My Forever Child {Giveaway}

*UPDATED* Thank you for sharing your stories of loss and hope. This is so much more than a contest for jewelry and I appreciate your comments. I started a thread in my BlogFrog community about our forever children. Please feel free to continue to encourage each other. The random winner is ~Alison~ Under the Big Oak Tree.

My Forever Child is graciously offering a 10% discount on their special jewelry to my readers who use the code THATFAMILY until May 31.

I tried to get pregnant with my first child for three long years.

I had a miscarriage.

I hated Mother’s Day for many years.

I know the pain of infertility and loss.

That’s why when My Forever Child contacted me about their unique ministry to Moms who have known loss, I knew I needed to share it with you.

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My Forever Child creates personalized jewelry from the heart, rich with symbolism and meaning. Specializing in tangible reminders to honor and acknowledge our loved ones, while celebrating their life and the love they have bestowed to us. We believe that jewelry should tell a story and be meaningful for the wearer. Our personalized keepsakes are handcrafted upon order in our studio and customized to your specifications. Treasured memories will always be in your heart forever.

~Most of the pieces are handcrafted by Susan Mosquera, jewelry artisan and mother of 4 young children and 1 stillborn baby boy. Her journey of grief, healing, and hope was the inspiration for My Forever Child. Susan’s passion is to be able to help other’s through their life’s journeys with jewelry pieces meaningful for them.

Product Lines:

~Custom engraved handprint jewelry and footprint jewelry from your child’s actual prints. This is a special and unique way to celebrate your child`s life, and to carry with you a treasured keepsake made from their creation!

~Personalized Remembrance and Memorial Jewelry to honor your lost loved ones and keep their memories close to your heart.

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~Memorial Jewelry for Miscarriage, Stillbirth, Pregnancy and Infant Loss to honor the tiny souls that touch and change your life, but gone too soon.

~Pregnancy and Fertility Jewelry with genuine gemstones and symbolic charms.

~Hand Stamped and professionally engraved unique Mother’s Jewelry, Family Jewelry, and Men’s pieces to honor ALL your children, both on earth and in Heaven.

In honor of My Forever Child‘s 5th Anniversary, they are offering one random reader a $50 gift certificate. Please leave a comment for yourself or someone you know that has suffered a loss and that will be your entry. This giveaway ends on Thursday.


  1. 152


    Beautiful giveaway! My first loss happened 9/5/2006 ~ one of the worst days of my life. I was halfway done with my pregnancy when we found she was no longer with us. I actually had her cremated and some of her ashes were put in this heart urn necklace that I wore all of the time. Well, one day when it wasn't around my neck my 2 year old got ahold of it and I saw her chuck it in the toilet and flush it before I could get to her. Nothing will ever be able to replace it, but I would love to have something like this to remember not only her, but my most recent loss that happened in January.

  2. 153


    I am entering for a girl I went to school with. In February she had an emergency c-section to give birth to twins 13 weeks early. 2 little girls. 10 days after they were born, one of the little girls passed away, while the other one clung to life. As if it wasn't hard enough living at the NICU, recovering from surgery, she and her husband who had only been married 9 months, had to plan a funeral for their first born baby, who was only 10 days old. I'm not going to say she's one of my best friends or anything, but she is someone I care about and I think something like this would be so meaningful to her. Her 2nd little girl finally made it home and out of the NICU just a couple of weeks ago. :)

  3. 154


    My mother-in-law lost her youngest son almost 14 years ago to a genetic defect. He only lived 27 minutes. We thought for the longest time it was inherited, and I was afraid I would have a child born with same defect. We were all elated 4 years ago when the specialist I saw for my last ultrasound told us we had the same chances as anyone else of having a child born with the defect. It relived my mother-in-law the most because it meant my husband's brother and sister do not have to stress and worry when they go to have children. I would love to win her the gift certificate to show her how much I appreciate how great a mother and grandmother she is.

  4. 155


    I wanna enter my sister Angel, Her and her husband have been trying to conceive for a little over 3 years now they have gone thru IVI and IVF finally on the frist IVF try they got blessed with a buddle of joy only to find out at there 8 week ultrasound that her babys heart had stopped she and her husband have now lost their only blood child and can not try again she how ever is an AMAZING WOMEN she has been taking care of my neice ( Not her child my other sisters) for almost 8 years and even tho that is not her blood child shes takes care of her as if she was.. On her frist ultrasound picture all the kids called the baby a bean and to look at the necklace it looks just like her bean may she RIP..

  5. 156


    I am entering for a friend who lost the baby they had tried SO hard to conceive and nearly lost her own life as well. Thankfully she is here with their son, but is still very much in grief over losing his precious little sister is a very tragic way.

  6. 158


    This jewelery is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your loss with us. I lost my second child, the one we tried for 13 months for. I had a missed miscarriage on March 26,2008 -I was 9 1/2 weeks along. I was devestated. Still, even after having our third child 7 months ago, I still miss and mourn the loss of my tiny baby. I named him Noah Joel Hoyt which means rest; peace and the Lord is God. Thank you for letting me share here.

  7. 160


    I have a dear friend who lost her son at 10 days old, due to a genetic disorder, after he was born at 28 weeks gestation. Would love to be able to give her a gift to remember him with.

  8. 161


    I'm praying for the scores of women in these comments who have endured the loss of a child or children. May you be blessed with friendships rich in empathy and encouragement; and may you someday know the blessing of holding your own healthy child in your arms.

  9. 163


    My sister has had 3 miscarriages. After having a successful (and only so far) pregnancy, I can't imagine the pain of losing a baby before you even get to meet him.

  10. 164


    While I know a few people that would love to memorialize a loss of a pregnancy (myself included) I'd like to make my entry for my aunt. She lost her daughter at the age of 3 (almost 20 years ago) due to a heart defect. At such a young age, my cousin was such an amazing child and touched so many people that knew her. At the time, we had a very large, close-knit family and we were ALL hit very hard by her passing. We all have such wonderful memories of her and not a day goes by when we don't think of her. Especially now, when I see traces of her personality in my baby girl! Becky, I love and miss you! xoxo

  11. 165


    infertility and miscarriage are so much more common than most people realize. we miscarried our first child. even though we have gone on to have other children, she is still in my heart. i recieved a letter from my grandmother talking about a child that she lost over 50 years ago.

  12. 166


    I have two friends in mind. One that had a still born baby and another who had a placental abruption and her baby died eight hours after he was born.

    Thank you for this give away.

  13. 167

    Anonymous says

    I would like to gift the certificate to my friend who lost her first baby, sweet Steven, at 10 months last December.

  14. 168


    We just suffered our 5th miscarriage/ loss of a baby on Mothers Day. We do have one beautiful 5 year old but are just aching for the loss of the others. My husband and I were just talking about getting one of these as I feel it will make me feel a little better to always have them with me in some way

  15. 169


    We lost our baby girl, Savannah Grace, on October 28, 2008. She was 27 weeks and had a fatal chromosome disorder called Triploidy. My heart aches for her but I know she is dancing in heaven with Jesus.

  16. 170


    Thank you for posting this amazing opportunity! I lost both my first and second babies: Rylie Rochelle and Gabriel Matthew due to unknown cause at 15 weeks gestation.

    What a neat way to honor them!

  17. 171


    I still struggle today with the loss of my second child at 17 weeks. I know that my third child has a special angel watching over him

  18. 172


    I lost my newborn daughter 4 years ago and there are still days when I don't feel like getting out of bed. But I do, and it does get better!

  19. 173


    It's been 4 years since I lost Isaiah. At times I still weep for him and think about him.

    I purchased a plaque for our wall at the time in memory of him that says “Rejoice in every good thing that the Lord thy God has given you” found in Deuteronomy 26:11 because, though it was a painful loss, Isaiah was a a good thing

  20. 174

    Dawn Norman says

    I can't even read all the comments. It makes me cry. We lost our 3rd child to a miscarriage last November but are now pregnant with our 4th. It made Mother's Day so much easier knowing I was pregnant. But I would like to enter for my sister-in-law that lost her first pregnancy in December right after my miscarriage. It was heart wrenching and still makes me cry.

  21. 175


    I would love to win this for our neighbor. Last week, they lost their baby girl. She only lived 1 day. Our neighbors are not believers and although we have been sharing with them for over a year, this has opened doors we never would have imagined. We are praying that God will use this horrible tragedy to bring our neighbors to know Him.

  22. 176


    My cousin's wife, my best friend, has had two miscarriages. I think our family often forgets those when we see her four healthy children. However, Rachel remembers them every day. I would love to give her a gift certificate to have something to wear that reminds everyone of her angel babies.

  23. 177


    What an amazing ministry…
    I'm entering for myself. After the birth of our son, we suffered infertility for 8 long years. We were blessed with a little girl. We have gone on to try to conceive again, only to suffer two heart-breaking losses, one a 2nd trimester loss, which was devastating.

  24. 178


    I would love a piece for myself. I've been searching for just the right thing to mark my miscarriage for me. I feel the need for something tangible. This is such a ministry. Blessings on those who've chosen to create these beautiful rememberances.

  25. 179


    I would love to enter. My son Aidan was born with a number of health problems and died at age 4 months. This was almost 11 years ago. God has healed me, but this little boy will always be a big part of me.

  26. 180


    We have several close friends who have suffered a loss due to miscarriage. Three of them were pregnant at the same time as their own sisters, and have a constant reminder of their loss. It has been heart breaking to see them go through this and all three of them have had two miscarriages each. This is for all the children they long for and miss.

  27. 182

    johnsoneg says

    I am entering this for myself. I lost our little boy at 18wks gestation last July, we found out he had Triploidy—No parent should ever hear that their baby won't live. I think it is quite possibly the worst news I have ever heard. I still have days where I wish he was here with us. This last year has been one of the most difficult–we have been trying for another child but have had no luck. I know we eventually will have another baby, but in the mean time it is difficult.

  28. 183

    johnsoneg says

    I am entering this for myself. I lost our little boy at 18wks gestation last July, we found out he had Triploidy—No parent should ever hear that their baby won't live. I think it is quite possibly the worst news I have ever heard. I still have days where I wish he was here with us. This last year has been one of the most difficult–we have been trying for another child but have had no luck. I know we eventually will have another baby, but in the mean time it is difficult.

  29. 184


    What a nice giveaway! I am entering for myself, I lost a little one just over a month ago. Thank you for the chance to win.

  30. 187


    Even though I have lost three babies to miscarriage, I would enter on behalf of my friend at work who lost her son to stillbirth in January, and has never spoken about him since then. I would love to be able to show her that her son is not forgotten, and that it is O.K. to remember him.

  31. 189


    How beautiful! I have multiple reasons for entering, but would like to purchase something for a friend who lost their baby a week after birth. I know this would mean a lot to her. Thank you for the chance to enter!

  32. 190


    I am entering on behalf of myself, I guess..lost one to a miscarriage and another at full term due to a genetic disease.

  33. 191


    I would love to win this for myself (I have lost five babies), but if I did win this, I would get something for a friend of mine who has also lost five babies ~ and who is going through so much heartache just now.
    Thank you for sharing with us!

    mjbc07 at yahoo dot com

  34. 192


    Although I lost my first baby to miscarriage, I would like to enter on behalf of my neighbor who had twins at 25 weeks and lost her daughter, Morgan in April. . .her son Mason is still in NICU and could use our prayers.

  35. 193


    We were so thankful for our beautiful daughter. We prayed that we could be blessed with more. I miscarried an angel that is forever in my heart.

  36. 194


    I would love something from this line to honor my sweet Leah Grace, who I lost at 17 weeks pregnant, and her little brother Abram whom I miscarried at 9 weeks due to chromosome issues.

  37. 195


    I would like to enter for my friend who tragically lost her son at the age of 6. I have his hand prints from about 3 months before he passed and his infant foot prints. I would love to get her a pendant so she can carry that piece of him with her.

  38. 196


    I have 3 sweet babies in Heaven. 2 I lost early to miscarriage. I lost my daughter Hannah at 18w4d. My water broke due to infection and she was much too little to survive. What beautiful jewelry to honor these sweet babies.

    xxx Katy

  39. 197


    I am entering for my cousin Nicole, who has 2 little twin angels in Heaven. This is beautiful jewelry, thanks so much for the chance to win.

  40. 198


    I am blessed to have my first child here on earth with me, but since having her I have lost 5 beautiful babies (Audrey at 19w6d gestation, and 4 other angels lost at 5 and 6 weeks). Wearing a tangible memory of them would mean so much.

  41. 200


    Just a few days ago, my church friends, Rebecca and Landon, delivered their first child stillborn at 6th months along. Little Isaiah is missed so deeply. Would love to bless Rebecca with something like this while the pain is so fresh and real.

  42. 201


    i lost my first born at 20weeks and 2days.We named him Connor i am still struggling alot with my lost as we had tryed for four and a half years before we fell pregnant.he was born sleeping on the 30/06/09 and evry day is a hard day..i am coming up to his first angelversary its so hard

  43. 202


    i lost my 1st child when i was 17 weeks on the 27-05-2007
    it hurts every year
    then in 2009 i had a baby girl named izabella she is the reason im still here..

    im life went down hill after losing my baby but falling pregs with her made me see that i need to be here in this world no matter how much i wished i wasnt

    now 3 yrs later 2 weeks b4 my baby 3yr brithday
    i have a good life
    i still miss my little one everyday but i know when i feel the wind in my ear its my angel telling me then everything is ok & that my angel is still here with me 2day

    r.i.p my sweet angel

  44. 203


    Your jewelry is beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to make it available to us. I lost my first child at 8 1/2 weeks pregnant, and my third child at 11 1/2 weeks pregnant. I have one living child, but still love and miss my two that are waiting for me in heaven.

  45. 204


    Our daughter passed away at ten days old. She would be ten months old (in two days). I have so desperately wanted to get some kind of remembrance jewelry and love Forever Child. A friend's daughter just recently passed away two days after her second birthday. It was a tragic accident. Maybe we could share the gift certificate. Thank you for doing this.

  46. 205


    On Nov 14, 2008, our world came crashing down we learned that our daughter, Natalie, didn't have a heartbeat at 19.2 wks. We got pregnant again about a year later. At 16 wks into that pregnancy, my water broke and we chose to do the "expectant waiting" and I carried our son, Tobias, for another 5 weeks until we both fell ill with a terrible infection. He was born sleeping at 21.1 weeks (On May 1st of this year). Our future is unknown and full of testing but our sweet babies will always be with us, we will always carry them with us and know they are watching over us every minute, of every day.

  47. 206


    Miscarriage 1993 @12 weeks
    Stillbirth 2006 @ 16.3wks – Stanford Jacob, we cremated and cherish his ashes.
    Live birth July 2007 – 8 weeks early. She will be 3 this yr. Miracles happen, they just take time

  48. 207

    Holly C. says

    For my beautiful daughter Jorie born at 19w6d, due to my Incompetent Cervix, 3/12/2008. She is very loved & missed daily.

  49. 208

    NatalieAngel says

    I would love to enter. I'm a mother of two boys and after 3+ years of trying to conceive we were blessed with a daughter. After a placental abruption at 24 wks, I gave birth at 28 wks on Nov 2,2009. We both had a terrible infection that she could not endure and passed after two days. I miss my sweet baby angel, Natalie Marie, everyday! Thank you for making grieving a little easier!

  50. 209


    Hi. My name is L'Briska. April 7, 2010, we lost our little boy, Julian Angel at 21 weeks. This was my husband's first child. We do have our prints, pictures and memories, but its not the same as having our little angel with us. This past weekend, we also lost our cat, Samantha, of 15+ years. We plan to purchase several of your pieces and would love the opportunity to be winner of one of them. Your pieces are so beautiful! God bless!

  51. 210


    I'm sorry for your loss. I lost a baby in April 2002 and it broke my heart. I've gone on to have two sons since that loss, but I think of that baby every day and wonder what he or she would be like today.

  52. 211


    I am entering for my sister-in-law who had three miscarriages, before she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, who turned one this past January. She is now pregnant again. November will be 5 years since she lost her first baby, and I would like her to have something nice to remember her little ones by and always have near her heart.

  53. 212


    I would like to enter myself, for my third child who died at birth due to placental abruption, never to be forgot, cherished every day. Thank you.

  54. 213

    Rebekah says

    Hello, My name is Rebekah Ramirez. I am a 26yr old military wife, proud mother of 7 yr old daughter. But unfortunately this past Feb 25th my husband and I lost our daughter Lana in a stillbirth. Regardless of this being my second child and his first the experience and loss are both heartbreaking and unbearable. I want to enter our story for a chance to win a gift for either my husband Eddis, who has been my rock and full support through all of this or my beautiful daughter Nova whom has encouraged me to keep going and let joy back in my heart. Without either of them by my side i cant imagine how I would’ve gotten to today.

    Always in our hearts Lana Ramirez, Mommy loves you.

  55. 214


    I felt guilty when I experienced a miscarriage as I felt that I could have carried out something to stop losing my baby. However, I later managed to move on as I found that mainly miscarriages happen because of fetal abnormalities or else internal problems which can not be prevented. I also discovered out that miscarriages are normal occurrences in ladies only that most of them encounter them even before understanding they had been pregnant. The implantation procedure is not usually ideal and at occasions it takes the lady physique numerous tries to get it accurate.

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