The Kind of Man I Married

The third week of every month, he travels down the congested road in his salesman shoes. Every third week, he passes homeless men. They are dirty, some with signs, others aimless, but all forming a derelict community.

One day about a year ago, my husband stopped. He had extra food from an event in his company car and fed the hungry. Some months he passes out chicken biscuits, other months, tacos. He always stops to listen to their stories. He isn’t sent by some church or fulfilling some ministry, there aren’t accolades or attention for his unseen acts.  He saw a need.

Late last week, the third week of the month, he called me. One of the homeless men he’d been helping had a medical need and was in pathetic shape. Please read it in his words…..

He says he’s just doing what feels right to him. But to me, he’s amazing.

Because that’s the kind of man I married.


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    And here you thought he got “out of the ministry”. Sounds like he’s doing more ministry than he ever did working in a church. Tell him thanks for making me cry. And think. Love you guys.

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    What a gift your posts are to other wives! You always inspire me to not take the little (or big!) things for granted.

    Happy Memorial Day.

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    I married one of those too. He honestly amazes me every day. When I was younger and more selfish his gift of HELPS used to really annoy me to be honest. But thankfully, God worked on ME and now I am in awe of his great gift.

    He now leads our recovery ministry where we serve in the inner city and these men are actually in our house on a regular basis now, as friends-like family to us. All because of my husband’s huge heart-certainly not mine!

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    Your husband’s post really spoke to me. My younger brother is an addict. He keeps trying to fill his “crack” with drugs and alcohol – when all he really needs is Jesus. May we never forget or get to busy to pray for the lost. Family, the homeless, or someone that God brings to our minds.

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    Your husband’s words spoke to me as well. My own brother-in-law became the “least of these” himself after falling to the grip of addiction. God used it to personalize the message for us. I pray that your husband will be blessed in this ministry of his! I am so grateful to share that my own BIL found the Christ who fills the cracks last year, and now, God is using him in a mighty way. Your husband and others like him may never see the fruit, but I thank God for their seed.

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    thank you for sharing, we are truely blessed to be married to men of integrity. I know you are collecting material for pillowcase dresses but if we are making some on our own when would you like us to mail them

    • 11.1

      kristen says

      Hi Pam,
      Can you send them to the PO Box on my blog, so we can get an accurate grand total? Thank you!

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    Kris says

    What an amazing man! Thanks for sharing a little of him with us. It makes me stop to remember how my hubby is amazing in his own ways. Look forward to reading his blog as well!

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    Thanks a lot..i find ur blog truly inspirational….every post teach me something and also .I will like to congrat u because u have a beautiful family…God Bless u!

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    What an amazing man. I like what he says about thinking that someone should help – and then realizing that he WAS the someone. Too many people these days pass by waiting for someone else to step in. What a great man you’ve married!

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    I love hearing how others serve, it is a blessing! You have an amazing man and are so blessed that he is obedient to where he is led! : )

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