Date Night

We went to Chick Fil A, sipped on sweet tea and played Farkle for an hour.


It was perfect.
Do you celebrate date nights with your kids? How?
P.S. He’s eight today and still the sweetest boy I know. Happy Birthday, son!


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    The other day my daughter and I had a date to the mall. Got dinner (and vacuum bags). She is 3. I let her pick out what we would wear which made it really special for her. She wore a fluffy, floor length, hand-me-down, purple Easter dress and I wore a dress (that she picked out) too. It was sweet.

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    We love to do "mommy-daughter dates" We can't afford much, so we do hot cocoa at starbucks ($1.10) and a trip to the dollar store and if it is during the day then we include a trip to the park. I make sure to join her down the slide a few times. She is six and we have done it ever few months for 2 years – a wonderful, memory filled tradition.

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    Just last week, I sprung my soon to be 13 year old out of school for an impromptu shopping day. He needed clothes and some special time! We had a blast and it's gotten us miles in the attitude department! He didn't want to miss school (he's very focused) but was so glad he did.

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    Sweet picture! My son's most favorite place to eat is Olive Garden so I surprise him with just a mom and me date for lunch on a Friday after he's had one those "big test" at school.

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    He is SOOOO cute!!! My 5-year-old just lost his first tooth! They grow up so quickly. What a great date the two of you had together!

    ~ ~

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    LOVE this picture! Before we homeschooled, kiddo & I would have Friday "treats" after school on, well, Fridays. Now that we homeschool….every DAY is "date day", ALL DAY…ha! Next year, we'll reinstate Friday treats!

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    What a lovely photo! I don't really have 'date nights' – my kids are both in bed by 7pm – but I do like to take my son (3) out, we'll go pick up our veggie co-op and maybe head to starbucks and sit and chat. My daughter (14mo) and I will hopefully be going on shopping trips and getting pedicures soon.

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    My son and I have date night on Friday nights when he is with me. We always go to where he wants to eat and then go to check out the toy section at Target!

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    What a great picture w/your little man! I love date nights with my kids too! On my last one w/my dd, we went to a great paint-your-own pottery place, did some shopping, had dinner, then got some ice cream….so, so fun! I think those dates are so important and love how they open up during that one on one time!

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    We celebrate date nights every time one of the kids finishes a school book – and with a big family, that's a lot of dates!! However, the mom and kid one-on-one time is so valuable. With dad, they get individual time with him regularly because every time he goes to Home Depot, etc he takes one child with him. Good thing we've got lots of kids because he goes a lot!! :)
    Thanks for sharing your date night!!

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    What a great picture of you and your son, Kristen! You know, it's been so long since I've had a date night with one of my boys I can't remember when the last one was. Time to remedy that!

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    My 8 yr old son and I often spend Wednesday nights together… he goes to chess club and I wait for him.

    Then we head to dinner out, just the two of us, and really visit. I love having one on one time with him, and he does, too.

    As my second son is getting older, I'm trying to figure out how to add a night for him, too.

    I think it is a special time.

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    I try to do something special with my 2 year old on his birthdate (the 22nd of each month). We usually hit up McDonald’s and actually sit inside together, but last week we went through the carwash for the first time. I thought he’d enjoy watching the water, but I’m not sure how he felt about it. That’s OK – it’s fun to try new things anyway. We’ll try something different next time.

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