Bad Pictures are Good Posts

[I totally ripped off my fellow Compassion blogger, Ryan Detzel, for this great title]
My iPhone had 323 photos on it. I decided to clean it up a bit……….
only to discover it’s those bad photos that make great pictures:
Because everyone needs googley eyes:
This is one of 14 photos of my fisherman hubby and a fish:

I married a hick (if the above picture didn’t clarify that, the hat will):

Glazed over eyes=time to get off (also your toddler is taking pictures AGAIN):
Cousins on a shopping day for matching swimsuits (sisters sharing coupons):

What happens when your hubby tries to rub your headache away (bruising the next day!):
Deep thoughts:

Flying to Africa:

Appointment to the eye Dr. with your son turns date when you add dessert:

My oldest with her face smashed against my window:

It’s those unplanned, spontaneous moments of living that make the best memories!


  1. 2


    Great photos!

    I grabbed a bunch off my phone this weekend for a slideshow. I think the iPhone pics were the funniest!

    Oh, and I am so glad my kids haven't figured out how to take photos yet. I'll be in trouble when they do!

  2. 9


    FABULOUS! how wonderful and real these pictures are! I think I will go "clean up" my iPhone pics, and see what treasures await me. Thanks so much for sharing. Loved it! God bless!

  3. 10


    You're so right! I love those pictures and can't seem to delete them off.
    I'm way too sappy sentimental anyway! I keep most everything!
    Then cry when I run across it way later!
    I'm not kiddin…..time really does fly!

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