Proof That It’s Spring

We go to the Livestock show every Spring. We watch chicks hatch from eggs and we see how Mom’s hair has changed through the years.
This year we arrived just in time to see a baby lamb born (oh, goody, sex eduction!) My son proclaimed loudly (due to shock, I’m sure),
“Did that baby lamb just come out of that sheep’s _ _ _ _ ?????”


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    How cool that you have the same picture from every year – I love seeing how the kids grow up! (Also, I really liked your hair in 2008 – very retro-chic.)

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    LOL!!! I'll never forget when my daughter came home from kindergarten and said to me, "MOM! Emily said babies come out of your BUTT! Is that TRUE!?" (awkward silence) I don't even remember what I told her. Probably too shocked!

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    Marcy - The Glamorous Life! says

    Adorable. Promise me you will go back when they have all graduated college and take another shot like this. Promise me.


    (oh no you took away name/url on yoru comments. I can not use Open ID. It is all messed up for me. FOR YEARS. So the Google one will link to the old blog. Sorry)

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    Love the idea of taking the same type of photo each year, must bring back memories. Kids say the funniest things!(anytime/anywhere)…

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    ok JA's comment had me spitting out my tea! that kid cracks me up!! Love seeing how the kids change from year to year-its sweet & scarry all at the same time-ya know? they grow so fast-where is the pause button?!!!!

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    I LOVE BOYS!!!

    They are creatures beyond our comprehension!

    Then we grow up and marry the dudes!

    And your hair is cute every year!

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    Sorry about the comment change, Marcy (and others who've noticed)…I just kept getting really ugly anonymous comments and decided to disable that feature.

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    Hilarious! And this post makes me sad that we didn't make more of an effort to get down to the rodeo this year. :-( My youngest and I did see a glimpse of the trail ride when we were out one day, but we were headed the wrong direction to see them for too long.

    Note to Sharon–Make time to go the the HLSR next year!

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