The Love of a Man

I closed my eyes and relaxed as the hair stylist washed my hair (the best part of a haircut!)

She stopped, her hands still in my tangled hair. I squinted open an eye. She leaned in and said in a quiet voice,”You are a lucky woman. Do you know how much your husband loves you?”
My face posed a question mark.
She answered, “I cut your husband’s hair last week and you were all he talked about. You should have seen the way his face lit up talking about you!”
I smiled and warmed at her words. Until, I recognized the longing in her voice and the loneliness in her eyes. It’s a look I recognized, the one of a woman who isn’t loved well.
This was the second time in recent days, someone commented on my husband’s love for me.
“He talks about you. I see love in his eyes when he says your name. He is proud of you.”
I feel unworthy of such adoration and remarkable love from my spouse. But it’s a true reflection of His love for God, and God’s love for me.
The love of a man is reflected in a wife’s face. Her steps are lighter, her burden is eased. She scowls less and laughs more. Every wife needs her husband’s love.
I asked my hubby to tell me what makes him love me so well.
He Said:
Five Reasons a Man Loves His Wife
(This is what I heard):
  1. A man who loves Jesus naturally loves his wife. A wife who loves her God is irresistible.
  2. A man who is respected by his wife loves her deeply in return.
  3. A man loves watching his wife care for his children.
  4. A man who is heard and listened to by his wife finds her intriguing and desirable.
  5. A man who is satisfied talks about his wife when she isn’t around.
Tell me: Are you a loved woman?


  1. 2


    How sweet of your Hubby to speak so about you! It is sad when you meet women who are feeling neglected. I know I sometimes take for granted my Husbands love. Thanks for sharing such a sweet story.

  2. 3


    what a neat testimony to your marriage and of both you and your husbands commitment to and love of the Lord!

    this was a sweet post and a blessing to read. what a treasure to have someone else tell you or rather just reaffirm what you already knew about the love your husband has for you.

  3. 5


    What a sweet post. I think I'm a loved woman. I was told by the EMT who was with my husband as he was transported by an ambulance from his car accident. She said that most people ask about themselves, their condition, if they will die, what happend, but this EMT said all my husband talked about was me the whole drive there. She said that rarely happens, but all he could think about was me. Luckily he survived and is ok.

  4. 7


    Yes mam I am a loved woman and I thank God everyday for my man because many around me are NOT loved or have already given up on their marriages and it grieves me so.

    Thank you for writing this post .. for many, many reasons ..

  5. 9


    I feel loved and blessed that I have my husband in my life. I refer to the time before we met at The Time When My Life Had No Meaning. He thinks I say it as a joke. I'm not joking.

  6. 10


    You know, reading your list of reasons your husband loves you, I realized I need to be making a better effort at being a wife who is a worthy recipient of such love. :)

  7. 13


    I do feel loved by my husband. Though I'm pretty sure I need to do better in making him feel more respected. I'm lacking in that area lately. Thanks for the reminder 😉

  8. 15


    As I was reading your story, I knew EXACTLY what you were talking about. I, too, am blessed with a husband who talks endlessly about me "behind my back." I know he cares for me deeply, loves me, cares for me, and I think he would agree with your husband's "five reasons." He really lives out the love of God to me!

  9. 19


    Eight years ago, I wouldn't have been able to answer your question and reading this post would've brought tears to my eyes. But then I found the courage to make some decisions I knew would adversely affect my children. But prayer won out and courage prevailed and today I can honestly say that I am a woman well loved and I love in return. My girls now know what a loving relationship between a man and a woman should look like. It was a long road but we are all happy and, yes, I am a woman well loved!

  10. 20


    I, too, am a well loved woman! I love it when my pastor-husband comes up to me in the church foyer with all the congregants around and hugs me. I believe his example also makes the husbands in church more loving towards their lives. Great post!

  11. 21


    If I had been washing your hair, I would have told you that you were a blessed woman. Then, I would have stopped because there almost aren't words for it, this kind of love we are gifted from our husbands and from God. I would not have longed for it or been lonely for it like your dear friend, for that would have been like being envious of my twin sister's birthday present when I myself got the same thing. But we would have rejoiced together, maybe done a pre-adolescent giddy dance (well, maybe I would have! Ha!). And hopefully, we would thank Jesus yet again for our guys. So glad you are well loved, Kristen.
    In Him, Karen

  12. 22


    Although he isn't always good at showing it, I know I am a loved woman. It's there in the little things when I take time to look for them. He just has a different love language. (i.e. short sheeting our bed when he went away this weekend is his way of saying "I'll miss you")

    Still, I need to work on that list of 5 things, because I know there is always room for more in that area.

  13. 24


    I'd (currently) have to side with Lindsey. It's easy to point fingers at your spouse for "not loving" as much as you'd like, only to realize there several fingers pointing back at yourself.

    I was pretty convicted reading this post this morning.

    "Growing as I go!"… is all I really have to say in summery.

  14. 25


    What a great post. And a great reminder to be the woman who deserves the love of a godly man. I sometimes wish my husband were more expressive of his love, or would love me differently, but I know he's exactly what I need. Just the other night he came home from an elder meeting at our church, threw his arms around me and held me for a long time. It was a tough meeting with some tough issues and he said, "I'm just so glad you're my wife." Moments like those make it all worthwhile.

  15. 26


    Thank you for a great post! I am loved and thankful for it! I have been ministering to some young couples who are struggling in their marriages and I pray someday their husbands will think like yours!

  16. 27


    I feel that I am a loved women. Married 21 years this June there must be something right about it. We have our ups and downs and it seems more downs lately, but we always make it. I know many husbands work and support their wife and family but in my case it is the other way around and I feel very resentful about it. I have prayed and prayed but still don't understand why my husband has no desire to support me. He complains about not being able to have this and that and I am thinking to myself and speaking it to – if you would just get out and make some money then things would be better. I am releasing more info then I should but it just came out. I must have needed to get it off my mind. Please forgive for speaking about my husband this way. He is a good man and is wonderful with our son.

  17. 28


    Yes! I am a loved woman. Your list was still a good reminder of what I need to continue doing to be deserving of that love.

  18. 29


    What a blessing. I love the reasons that your husband gave. Love between husband and wife is a beautiful and precious gift from God.

    Happy Mother's Day.

  19. 30


    I hope my daughters will find the kind of husband I was blessed with. My mom claims she prayed for us to find the right man from the day we were born. For this I am thankful.

  20. 32


    I have the world's most awesome husband. He loves me so well. And there are soooo many days when I don't feel like I deserve it. He is a nothing but a gracious gift of God to me. Don't know how I ended up with him other than that…

  21. 34


    I wasn't going to comment, but then I just felt like I couldn't not comment.

    I AM a loved woman. I'm not married. I'm a single parent. My husband went to be with Jesus over 8years ago. We struggled before that.

    I couldn't have even read this a few years ago without feelings of sadness mixed with a hint of bitterness.

    Thank God for healing. Thank God for Jesus who teaches me everyday that I am a LOVED woman.

  22. 35


    I'm glad you commented. I sincerely didn't mean to exclude widows or single parents in this post. It was really for married people, I guess.

    But you are absolutely right, the love of God is enough and even far better than the love of any human.

  23. 36


    I am not only well-loved, I am cherished. There's a difference and he shows it every single day. We celebrated 34 years of marriage last month and I've felt cherished every one of those days. I hope he can say the same.

  24. 38

    Rachel says

    I pray someday I will be so loved. I, too, am a single parent and tears are streaming down my face as I type. I know I am worthy. We all are. I know Jesus loves me like no other. Thing is, He doesn't hug me after a long day, cuddle with me, kiss my forehead upon waking, make coffee, or play ball with my son. (Can you tell my Love Languages are touch and quality time?) I yearn so badly to be honored, loved, respected, admired, and cherished as you are. Looking into my eyes, I am sure you would see the same longing and lonliness as in your shampooer. You are so blessed. Please pray for me and the other single and lonley readers out here.

  25. 39


    My husband is the best man I have ever known. He loves me beyond my wildest expectations and never fails to impress me with his little loving gestures and surprises. Surely, God is an amazing gift-giver. Blessed, I am.

  26. 40


    I'm blessed to be a loved woman. Various family friends have actually expressed concern that my husband's praises must be overcompensation to cover serious marital problems. Nope. He's just very enthusiastic about me and our marriage.

  27. 41


    I don't really feel cherished–although my hubby is working on it. he sent me flowers today. but the things you say ring true. i know you can see the stress in my face. my steps are heavy and i feel a burden. i scowl too much, and i'll go days without laughing–even with my 4 young children. it's been years since i laughed with my husband. we are both believers, but my Hubby is angry at God–and therefore everyone around him. there are some roots of bitterness and anger over things that happened after we got married, but were out of our control. he doesn't want to pull those roots….it's too gratifying to nurse them, and it touches all of us. pray for us. too.

  28. 42


    i just wanted to add: the Loy of the Lord is my strength! and even if you are NOT loved by your spouse, you can still pray that God will "restore unto you the joy of your salvation." I named my daughter Joy because I know that joy comes from God, and doesn't depend upon another person finally making me feel loved. But i haven't given up hope on it either!

  29. 44

    Blogger says

    Yes, I am a loved woman. I have a wonderful husband. Together we serve God with all our hearts and long for Him more and more. We have 2 boys as well, 6 and 3 soon respectively. It is our heart to raise men of God that will walk in His righteousness and will love their wives the way God loves us. Thank you for your beautiful post. Blessings!

  30. 45

    Nikki Ritter says

    I saw something interesting last night… made me rethink some of the struggles I’m having in my marriage right now.
    “Because someone doesn’t love you the way you want them to doesn’t mean they don’t love you with all they have.” anonymous.

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