This Little Boy is Counting on You

Mason is celebrating his defeat of cancer by having The World’s Largest Nerf Party! Tomorrow (Friday, March 19th), I’m hosting a virtual party (as a part of my DIFOP series), so please link picture(s) of your kids, neighbor’s, friends or yourself nerfin’ it up!
(Participants will be entered to win some cool Nerf stuff!)
Watch your back,
P.S. If you don’t have a blog, but would still like to participate, please send me a picture and I’ll share it for you!
Thank you for sending the Award Cut-Out Shapes for African Sunday Schools! We’ve collected HUNDREDS!!!!


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    Dear Kristen,

    Loved praying for you last week (Has it only been a WEEK, you are saying, I'm sure!). My parents serve in Mathare Valley as missionaries and return every time feeling as if they really did indeed go to hell..and yet, they speak of such Light there.

    Sorry to blab! We are Nerf gurus around here. But I'm computer illiterate so I'm not sure how to "link up". I'll just tell everyone about it on my blog. Fun times! Thanks, Karen

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    Hi Traci,
    I don't have a button. I'm sorry. There is a large logo that you can pull from the first post about Mason…but it's probably too big for the sidebar. Of course, you can also use the DIFOP button.

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