WFMW: Traveling Without My Family

Please mark your calendars for the temporary move of WFMW for the next two week’s (March 3 & 10) . While I’m in Kenya with Compassion Bloggers, Shannon of Rocks in My Dryer, will be welcoming you all back to her place as she hosts WFMW for two weeks! There will NOT be a special theme for March 3, link any tip you’d like!

As most of you know, I’m heading to Africa in six days (or 126 hours, 14 minutes, 9 seconds to be exact).

Not that I’m a nervous counter or anything.

I’m nervous about the 30-something hours I’ll be spending in airports and airplanes. I’m a bit worried my queasy stomach will rebel with all the unaccustomed smells and travel. Not to mention, seeing the unfathomable hardships of a third world country will surely change me forever.

But spending 10 days away from my hubby and kids is what I’m preparing for today. That’s a long time. I know I will be extremely busy and with the time change on different continents and all, it might make daily contact with my loves difficult.

So. In order to help them not miss me as much (read between the lines–me missing them like crazy), I have done some pre-trip preparation to stay connected. Whether you travel for a weekend or a month, being away from your kids can tough, so I hope these tips help you sometime:

  • I have small journals for my two older kids. I’ve written them a note and tucked away pictures for each day that I’m gone. I’ve included little memories, scripture, and even jokes. I also tucked a $5 bill in the back, so their Dad can take them for a treat.
  • For my toddler, I bought a book at Hallmark called “All the Ways I Love You.” It’s a recordable storybook with my voice reading to her. There’s even space to record a little love message.
  • My hubby is completely capable, but just to ease his burden, I’m leaving him with a stocked pantry and some pre-made meals in the freezer. Since he’ll be juggling all my duties plus his own with the help of his mother and mine, I’ve left detailed instructions for each day.
  • I also have a family gift for my kids and hubby to open halfway thru my trip (some fun music, books).
  • Skype-While I was a Blissdom, I found an empty hallway and tested Skype out with my family. I think this little bit of technology is going to make a huge difference!
Do you have any ideas to add to this list? I’d love to read them!Thank you for joining me for WFMW! {You can read the guidelines here.}Have a Works-For-Me Wednesday tip you’d like to share? I’d love for you to join us!

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  1. 1


    Wow! I'll be praying for you!

    I leave love notes EVERYWHERE when I leave my hubs…cause after the kids are in bed, I want him to feel loved. :)

    We are talking – EVERYWHERE!

    Blessings to you,
    lana @ ilovemy5kids

  2. 2


    My friend Kim at Mom Tried It inspired me to try and be one of the first to link up for WFMW.

    But I think I'm gonna have to settle for #24 :) I can't handle the pressure!

    I love your Kenya Necklace and have a great trip!

  3. 3


    These are great tips! So excited for your trip and to read your experiences. Kenya is right next door to Ethiopia where the little girl we're in the process of adopting lives. Reading about what you see in Kenya will bring me much closer to her world than anything here in Texas!

  4. 6


    When my hubby and I left our kids alone for the first time we arranged for various friends to come over for dinner and hang out with them. They were so looking forward to fun guests, ordering pizza, and being the center of attention that they barely noticed we were leaving. When we got back they asked when we were leaving again.

  5. 8


    Thanks for this post! I have been looking for ideas to help the kids stay connected to their dad when he deploys. He won't be able to use internet or phones hardly at all and a year is a long time… especially to the little ones. I am going to implement some of these ideas for them to ease the pain of separation for them. Now if I can only find something for mine!

  6. 10


    Skype has an amazing way of bring continents closer together. I'm so happy for you for this trip… even though I'm sure many parts will be unfathomable for me from my lazyboy chair.

    You're the perfect blogger for the job.

    You go, girl.

  7. 12


    Have a wonderful trip. My friend just returned from Kenya -she went with her church visiting orphanages and hospitals. She had a very moving experience.
    504 Main

  8. 13


    Enjoy your time in Kenya! It will make you so, so thankful for what you have. I spent some time in Uganda last November. If you will be with someone who has an international cell phone you should be able to call home very cheaply – or text. I texted my husband and it was only like 12 cents a text or something.

    My biggest piece of advice is to keep and open mind and repeat to yourself "it's not weird or bad, it's just different to me." Works in most situations!

  9. 15


    I'll be praying for you and your family!

    I haven't done it (my lil man is only 2) but when my sister went away she had her hubby plan a few things to look forward to during the time she was away (trip to the zoo, Children's Museum, Theme Park). It kept the kids from obsessing about her return and made the time go quicker!

    Have a wonderful time!

  10. 16


    SOOOOOOOOO excited for you!!!!
    I can't wait to hear all about your trip. I'll be praying for you and your whole family during this wonderful opportunity. May God open the floodgates of heaven and give you His eyes to see during your journey. :)

  11. 17


    wow! you are prepared girl! that is awesome! I am so excited for you and cant wait to hear all the amazing things that God did while you are there.

  12. 18


    The first time my parents went on a business trip together I was in 2nd grade. My mom wrote my brother and me a note for each day. At the end of the note was the first clue for a scavenger hunt that led us to another clue and then finally to a little treat. (Like a new toothbrush, etc.) She did this for every day! It was really fun, and I remember it so clearly.

  13. 19


    Both of our boys are adopted, but leaving the adopt the first one wasn't hard; we weren't leaving any kids behind. The second time around, though, we had to leave our oldest behind, and that was sooooo hard. We were gone for two weeks and he stayed with my mother, and it was an eternity, but we got through it and it was worth it :o) We we got home, our oldest son looked so, well… OLDER.

    Needless to say, he got LOTS of hugs and kisses for many days after :o)

  14. 21


    These are all great ideas for "spending time with you" while you are away. We video tape story time (or tape record) and let them read along with the tapes.

    Note: I linked up to my WFMW post from LAST week. It had been scheduled to auto post but I was unable to link it up because I was in the hospital delivering baby. :)

  15. 23


    Your ideas for your children are wonderful and it will certainly make it easier on them while you are doing God's work.

    I have added your button to my sidebar and have already begun praying for you and your family!! What a special opportunity for you.

    I cannot wait to read all about your journey.

  16. 26


    Skype has been an awesome tool for us!! We live in TX and our entire family lives in MI with the exception of my sister and her hubby who live in Philly. We log on at least once a week so they can see what new things my little Munch is doing and she can become more familiar with them!

    Wishing you safe travels! You're doing a great thing!!

  17. 27


    My husband's parents traveled often when he was child and they did similar things to what you're mentioning, and at 27 he still values those little treats, notes, and expressions of love! I think what you're doing will not only help out for 10 days, but it will leaving a lasting memory for your children – you're not just going away to help others, but you're remembering your family as well. That's priceless! :)

  18. 29


    Kristen, I know that DOING SOMETHING can help ease any jitters. But, I think you are over thinking it. The family will be fine. Show hubby you respect his abilities by leaving him in charge to do it his way. It's only 10 days. The family will probably survive just fine with daddy running the ship via his own methods. Give him the gift of confidence. IMO. :)

  19. 30


    When I am away from my family I usually take something of my husbands to sleep in (t-shirt or boxers.)
    I find talking to the kids makes me very homesick, so if I call home and they aren't begging to talk I sometimes just talk to my hubs. It sounds harsh but he usually knows if one of them really needs to hear moms voice.
    I got the newsletter and of course I will share the button and info!

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