whispering into his ear. He said "your breath stinks." I asked him how he knew that and he said "I smelled it through my ear!"

    One of the many things we laugh about daily with this boy! Love him to pieces!

    Have a safe trip and keep us posted on your travels!!! 😉

  46. 51


    So glad someone else considers the Sam's Cafe a fun night out! My dad works at Sam's part time and its usually a family adventure (me, my DH, kids, Mom, Brother, SIL, nephews) to go have dinner with Poppy at Sam's Club once a week!

    Inevitably there is a comment made by one of the children – ages 3-6 about someone's weight, hairstyle or outfit! Its a good night if we get out of Sam's without a Code Adam. My 3 year old is prone to running off. Thankfully my dad works up front and stays calm! "Oh, that's just my grandson, Jake. He'll turn up somewhere. Check the freezer near the corndogs!"

    Kids+ Sam's = Great, Cheap Entertainment

  47. 52


    According to my children all people have "pecks". Men and woman alike…but women have "fancy pecks". HeHeHe

    I will be praying for you and your family.

  48. 53


    Had to comment with something my seven-year-old said to me recently.

    I bought a new pair of jeans last week and when I put them on for the first time the other day he said, "Mom- those jeans make you look skinnier than you really are!"

    Ummm….thanks? I couldn't stop laughing!

  49. 54

    Courtney Steele says

    This happened about a month ago….. we were eating dinner and my 4 year old daughter sneezed and blew food everywhere- and I laughed. Because it was funny (I realize I shouldn't have laughed, but it was funny). Then, my daughter said, "Mommy, you are so mean for laughing at me" (okay, so I should have apologized), but instead, I said, "well, why don't you tell the whole world just how mean your mommy is." So, she bowed her head, closed her eyes and said "Dear God and Jesus, my mommy is so mean because she is laughing at me"……. well, of course, I laughed even harder (but I did try to hide it), and she opened one eye, looked at me, bowed her head again and said "God, she's still laughing at me."

  50. 55


    My kids say funny things all the time but for some reason I just can't think of anything. Oh my second born wanted to pop her head off and replace it with a Barbie head once. I told her that wouldn't be possible.

    Have a great Monday!

  51. 56


    That's hilarious. My daughter has quite a few of those…and she's only 1! The newest one was this past weekend. We were watching the kids show "Oobi" and she just started really getting into it. The show ended and my daughter says, "Mummy, more boobies. More boobies please Mummy."

  52. 57

    amygcb says

    My 4-year-old is learning the parts of the sanctuary during "Cherub" Choir. The teacher explained the narthex part of the church. When a visitor came to the class the next week to talk to them, the teacher asked what the back part of the church was, she piped up "the navel".

  53. 58


    My 9 year old son, "I look in the mirror and I see a unicorn."

    After listening to the song, "Christmas Shoes", I tell my children, "Please don't rush and and buy me a pair of shoes to bury me in, don't bury me with anything." The same son, "We will bury you with a shovel." Now, that's practical thinking!

  54. 59

    Anonymous says

    About 7 years ago the whole family was decorating the christmas tree when my oldest daughter (who was about 7) saw a cat walk by and wanted to know if it was a certain cat, don't remember the name. She watched it walk for a few minutes and then concluded that, no, it was another cat, named Tommy, and she could tell that because he was "baggy in the bottom".
    I was back squatting down in the corner fixing some decorations just dying. I kept glancing at my husband to see how it was he was able to not laugh, to see he was silently shaking, refusing to look at me.
    A few years before that my son, who would have been about 5 (he's now 15)went in to the master bath for something, when he came out he commented that there was hair all over the floor. I told him it was from daddy when he dried off after his shower (my husband is pretty hairy). My son looked at me with this shocked look on his face and said, "Daddy forgot to take his hair to work today!"
    hahahaha good times!

  55. 63


    My oldest daughter was just in a production of Wizard of Oz. We are all singing the songs around the house. I told my 5 year old to go do something to which he replied, "I don't want to." Of course, I explained that I didn't ask, I told. He walked away, muttering under his breath, "Ding Dong the witch is dead."

  56. 66

    Anonymous says

    From my 7 year old son, "Mom when I get big I'm going to have a mustache just like you"…time to get that waxed!!

  57. 67

    Angie says

    I was doing a Bible study with my 7 year old niece and said "God is omnipresent." She then got excited and said "He's on a present? What's in the present!?"

  58. 69

    Nancy says

    We had a cat when my kids were little and the cat was quite the hunter. One day my son came running into the house yelling, "The kitty's falling apart, the kitty's falling apart!" I looked out the door and asked what he was talking about. He pointed to a rabbit leg (looks similar to a cat's!) and he said, "The kitty's falling apart and there's a piece of her laying right over there!"

  59. 71


    We are playing catch phrase…and my college sophomore gets stuck on a word and loses his team's turn. He says, "Who the heck is Dean…and why does he have a list?" He was supposed to describe "dean's list". I looked at my husband and we just started laughing. Glad we're paying for that private college education!

  60. 72


    I still remember when I was single and my parents, and my sister's family came to visit me in the city. We were walking to a local coffee shop, and next door there were 2 20 somethings sitting on a door stoop smoking. As we passed them my 4 yr old nephew points directly at them and says "Mommy! They're SMOKING!!. That's BAAAAD!"
    At least they had a good sense of humor and laughed at him as my sister turned beet red!

    My son is now 2 1/2 and when I yell at his crazy kitten for getting in to something or knocking something off a table he tells me "Mommy! Don't yell at Baby! She's JUST a cat!"

    I have enjoyed reading everyone else's stories too! Kids are so funny!

  61. 73


    When my daughter was four, we were dining in a very nice Tulsa restaurant – something we didn't do very often. All of the sudden, she announced for the entire restaurant's listening pleasure, "My butt stinks!" Needless to say we were mortified.

  62. 74


    Just this last weekend I took my daughter's drink away because she was messing around with it instead of eating. She looked up at me and told me that I ruined her life. She is 3. I had to leave the room I was laughing so hard. She is full of stuff like that. I call them "Taylorisms" (her name is Taylor.

  63. 75


    My daughter Maddy (3 at the time) walked up to me and informed me that Mary was Jesus' mother. I was so proud of her and told her so. Then she said "And Mary had a little lamb whose fleets was white as snow". I laughed and vowed to be more specific during our Bible story time. But God convicted my heart because, technically, Jesus was a little lamb whose fleets was white as snow. LOL

  64. 76


    My daughter is fascinated with death as well. She's also 3 (will be 4 next month) but everytime I ask her what's wrong with one of her "honey's" her response is that the baby is scared because someone wants them dead…..I have no idea where she got it from and am trying to erase her brain of the word. That and she keeps talking about bad people wanting to kill her (stupid Snow White movie). Let me know if you find a solution :)

  65. 78


    That is too funny! Darn kids say the weirdest things. My youngest is 4 and insists on praying at dinner time. Nobody else is allowed to. Before he says his prayer, he has to prepare. He holds out both hands to the people next to him can hold them, he looks around to make sure everybody is in reverance then bows his head. When I say 'bow' he lays his head on the table. We can audibly hear him say 'Dear Heavenly Father' and 'Jesus Name, Amen'. The rest is a jumble of words. After Amen, he raises his finger towards heaven and says 'Buh bye'.

    And if anybody else tries to take a turn praying at dinner, there WILL be another round of prayers.

    Be safe in Kenya.

  66. 79


    My 3 y/o fell down, and got up laughing. I told him he was a tough cookie. He got a huge grin on his face and spent the rest of the day saying, "I'm a cookie!"

  67. 80

    Anonymous says

    I nanny for a family with three children ages 3,5 and 7. We were playing a game where we went around the circle and said what we have two of. We have two ears, two legs, two feet, two hands, etc

    we get to the 3 year old and he said "TWO BUTT CHEEKS!!"

  68. 81


    My youngest wrote an essay about her summer-she tried to advertise about her ability to do yard work in the neighborhood. It was quickly nixed when she asked for a little editing- she advertised about her "mow jobs"…poor baby.

  69. 83


    My mother-in-law lives a few houses down from us.
    One day my 6yo son wanted to make some pancakes for someone in the neighborhood. I suggested grandma. He made the pancake and ran it down to her. Right after she took a bite he said "I only dropped it once!"

  70. 84


    My nephew definitely went through the "death" phase – he was fascinated by headstones and cemeteries. One day my brother left him playing with his younger sister (about a year old) in the other room and instructed him to keep an eye on his toys because some of them weren't safe for his sister. Five minutes later – "No, Hannah! You're too young to be under a headstone!"

    He also asked at some other point where the rest of the body went (obviously only the head was under the headstone). Too cute!

  71. 85

    Anonymous says

    I teach 2 year olds in Sunday School. One time, a parent told me her son referred to suckers/lollipops as "lickers." It became funny when he would ask for another "licker." :)

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