The Shirt Every Husband Needs {Giveaway}

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Yesterday, I told y’all about the kind of man I married.

He’s a good man.

But I’ll be honest with you, when my husband told me what he wanted to do for his homeless friend, these words might have come out of my mouth: “Yes, go ahead and buy him colostomy bags, but DON’T GET YOURSELF KILLED. Because dinner is at 6.”

Every man needs a bossy caring wife. A woman who loves him deeply and dresses him well. Which is exactly why I’m thrilled he’s getting this shirt for Father’s Day from me:

[insert proud smile here]

The good people over at Union28 are sending me this shirt for my hubby for Father’s Day. I think he’s going to love it. I know I do. But let’s not talk about me.

Over the past year, I’ve developed a friendship with the owner(s) of Union28 and I love that they support strong marriages. They are the smart people who created the My Husband Rocks shirt that I wear every other week. I wear it even when he doesn’t. Rock.

I love the way that shirt makes him feel. I love that it makes husbands wish their wives would wear a shirt like it. I love that in a small, but tangible way, it builds my marriage.

Union28 is giving away TWO $25 gift certificates today. This giveaway ends on Friday.

PLUS, Union28 is offering a discount off your order using this code: U28WATF10

It’s valid from June 1st – June 20th and is good for 10% off any Union28 order.

Please leave a comment to be entered and tell me which shirt you like AND tell me something you love about your spouse.


  1. 151

    Kristen says

    I love the “I love my wife”Shirt. What I love about my husband is the way he is the perfect caregiver. He works hard to support our family which allows me to be a Stay at home mother. He loves our kids more then anything but he also shows me that I am his love! I love My Josef!

  2. 152

    Ann Cox says

    I love my husband for the God fearing, God loving, wife loving, son loving, (we only have sons) man he is. I respect him more than I can express with words. I am blessed to call him husband! :) My favorite shirt is the “i love my wife” shirt in grey and the women’s red fitted shirt too.

  3. 153

    Cindy says

    I love the Daisy He Loves Me Lots t. Very cute!

    I love my hubby because despite being legally blind he never lets it slow him down. He’s a supportive, loving and caring husband and father. He’s the best!

  4. 154

    Gretchen says

    I like the “My husband rocks” t-shirt because ….
    Every morning he wakes up with our son, changes him, bring him to me to nurse, and, after all that, goes and makes me coffee and brings it to me in bed! He rocks!

  5. 155

    Lisa Bishop says

    I love the “my wife rocks” metro tee in black! Very cool! My husband does rock. He is funny, witty, and a Godly man!

  6. 156


    I love that my spouse is committed to our marriage and that he makes me smile (sometimes even when I don’t want to 😉

  7. 157


    My favorite is the shirt you actually featured in your post because he DOES love me, even when I’m not exactly acting lovable!

  8. 160


    I like so many of the shirts. I think I would choose the United Rings shirt, but maybe the long-sleeve red tee instead. I don’t know!

    So many things I love about my husband. Recent: he has suggested getting our house cleaned once a month by someone else, even though I stay home and should be able to do it. But we have six kids (one is new) and I don’t like cleaning, and well, he didn’t even think twice when we found out how affordable it is. What a generous man.

  9. 162


    I love the Hot Pink “My Husband Rocks” Fitted Tee. I love that my hubby never complains, always compliments and esteems me, and loves me like Christ loves the church. I thank God for him daily.

  10. 163

    Bethany says

    I LOVE this site! My husband and I are alwalys looking for sweet ways to remind each other how much we love our marriage/each other. This is a great thing. I loke the my husband/wife rocks tees. Might have to buy a set if I don’t win!


  11. 164

    Marcy M says

    I love them all! My two favorites are the white daisy “He loves me alot” and the brown “My Husband Rocks” shirts. I love so many things about my husband, I feel as though God created him just for me.

  12. 165

    Tami says

    I love that he works so hard for us. I love that he teaches our girls how boys think and why they behave the way they do.

  13. 166


    I definitely like the “I love my wife” t-shirt. It’s awesome! I love my hubby because he always does his best to keep me grounded. I’m a dreamer…sometimes a little too much, he knows how to bring me back down to earth. <3 He's my rock.

  14. 167


    I love the same gray “I Love My Wife” shirt. for my hubby.

    I love the way my husband gets things done. We are in the midst of selling our house and moving and he has taken care of all the details.

    You could also send some prayers his way. He is having Tommy John surgery tomorrow.

  15. 168

    julie mullen says

    it’s all so cute! i love the red – i love my husband ones and the little girl my daddy rocks ones! it never ceases to amaze me how my husband continues to love me unconditionally no matter what – as someone already mentioned, it’s like he was created just for me. :)

  16. 169


    I would love love love the “my husband rocks” shirt because my hubby totally rocks. He is the best husband and dad. One thing I love about him (so much to choose from)–he cooks. He cooks dinner more often than I do. :-)

  17. 170


    I love all of the shirts and have for while. They just haven’t been in the budget to get any. I’d love to win the gift certificate! I like the pink my husband rocks shirt (the reg t-shirt not the fitted one) and the I love my wife one pictured in your blog post. These shirts are awesome and I think it is a wonderful testimony just to wear something like that in today’s world. I love my hubby for many reasons and one of them is how he will take care of me when I am sick. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  18. 171

    Sonya says

    I like the tanks that say My Husband Rocks! I love that my hubby always makes me laugh! We are goofballs together!

  19. 173


    I love the pink my husband rocks top…also like the tanks. One thing I love about my husband is that he is soo willing to understand my heart. He has even read through ‘Captivating’ to understand the heart of a woman.

  20. 174

    Megan F says

    I like the “My Husband My Hero” shirts because he truly is my hero – always strong and steady as a rock in the face of whatever circumstances or emotions I throw at it.

  21. 175

    Kassia says

    I like the “My husband rocks” brown tie dye tee. I would love to win this giveaway because a couple of these shirts were in my Father’s Day gift plans! My husband is an excellent father, he does dishes EVERYDAY and he truly desires to do what’s right and God honoring with his life.

  22. 176


    I’d wear any shirt on that site. I love what the Union28 stands for. My fave is the black metro t-shirt. One thing I love about my husband is his seeing him build relationships with our children and our friends.

  23. 177

    Jenny says

    My husband DOES rock! He is committed to spending quality time with me and the kids. He cooks breakfast every morning and eats with our two boys (Jackson 4yrs & Ben 3yrs) before heading off to work. When he returns the boys get so excited about Daddy’s arrival and even though he is tired, he is intentional in playing (rough-housing) with them because he knows they crave his attention. For me – he helps clean up after dinner, even cooks now and then. And I chuckle now because as I write this he is vacuuming the bonus room we are in. I htink he’s going for bonus points tonight! But really – he is the best husband – God hand picked him just for me for sure! :-) His name is Wes by the way and I think he would like the chocolate short sleeve T that has “my wife rocks” written in white.

  24. 179


    I really like the two shall become one shirt for men. My husband is so great (today) because he’s such a hands-on dad. I say today, because it changes daily. 😀

  25. 181

    Jenny says

    My husband rocks – for many different reasons, but mostly, because when we met, he had not wanted to have any kids (long story) and I was a single mom. When he found out I had a son who was 5, he didn’t ‘drop me’ as so many guys would, but rather opened himself up, a year later, proposed, and 3 months after we were married he officially adopted my son. He balances me out in so many ways – When I’m upset about something, he has the level head. when I just can’t do it anymore, he picks up and takes care of business – from parenting to laundry (and even cleaning the bathroom!)

    My Husband Rocks!

  26. 182

    Amy K says

    He loves me a lot… (kelly green) is my fav! My husband rocks b/c he reads to our son, coaches our daugther’s soccer team, takes our oldest daughter on dates, leads our family in devotions… and he dusts and vacuums better than I do. Oh, he’s pretty sexy too:)

  27. 183


    I am cracking up laughing at the pink undies that say Follow Me! Hubby is in the military, and that phrase is the catchphrase of one of his old units!! 😀

    I also like the black drawstring pants and too many of the shirts to name here. Especially the turquoise tank top.

    • 183.1


      I forgot to say what I like about my husband. I like that he continually makes me remember how to have fun. He plays with our kids whenever he has time, and usually ropes me into tickling and wrestling with them (usually when I’m all serious and trying to clean everything up).

  28. 184

    Heather H says

    My favorite shirt is the “My Wife Rocks Black Metro Long Sleeve Fitted Tee.” The thing I love most about my husband is that he loves me. =)

  29. 185


    “My Husband Rocks” in pink! My husband and I are so opposite we often laugh about it…but we totally see how God uses that to compliment each other. He’s a thinker…doesn’t waste his words especially when it comes to other people.

  30. 187


    I wanted the My Husband Rocks shirt when you first showed it months ago! I liked a lot of the shirts on the site but I think I would still go with that one! I think he would LOVE it if I can out wearing it!

  31. 188


    I forgot to add that I love how me gives me credit. That might sound odd but I really love that he notices what I did when hes gone. He notices the cleaned out fridge, etc and it makes me feel amazing!

  32. 189

    Heather S. says

    Love the I love my wife shirt. And something awesome about my sweet hubby… he is good at EVERYTHING he tries. Give him and job, and he can do it or figure it out!

  33. 190


    I love the “My Husband Rocks” shirt! My husband has been so wonderful to join me on our crazy journey of growing our family to 5 children (2 bio, 1 adopted and 2 we are in the process of adopting). He is a wonderful hands on Dad!

  34. 191


    I love the green ‘he loves me lots’ daisy tee shirt. How does he rock? He takes great care of me and our two children, he respects me and loves me, and always makes sure I feel beautiful.

  35. 192


    Cool:) I like the brown my husband rocks or my wife rocks shirts:).

    My husband rocks because he takes care of us the very best he can even though he’s not able to live at home with us.

  36. 193

    Katie says

    I like the My husband/wife rocks. Very cute.
    My husband rocks because he helps me so much at home with our two special need girls even after a long day at work.

  37. 194


    i love my husband and i love that he loves me unconditionally. he is amazing. he is my best friend and we genuinely love hanging out together. he loves me when i am being difficult or irritated. i appreciate him so much.

  38. 195


    LOVE those. I SO want the My Husband Rocks shirt. The timing would be perfect…our anniversary is Friday! I love everything about that man–he could not be any more dependable.

  39. 197

    Angela Barba says

    I love the My Husband My Hero shirt because my husband truly is my hero (he also happens to be a US Army soldier too). I love that he is willing to do whatever to support our family! He gives everything he has every day for us and I appreciate him so much. He also is my best friend :-)

  40. 198

    Mary Toth says

    I love both the my husband rocks and the i love my wife shirts- I think I’ll get both. I love that my husband has a sweet side… always giving me hugs and kisses!

  41. 199


    I love the “I Love my Wife” shirt. I know my husband would wear it with pride. I love my husband because he truly leads our family.

  42. 200

    Laura says

    I love that my husband would wear this shirt and be proud of it! I love the way he looks at me after 5 kids and 17 years of marriage!

  43. 201


    These are great shirts! I love the “My Husband Rocks” Chocolate Fitted Tee. My husband ROCKS…and he frequently brings me chocolate. 😉 On a more serious note, his ordination is this Saturday.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. 202

    Aleta says

    Wow, what a terrific concept! My husband’s love language is words of encouragement, so I’m thinking a great father’s day gift would be to dress myself and our kids in “My Husband Rocks” and “My Dad Rocks” tees. He truly is a husband and father that rocks, I love how he leads our family by inspiring us to grow in Christ-likeness.

  45. 203

    Beth says

    I like the “My Husband Rocks” shirt. I love the way my husband smells – I could find him in a crowd with my nose.!!

  46. 204

    Carla says

    I would love the “My Husband Rocks” shirt. He is by far the best thing (outside of my salvation in Jesus Christ) in my life. He is incredibly patient and sensitive to me and my needs. He really exemplifies Christ and His love to me. I absolutely, in no way, shape or form deserve someone as good as him (or Him).

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  47. 205


    I love the I love my wife t-shirt is awesome!

    My husband is so loving and caring. I love the way he cares for all of us and I love being in his arms at the end of the day!

  48. 206

    April says

    I love the “My husband Rocks”. I love that my husband works so hard for his family and always puts God first!

  49. 207

    Dana says

    I love the “My husband Rocks” shirt! My husband rocks because he made the hard choice to join me in marriage counseling. It totally changed our marriage for the better!

  50. 208

    Jolee says

    I love the My Wife Rocks Chocolate Tee. I have the greatest husband. It is the silent things he does that means the most. The boy next door, doesn’t have the best male role models. His father is in jail and his step-father doesn’t pay much attention to him. He is alway outside playing by himself. The other day after he helped me put our 3 boys to bed, he grab him glove and out to play catch with the neighbor boy. He was out there for 2 hour playing catch and talking to him.

  51. 211

    Jen G says

    I LOVE the “My husband rocks” t-shirt because he really does… every morning he makes me coffee… tells me I’m beautiful even when I’m dressed in sweats, and just has such good-will towards me– even when I get in one of my “moods.” I love him!

  52. 212

    Debbie A. says

    I like the pink my husband rocks t shirt. God has truly blessed me with a wonderful husband……

  53. 213


    i love the “my husband rocks” chocolate fitted tea. because he does. :) i love that he supports all my hair-brained ideas, and that he at least tries every new and exotic food i attempt to cook!

  54. 214

    Rebecca says

    I like the “I love my wife” t-shirt. I love that my husband makes me feel secure, that he takes such good care of us on purpose and that he is a Christian man with good Christian family values.
    Thanks for the giveway!

  55. 215

    Jill D. says

    I love the “he loves me a lot, my husband rocks” t-shirt. what a blessing it is to have a husband who truly loves me for who i am. girls need to be reminded not to settle for anything less. my husband is the most generous man i know and he loves Jesus!

  56. 216

    amber says

    I like the I love my husband and I love my wife ones too sweet! May have to purchase them! I love my hubby cause he loves me so much takes such good care of me and always makes me feel loved.

  57. 217


    i like them both! my husband is willing to do anything for his family, even get up at four a.m. to do a paper route so we can have “fun money”….and he’s been doing it for over a year! we are blessed daily by him.

  58. 218

    Christa Kidd says

    I like My husband Rocks!!! He works full time and is getting his degree online and helps raise our three kids. I love his passion for people. More than anything else he srives to help people come to know Christ and grow in their relationship with Christ.

  59. 219

    gracee says

    I like the I love my husband!
    He’s such a dedicated father and works hard for our family. Couldn’t ask for anything more!

  60. 220


    I love the My Husband Rocks and My Wife Rocks shirts. Even if I don’t win, I think I’ll get us each one sometime soon!

    Oooooo, they’ve got ’em for children too?? COOL!!

    What do I love about my husband? He is SUCH a hard worker and dedicated to his family! I kinda love his sense of humor too 😉

  61. 221


    win or no win, i see a purchase in our future! i showed it to the Man and can you believe he grinned and said, “I’d wear that!” I’m a winner already! (but i’d love to win this, too!)

  62. 223

    Alexis says

    I like both of those shirts.

    I love that my husband makes me laugh all the time. It’s crazy how much laughing we do.

  63. 224


    I love the Kelly Green Classic Tee that says My Wife Rocks, I wish it said I Love My Wife, but the Kelly Green looks SOO good on him and it is his favorite color too! I would use the certificate to get that and also buy the Forever His Bride pink shirt.

    I would be here all day telling you all the things I love about my husband! Just a few of them are the fact that he is always striving to be a better father, listen, pray, learn and hope he is changing for the better. He strives for closeness with me and is quick to note when we are letting life get our attention and pulls me out of the distractions to spend time with him. He is always showing me how to cherish someone because he is so good at it I can’t even put it into words. You know that feeling when you don’t even have to ask if you are loved you just sense it constantly with someone? I pray that many others have that feeling, I am blessed to have it from my husband who just exudes love for me in everything he does.

  64. 225


    I love the Tie Dyed My Husband Rocks fitted tee and the I love my wife tee!

    One of the things I love most about my husband is his desire to grow and mature spiritually. He loves the Lord. He loves us. And he strives to become the man GOD wants him to be.

  65. 226

    rachel says

    I would totally get the “My husband rocks” shirt!!! Because even when he doesn’t, he does!!!

  66. 227


    I would totally get the “My husband rocks” shirt in brown and one for my hubby too! I love these! One thing I love about my hubby is that he never complains and always sees the bright side to things.

  67. 229

    Jessica says

    I love that my husband makes me laugh, even when I’m taking myself too seriously and I might get annoyed that he’s making a joke. Even so, he is the best thing for me!

    I like the little boy shirt that says “My Dad Rocks”…soo cute!

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