The Shirt Every Husband Needs {Giveaway}

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Yesterday, I told y’all about the kind of man I married.

He’s a good man.

But I’ll be honest with you, when my husband told me what he wanted to do for his homeless friend, these words might have come out of my mouth: “Yes, go ahead and buy him colostomy bags, but DON’T GET YOURSELF KILLED. Because dinner is at 6.”

Every man needs a bossy caring wife. A woman who loves him deeply and dresses him well. Which is exactly why I’m thrilled he’s getting this shirt for Father’s Day from me:

[insert proud smile here]

The good people over at Union28 are sending me this shirt for my hubby for Father’s Day. I think he’s going to love it. I know I do. But let’s not talk about me.

Over the past year, I’ve developed a friendship with the owner(s) of Union28 and I love that they support strong marriages. They are the smart people who created the My Husband Rocks shirt that I wear every other week. I wear it even when he doesn’t. Rock.

I love the way that shirt makes him feel. I love that it makes husbands wish their wives would wear a shirt like it. I love that in a small, but tangible way, it builds my marriage.

Union28 is giving away TWO $25 gift certificates today. This giveaway ends on Friday.

PLUS, Union28 is offering a discount off your order using this code: U28WATF10

It’s valid from June 1st – June 20th and is good for 10% off any Union28 order.

Please leave a comment to be entered and tell me which shirt you like AND tell me something you love about your spouse.


  1. 1


    I love the “My husband rocks” shirt. My hubby just returned from a business trip to Iceland. He purchased all the usual tshrits. He also bought us (me and our 4 kids) each pendant necklaces with ancient writing/wording on them. Each one is special to the person he bought it for. When he got to mine, he paused a little, looked at me with a tear in his eye and a smile and said, “I got you the one that means “home” because where ever you are IS home.” Oh. My! I love him so much!!

  2. 2


    I love the “My Husband Rocks” shirt because…quite frankly…he really does! Loud electric guitar playing dude that he is, he ALWAYS takes time for his children (all 6 of them, 2 of which are twins we just adopted 3 weeks ago!!!) and rarely misses a night of tucking them into bed. He never complains about the tasks laid before him but instead goes about his business with a cheerful, almost whistle while you work, attitude. I guess that is more than just a “some” thing about my husband and why I love him!

  3. 3


    I love the “My husband rocks” shirt. My husband DOES rock and I AIN’T ashamed to say so! God has TRULY blessed me with a GOOD one. The biggest thing that I LOVE about my hubby is that he prays with & for us constantly, I love that he leads our home as Christ leads him.

  4. 4


    I love the “My husband rocks” shirts! I do think my husband rocks- he works hard so I can stay home and raise our babies and he loves us so much and isn’t afraid to show it. :)

  5. 5


    I love the pink “My husband rocks” shirt! My husband has worked incredibly hard over our nearly 20 year marriage to show his love for me in many different ways. He has sacrificed a lot so that I can stay home to raise our two kids. He has supported all of my endeavors as a website owner and radio talk show host and is my biggest cheerleader. I can’t imagine life without him and that is why he truly rocks!

  6. 6


    I think that the “Forever His Bride” shirt is really sweet – but all the shirts are great! I’m so glad to have a husband that has such patience with me and who takes care of me in all the little and big things. I am soo blessed!!

  7. 7


    I would love to give my husband the “My wife rocks” shirt for Father’s Day! I love that one and the red “I love my husband” shirt. One of the MANY things I love about my husband is his faithfulness…first to God and then to his family. We are so blessed to have him as a husband and father!

  8. 8

    Erica says

    The my husband rocks black metro fitted tee is definitely my favorite, because my husband DOES rock in so many ways! One is literal; he’s the worship pastor for our church, and he leads the band to a rockin’ place. He’s a Christ follower, which rocks, he’s an amazing dad, which rocks, his eyes are only for me, which rocks, and he is definitely my hero… which rocks. :)

  9. 9

    Amy T. says

    Of all the giveaways you’ve done, I REEEEEALY want to win this one!!! My husband and I have been through a lot and are standing here today more in love with each other than the day we were married almost 9 years ago. God has been so faithful and I am still in awe that he has blessed me with such an amazing man who loves me so much. Not only does he love me, but he loves the Lord first and foremost. He is strong when I’m weak. He believes the best in me. He is my biggest fan.

    AND, what else makes him such a wonderful husband is that I showed him the shirts on union28 and he said he would enter this giveaway too! When asked if he would wear the shirt that says “My Wife Rocks”, his response was “HECK YEAH!”

  10. 10


    Oh! That shirt is so cool! I could see my husband sporting this t-shirt to the next pastor’s meeting!!! That would be great!

  11. 11

    Lorie says

    I want a My Husband Rocks shirt! God knew exactly what I needed in a husband more than I knew. He is the most patient person I know. I love him dearly and I’d love to give him this shirt for Father’s Day.

  12. 12


    I love the proud wife base ball style shirt… My husband is self employed and has a commitment to our homeschool decision that makes me so proud to be his wife. I would love to wear a shirt and tell the world I am proud of my husband.

  13. 14


    Kristen, I would love to win the My Hubby Rocks shirt… because he rocks from A to Z. It would take tooo long to share the entire alphabet, but I’ll give you “G” Gifted Dad and “C” crazy in love with me:)))
    Thanks and I really hope I finally win one of your giveaways!!

  14. 15

    Alison says

    I love the kids shirts – esp the “Daddy rocks” one for the little guys. My husband rocks in so many little ways. My favorite is that he cooks for us EVERY DAY and he not only is really good at it, but he really, really likes to do it. He even goes to the grocery store. Sunday mornings we all get a special breakfast; special pancakes, waffles or french toast with all the good stuff too. I am so thankful for him and for his help every day – even the days I want to sell him :)

  15. 16


    I would like the pink, ladies cut “My Husband Rocks” shirt in XL.

    What I love about my husband is that he is both kind and tough. He has spent over 20 years in the military. He is currently deployed. In spite of all his toughness his children can, and do, melt his heart. He calls and asks how I am doing even though he is the one going through the tough stuff. After 19 years of marriage he is still my best friend and I am thankful that the Lord let me be his wife.

  16. 17

    Terri says

    I love the hot pink “My Husband Rocks” tee. My husband rocks because he serves and loves us so well. He is a hard worker and a great provider and yet his highest priority is always spending time with our family. He makes me and our children feel like there is no place he’d rather be than with us. He is very involved with our children and I almost never have to ask him for help – he’s just intuitive about what I need from him and has never acted or felt like he was any less responsible for the care of our kids than I am. He thanks me for every meal I make. He tells me with his words and his actions that he loves me more than anything else on earth. I am a better person because he loves me so well and that makes me want to please him. On top of all of this, he loves and serves God with his whole heart and leads his family in doing the same.

    Thanks for facilitating this giveaway! This is the first time I’ve commented – I love your blog! :-)

  17. 18


    Hmm, that’s a tough one… considering that I’m married to a guitarist, the My Husband Rocks would be sweeeeet, but in celebration of our marriage being love-filled more than ever, I do love the “Love My Wife” one as well. He’s been doing great at showing me how much he loves me these days, which reminds me of how much he rocks…. D’oh… tough choice!! Might have to get both? 😀

  18. 19

    Niki Blake says

    I love the “flower” tee…he loves me, he loves me alot….and he does! He simply puts us first in everything he does, and every decision he makes and I (and our three boys) are so blessed to know that we, behind his Saviour, are the most important people in his life. :)

  19. 20

    Chrisgelica says

    I like the red “I love my husband” shirt. One thing I love about him is that he lets me be emotional and cry on him when I get in my moods, and also talks sense into me when I need to hear it!

  20. 21


    I definitely love the I Love My Wife shirt! And my hubby is amazing because he is always thinking of others first, never himself!

  21. 22


    I love the red ‘I love my husband’ shirt. We’ve only been married for a short 6 months, and I’m so excited that we have so many many more years together. When we first met, I was in Bible College, but still a broken girl. I’m amazed every day at the way he’s shown me love, and had patience for me to heal in places I needed healing – he really is my hero, and I love him to little bits and pieces (:

  22. 23


    I love the My Husband Rocks shirt, because my husband of 33 years does rock. But I don’t wear tshirts so I would love the I love my wife shirt, because that is also true. I love my husbands sense of humor.

  23. 24

    becky says

    I love the red shirt as well. My husband is a so awesome.. I’ve just had 6 of my my women friends at my house for the last 5 days, he’s cooked for us, thrown the towels in, folded and put them away and been understanding and patient the whole time!

  24. 25

    wow says


  25. 26


    I love love love My Husband’s Angel and My Dad Rocks!

    I love that my husband is such a great supporter of our family. He works his butt off for us and for all of you in the US Navy.

  26. 27

    Zainab says

    I love the red “I love my husband” t-shirt. I went against my entire family and community to marry my husband because I knew he was God-conscious and a gentle soul. Everyone put him down for not making enough money and the criticism was harsh and nasty. But he’s even better than I imagined. He is so loving and patient. If I get upset about the house chores or cooking, he’ll take over completely and tell me to direct him so it gets “done right.” He comforts me when I’m down, never says “I told you so!” tries so hard to bridge the gap with my family, and leads our family first and foremost spiritually and with lots of love, and then with his own wisdom and kindness. When I read about these t-shirts, I knew they would be perfect since I am always wanting to express to him how much I love him.

  27. 28

    Sandi says

    We already have a matched set of “My wife/husband rocks,” but if I won this giveaway I’d definitely buy him “I love my wife.”

  28. 29


    If I were picking a ‘husband’ tee, I would pick “I Love My Wife Charcoal Classic Tee” or the “Two Shall Become One Charcoal Tee”, but if I picked for me. . . . Oh, there were so many!! I don’t know!!
    My husband rock!! We are finishing the last month of our 5th pregnancy, and since I have been so uncomfortable, and sleeping on the couch, he has been sleeping on the floor beside me :) (Insert an ahhhh :) ) and then there are all of the great husband and father things he does every day!!

  29. 30


    I love that whenever I seem to be having a bad day. I don’t want to deal with the kids, don’t want to clean the house (again), don’t want to cook dinner… just don’t want to… he always seems to balance it out and pick up my slack. He’s always right there when I need him.

    • 30.1


      I forgot to mention, I’d definitely buy him the I love my wife shirt shown in the first photo. I’d probably buy myself an I love my husband shirt too, cause I’m sure we both need those little reminders on occasion. And how awesome for our children to see us wear those shirts! Lovin’ this!

  30. 31


    Such a great giveaway, Kristen! Oh, let me count the ways that my husband rocks. (First, he just left the house 30 minutes early this morning to make a picture delivery for me :) ) But, he rocks in so many more ways that that! He loves our three kids more than words can say. And, he loves me. He whispers it in my ear each day, when it is most unexpected. He thinks that I look good, even when I look bad. Because it isn’t about outward appearance to him… He would do anything for our family. He is good-hearted and strong. I love him and HE ROCKS!

  31. 32

    april says

    I LOVE these shirts!!!

    My husband is awesome. He’s amazing. I cannot speak enough words to accurately share how great he is for me, to me, with me.

    Yesterday, I woke up with a case of the grumpies…..and was busy snapping at everyone. He went for a run. He came home to find me vacuuming the dining room aggressively. When he saw that I was also dressed to head out for a power-walk, he praised and cheered me on. Then he asked if he could do anything to help me. I asked if he could vacuum the basement. After my awesome walk (okay, not really–it was hot and humid and miserable….but I was able to kick the grumpies in the gut and leave them by the side of the road to burn in all the heat), I came home to find that, while I was gone, he had not only vacuumed the basement, but also the bedrooms and the stairs. He knows that I hate vacuuming stairs.

    This is just one example of my awesome and amazing husband. These examples occur daily…..and I never fail to notice or appreciate them.

    My husband ROCKS!

  32. 33


    What a great give away. You are your husband are such a blessing! My hubby would love this shirt. I think he would like the 2nd one – the tatoo-ey, swirly one! Thank you so much for a chance to win!

  33. 34

    Kathie says

    I love the “He loves me alot” flower tee because it describes my husband. He is very tender, loving and patient with me even when I’m not the easiest to live with. He is a great dad, provider and leader. He is the best!!!

  34. 35


    I love this company-what an awesome thing. I like the black metro “My Husband Rocks” shirt, well, because he does! He works hard, committed, loves Jesus, loves us, what else is there?

  35. 36

    JK says

    What a great idea. I like the “My Wife Rocks” shirt. My husband has a mellow, stable personality which is a blessing. He cooks for the family on the weekends too and it’s usually excellent.

  36. 38

    EC says

    I love this company and appreciate that the designs are bold without being gaudy. I need to get a “My Husband Rocks” shirt for myself with or without the gift certificate. He is such an amazing daddy and husband. Incredible, really.

  37. 39

    Julie says

    “My husband Rocks” shirt is the one I like because, well… MY HUSBAND ROCKS! LOL! There are so many reasons my husband rocks….he’s a great provider, many times working 7 days a week so that I can be a SAHM to our 4 children. He rocks because he always makes time for our family. He rocks because on the dark, dreary days of winter while he braves the cold to take our children to school <3 He rocks because he's been my friend, partner, sweetheart, and soul mate for nearly 16 years!!!!

  38. 41

    Stephanie says

    I like the Proud Wife hoodie to wear for my husband’s benefit. If I were to make a purchase today, it would be that, the I love my husband red long-sleeved tee (because hubby really likes red on me), and the I love my wife charcoal tee for hubby. My reasoning: I thought so, but confirmed with my husband this morning that he would feel best if he overheard me telling someone that he was awesome (proud wife shirt implies that and states that hubby rocks on the back). He would like hearing me tell someone that I love him, but that he rocks would be even better. Being a woman, I would much rather overhear him telling someone that he loves me – after all, it would be nothing for him to say that I’m awesome and then state the reason…but then again, he could easily do that about his brother-in-law or anyone else for that matter. One of the things I love about my hubby is that he lives out his love for me without really even thinking about it – an example: I have difficulty returning to sleep if I have to get up in the middle of the night with our twin girls (10 months). So, although they still don’t like to sleep through the night, hubby has and continues to get up with them so I don’t have to be up for an hour after their 10 minute need is taken care of. Oh, and if I happen to get up anyway (because both girls are crying or whatever), he will stay awake to give me a full massage to help me get back to sleep. mmmm – so nice. what a great man, husband, and father I am blessed to be married to!

  39. 43

    Gigi says

    My husband went back to work a few weeks ago after being laid off for almost a year. He took amazing care of our kids and our home while I went to work during that time, and to me he will always rock! I would get and wear the “My husband Rocks” shirt with pride at least once a week. In fact, I may have to get two…

  40. 44


    I like the one you posted in gray…I would love to win that for my hubby! :) A few years ago for Father’s Day we got brown tee’s that said “I love my wife” and we never wore them, HUGE BUMMER! (you know how some t-shirts just don’t fit right, we had ordered them online and they were short and wide, they didn’t fit either of us!) Anyway, so I’d love to find a better one, HA!! :) I love that my hubby is loyal, laid back, doesn’t often stick his foot in his mouth, is a very hard worker and is very responsible and loyal to his family. I love my man!

  41. 45


    I love the one you picked for your hubby and I love the vintage-dyed hat to go with it. I would probably get one of those for my man. For me, I like the Daisy “He Loves Me a Lot” Kelly Green Classic tee. What I love most about my husband is that he puts up with ME! :)

  42. 47


    Sahweet giveaway!! I love the Two Shall Become One Charcoal Tee…so cute! I agree…I love to see marriage put into a better light rather than cast down as a total PITA (which it can be)! Thanks for sharing.

  43. 48


    Ooh, I love the My Husband Rocks Turquoise Tank. My husband really does rock, he is an awesome provider for our family and would do anything for us! He is an incredible daddy also, I love to watch him play with our two little girls :)

  44. 49

    sarah zblewski says

    My Husband Rocks Black Metro Classic Tee… is sure my choice. My husband is a perfect gentlemen. He opens doors, takes care of me, and follows Christ. There is not another man that would be perfect for me like he is. Things were not always that way but once Christ got him… well he is my prince in shining armor (God Armor).

  45. 50

    sarah says

    My Husband Rocks Black Metro Classic Tee… is sure my choice. My husband is a perfect gentlemen. He opens doors, takes care of me, and follows Christ. There is not another man that would be perfect for me like he is. Things were not always that way but once Christ got him… well he is my prince in shining armor (God Armor). It doesnt seem, to be taking my post so i will try once again.

  46. 51

    sarah says

    My Husband Rocks Black Metro Classic Tee… is sure my choice. My husband is a perfect gentlemen. He opens doors, takes care of me, and follows Christ. There is not another man that would be perfect for me like he is. Things were not always that way but once Christ got him… well he is my prince in shining armor (God Armor).

  47. 53


    i would LOVE a brown “my husband rocks” shirt . . . because he SO does::musically as well as at being a way-above-average husband and father (of 6!). plus i think a shirt for me that shows how great i think he is would make a fun, unique father’s day gift . . . a win/win if you ask me. a present for both of us!

  48. 54


    I actually love the unity rings shirts, so cool. I like the chocolate my husband rocks. too though

    my hubby is awesome. God gave me a wonderful caring man who is a Godly head of our home and takes care of me and our kids before anything else. <3 I couldn't have asked for anyone more perfect.

  49. 55


    I love the I Love My Husband Red Jr. Fitted Tee, such a great red!
    I love that when my sweet hubby works on a project in the house he puts all of his tools away when he’s done and even vacuums up the saw dust or what ever from the project! He’s also a terrific handyman!

  50. 56


    Oh I love the My Husband Rocks shirt! I like the I love my wife shirt too, but honestly I don’t think it would go over so well if I bought him that for Father’s Day.

  51. 57


    I would love to get him the MY Wife Rocks slate shirt. My husband rocks though because he makes sure that I get alone time to refresh myself from life with the kids. I can do whatever I want in that time. Leave the house, go out with friends, lock myself in my room to nap, sew, read, etc.

  52. 58


    WOW I love all of their Tshirts! I especially like the United Rings Mocha Heather Classic Tee- for Him and for Her. What a great gift idea! Bookmarking it now but PRAYING that I win :)
    Because my husband rocks. He learned to speak my love language even though it’s not his.

  53. 59

    One Blessed Mamma says

    I like the tie-dye He loves Me a Lot shirt-too fun! And the kids’ shirt that says “Daddy Rocks (Mommy’s right)”.
    My husband rocks because he is a hard worker and doesn’t think I’m crazy when I say things like, “Let’s get some chickens…oh, and you’ll need to build a coop ;-)”

  54. 60


    All the shirts are great!! I love the “my husband rocks” one. My hubby is the awesome! He is the hardest worker I know and such a great provider! He helps me out around the house and loves me even when I am a jerk! (which happens every once in while) :)

  55. 61


    Oh, so many I like! I think my favorites are the ‘Two shall become one’ shirts. Although I also really like the ‘My husband rocks’ hat.

    I can’t begin to count the ways my husband rocks. I hear other women talk about the things their husband does/doesn’t do and it is just so foreign to my reality. I truly got a great one.

  56. 62


    What a great shirt! I am trying to think where my husband might wear this too….hmmm…I am sure he would want to wear it just about everywhere! ;o)

  57. 63

    Jessi says

    I looked at all the different things on the site but my fave has got to be the one you are getting for free. Adorable!

  58. 64

    Jackie says

    I would love to get my husband the whole set,…my husband rocks, my dad rocks and my wife rocks! I love my husband because he is an amazing teacher, dad, and husband.

  59. 65


    I love that my husband is SUCH a hard worker. The first summer we were married, he did trash collecting to make ends meet for us, until he started his teaching job in the fall. Yeah, he had a teaching degree, but he didn’t think himself “too good” to do trash collecting. I love that about him.

  60. 66


    I love the my wife rocks shirts … and, of course I would then need the my husband rocks for myself! And then we would need the my dad rocks shirts for the girls … CLEARLY, I am gonna need to win this!

  61. 67


    I want to get one for me to wear for HIM. That would make his day! The Daisy He Loves Me a Lot and My Husband Rocks shirts are my favorites.

    My husband loves me and lets me know it all the time. No matter that we’ve been married for almost 30 years. I still feel like the teenager I was when we first met when he tells me he loves me. Even after three babies and more pounds than I care to post here, he still makes me feel beautiful.


  62. 69


    I love the Daisy He Loves Me a Lot t-shirt. My husband is a very wonderful man that God blessed me with. I am thankful for his strong convictions and the love that he has for me and our children.

  63. 71


    I really like the “two shall become one” shirts.
    I love that my husband knows just how to cheer me up when I’m sad or mad about something. He also lets me nap for as long as I want to on Sunday afternoons even if it mean he has to be up with our daughter all alone.
    I know those seem like pretty silly things but I didn’t want to put the same generic things other people might put.

  64. 72


    Oh wow, I LOVE this company, what a great idea! I love the shirts for kids “my daddy rocks” because he does, he seriously rocks, even when he doesn’t.

    My husband? Is beyond patient and understanding – I’m trying to be more like him.

  65. 73


    I love the “Two Shall Become One” tee!
    AND – I love my husbands wit and humor. There’s never a dull moment around him. He is truly my best friend!

  66. 74

    Jill Blucher says

    I love the “My Husband Rocks” and “My Daddy Rocks” shirts because we can’t tell him enough! Even with the pressures of starting his own business and sending me to school, he makes sure our dinner is on the table every night (yes, he cooks!) and keeps us all laughing. He and each of our 3 kids have their own inside jokes. I love to watch them kid with each other because I know those bonds will keep them feeling valued for a lifetime.
    Aside from that, my husband is hot!!! After 14 years of marriage, he still makes me weak in the knees. He sees the best in me and encourages me to be better. I am a very blessed woman!

  67. 75


    Love the shirt! And I definitely want to get one of the pink “my husband rocks” shirts. Even though it would be for me, that would make a super neat father’s day gift- a way to show how much I love him! My husband works hard to provide for our family. And he’s a better mother than me! HAHA! I love that man!

  68. 76


    I have to say JUST ONE thing I love about my spouse? Are you kidding me!? =0) I love that he prays with me every night before bed. Right now he prays that God would provide him a job since he’s been out of work for over a year. I love that he helps me clean houses so we can earn money for groceries. It has to be humbling to work for your wife’s house cleaning business…..he’s my hero.

  69. 78

    Kendra says

    I really like the daisy “he loves me” shirt. Cute and definitely something I would be proud to wear. The baby shirts are super cute too! Might have to get our babe one of those. One thing I love about my hubby is the way he trains our 3 boys to be respectful of me, their mom. I know that they will be respectful their own wives one day.

  70. 80


    I have a friend that bought one of their shirts, great idea! I’ve wanted to get one. I love my husband for so many reasons but if I have to pick one, I’d say it is that he never compromises when it comes to the things of God. I admire that in him, I find it too easy to do sometimes and I learn a lot from him.

  71. 81

    Heather Jirka says

    I would wear “My Husband Rocks” and I love the My Daddy Rocks. Patrick is currently deployed in Afghanistan, not only does he rock, we are so proud of him, and we miss him like crazy!

  72. 82

    Denise says

    I would have a hard time choosing but I really do like the pink My Husband Rocks shirt. He is such a fabulous provider not only of things like a home, clothing and food but the emotional things too – like security and affirmation and support even when he is deployed. Thankful he is home this year.

  73. 84

    Jelli says

    I love my husband´s generous heart. Thanks for sharing this company. I cannot wait to check out their shirts!

  74. 85


    I like the “I love my husband – red” tee! My husband is such an awesome provider for our family, I love the idea of honoring him this way!

  75. 86


    I JUST bought a “my husband rocks” tshirt last week! It came in the mail Saturday and I was so excited that I put it on right away!! I can’t wait to wear it again (it’s in the wash right now)! I also love the daisy “he loves me alot” tshirt!! Daisies are my favorite!

    I love that my husband is sooo helpful with our kids! He is a very involved dad!! He does the bedtime routine most nights!

  76. 87


    I absolutely love the My husband Rocks shirt..

    he’s amazing! He works so hard to take care of our family so that I can be home with our children and is the BEST Dad!

  77. 90

    Danielle says

    I love the Daddy Rocks (mommy’s right) and the “I love my wife.”

    These would be fabulous for father’s day!

  78. 91


    my husband needs a new t-shirt, so I think I would love him to have the I love my wife shirt! What I love about my husband? His loyalty. I don’t have to worry about if he’s coming home or him with other women. He is so loyal and loving!

  79. 93

    Michelle says

    I love the my dad rocks shirts. Those are so cute. I love that my husband is patient with me even when I don’t deserve it.

  80. 94


    I would buy the “My Husband Rocks” shirt. In our 23 years of marriage he has NEVER once complained about getting up for work at 5:00 am to support us.

  81. 95


    Wow, what a cool site! I had never heard of them before. I love the I love my wife shirt. I also liked the daisy he loves me shirt. Very cool. I’m going to share this website with my friends.
    What I love most about my husband? He’s the calm one who can always make everything better.

  82. 96


    I would like the pink shirt that says forever his bride. That fits me because I looooooooooooooooove pink and because I am forever his bride. It captures that most exhilerating moment that you can keep! Also my most favorite thing about my husband, if I just have to pick one, is his giving nature. He gives of himself even if it means that he loses out. :)


  83. 97


    I love the “I love my wife” shirt. My hubby would rock this for sure. I love that he is such a good listener. He is always there to listen to me {fuss} or even just get things out about my day! He’s the best. Thanks for doing this.

  84. 98


    I would want to get the wife/husband rocks set (well, I’d make it a set) here:

    I really love how my husband is such a good father. When he comes home, both kids (ages 3 1/2 and 16 months) get very excited. And even if it’s been a hard day and he’s stressed and tired, you wouldn’t know it from the way he interacts with them. That really makes me love him so much!

  85. 100


    I would love the “My husband rocks” shirt for two reasons. First, he does rock and I want him to know it! He has struggles with his confidence daily and I hope this is one little way I can show him he is awesome besides just telling him over and over. Secondly, I am the president of a spouses group at the med school he attends. I think all the other spouses in my group would love this shirt and I hope the people at Union28 wouldn’t mind if we stole their idea for a fundraiser, or better yet, order 20 of them!

  86. 101

    J Rowan says

    My husband is a hard worker AND a super handyman. I always feel very blessed to have him when I listen to my friends talking about hiring people to come fix this and that. There’s really not much my husband can’t fix :)

    And I would want the ‘My husband rocks’ shirt :)

  87. 103


    Oh. My. Word. Can I have one of every shirt?!

    I love the Forever His Bride, because after being married for so long, he still refers to me as his bride, in public and in private. Of course there’s always the “My Husband/Wife Rocks” shirts AND the I Love My Wife shirt. How could I ever choose?

    And I forgot to say something nice about him. Only one? I love that he thinks he married “up”, which is exactly how I feel, so it works out beautifully.

  88. 104

    SandyE says

    Oh Kristen – I just love love love ALL of them! I just got married (my second – his first), and I tell him that all the time – “Your wife rocks….and so does her husband!” It just makes me smile at how blessed I am to have found him. Something nice about him? He’s a gift from God – in all ways! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  89. 105

    Angela Fowler says

    I like the United Rings tee shirt.

    My husband is always first to say he’s sorry to me or anyone else. He’s so forgiving that it makes me want to be more like him.

  90. 106

    Tonya says

    I love their shirts!!! One of the many things I love about my man is how wonderful a dad he is….our kids are so blessed!

  91. 107


    Love the My husband rocks pants. They look so comfy! What I love about my husband is that he is not satisfied to merely exist. He wants to really live. He loves to do out of the ordinary things. (Things our parents perhaps shake their heads at). He is an adventurer and most of the time he lets me come along with him.

  92. 108

    Rachel says

    I like the “My Husband Rocks!” t-shirt.

    I love that my husband is so funny – we spend so much time doubled over in laughter.

  93. 109

    marky says

    I LOVE this company! I bought my husband the MWR shirt on sale for $9 now, over 2 years ago~ and he actually wore it… A LOT!!

    I would love the one featured in your post OR the Kelly Green one on the web site!
    We are going through some tough family stuff right now and it would do us both some good to proudly wear that shirt!

  94. 110


    What an awesome giveaway! My DH’s birthday is next week and then Father’s Day the 20th… we do that here (my birthday & Mother’s Day coincide).
    I love the MHR shirts and the ones for the kids are awesome too. My DH is a runner (and cyclist and triathlete) and he makes me SO proud of him. He is an amazing Dad – always there for our 4 kids and a husband beyond compare in my eyes. Sometimes it is the little things that mean so much… like saying yes to our sponsoring a child through Compassion and making me coffee every morning. I love that he loves us so much! God has blessed me to be his wife.
    Thanks for the chance to be mushy about him to complete strangers. :-)

    Blessings on the journey!

  95. 111

    Nancy says

    It’s a toss-up between the United Rings and Tie-dyed Daisy T-shirts. My husband (and our marriage) gets better every day! He’s constantly looking for ways to show his love.

  96. 113

    Dawnette Thomas says

    I like the Two Shall Become One Orchid Ladies Cut Tee. My husband is very dedicated to serving the Lord and has an incredible eye for seeing His creation in a new way.

  97. 114


    I love the “My Husband Rocks” shirt, well, because mine does! I love how he will watch chick flicks with me because he knows it makes me happy and how he chides me about my M&M addiction in an effort to make me more aware of my sugar intake and thus be a happier person!

  98. 116


    Oh my word!! I LOVE those t-shirts!! I definitely want to buy one for my man for Father’s Day, and I could use one too!! Love the “Rocks” shirts! My husband is simply an amazing man!! He is one of the most thoughtful people I have ever met! I am incredibly blessed!!

  99. 117


    Love these shirts!!! I love how my husband works hard for our family without a single complaint. ever. :) I’d want to get us each a shirt, although I’d probably wear it more often.

  100. 118

    Kimberly says

    I love how my husband uses his quick wit to keep the whole family laughing. He’s a genius linguist, but can also crack preschool jokes and I love him for it!

  101. 119


    I like the “I love my wife” in charcoal, like your photo. I love my husband because he surprises me in special ways that mean so much. After I’d had our son, and was in-between sizes, hard to fit, he gave me $500 from his bonus pay to go out and buy new clothes. He also gave me money for a pedicure for a “girls’ day” I have coming up, just because. :)

  102. 120


    Wow, how do you pick just one! I like the “My Husband Rocks” and the “flower tee”, but I think that I would get the “I Love My Wife” for my hubby for Fathers Day. How can I pick just one thing I love about my husband?!? I guess, right now, the most important (and what I have the most trouble remembering) is his unconditional love.

  103. 121

    Jackie says

    I like the Charcoal “I Love My Wife”. Something I love about my husband…he tells me everyday (usually more than once) that he loves me. So nice to hear after 23 years of marriage, and almost 30 years together.
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

    • 122.1

      jj says

      oops-forgot to say what I love about my hubby: the way he smiles at our kiddo. He HATES being forced to smile, but all our pictures of him with our kiddo are SO natural. I love that being a dad makes him happy. =)

  104. 124

    Holly Rhodes says

    I love that shirt! I didn’t know that this store existed! The charcoal “My wife rocks” has to be the best! Of course there are many reasons I adore my husband! We have only been married for almost 3 years (In November – Thanksgiving day! Which is the most thankful thing I have : my marriage)

    Anyway, I love my husband mainly because he is my rock (yes cliche I know) but truly my rock, I have severe rheumatoid arthritis and 2 babies who drain me every day! He wakes up every morning at 5am and gets home and makes me go lay down and “rest my bones.” On his days off he wakes up with the kids and I sleep in and usually have breakfast in bed. My body hurts most days but because of my rock I am able to function.

    So my husband is truly my rock, my soul mate, my very best friend and the reason I can keep going every day… literally! <3

  105. 125

    Ben T. says

    I love the black metro My Wife Rocks t-shirt. The reason I love my wife is because she really exemplifies Jesus. She is an amazing mother, wife and best friend. She shows grace and mercy where wrath and justice could be acceptable in society’s eyes. She has stuck with me through all of my faults and problems and seen me walk through the hardest fight in my life with grace and dignity fighting with me through it all. Thanks for blogging you and your husband’s struggles-we were blessed by the he said/she said posts.

  106. 126

    Jeannette says

    I like the 2 become one shirts.
    My husband is my best friend. He knows when to offer advice and when to offer sympathy and comfort. He is a great source of encouragement.

  107. 128

    Shelly says

    I love both shirts. I think it is so important that spouses build each other up and let the world know that you value and respect that person. I love how my husband works so hard to support our family even in this terrible economy where he has to really put himself out there to get the work.

  108. 129


    I like the toddler tee that says my dad rocks with the green star. My husband is the most laid back person I have ever known. I can be falling apart and he is always my stable rock.

  109. 130


    I would love the “I love my wife shirt:” for my husband or the “my husband rocks” one! I love many things about my husband, but the thing that comes to mind first is he is absolutely the kindest person I know, and he is a very hands-on dad to our kids.

  110. 131


    This shirts are great! Can’t wait to get a couple!!!

    I could go on and on about what I adore about my hubby here-but for now I will say for being practical & level headed. I can get so worked up about things and worry about nothing and everything. My hubby is always there to first point me to read Matthew 6 and then tell me how everything is going to be just fine.

    I really like the I love my wife charcoal shirt & the my wife rocks black metro

  111. 132


    I would like the “I Love My Wife” t-shirt to compliment the “My Husband Rocks” one I’m going to buy myself. What I love most about my husband isn’t that he is a wonderful provider, a great father, makes me laugh, is my best friend, is a great jewlery buyer or a bunch of other reasons, but because when I have been up for the 5th time in a night rocking a cranky, teething baby who won’t let me put him down and then get up again to settle our 3 year old back into her bed, I hear this voice in the dark tell me “thank you for being such a wonderful mom and taking care of my children for me”. It’s kind of hard to be grumpy in the morning when I know he sees what I’ve been through and thanks me for doing it!

  112. 133


    I love their stuff! How awesome! I would love one of the “My Husband Rocks” shirts, because my husband really does. I love that he has “stick-to-it-iveness”. He won’t give up no matter what!

  113. 134


    I LOVE the Pink My Husband Rocks tee!!! I also love the kids tee shirt that says My Dad Rocks. One thing I love about my husband is that he is such a great daddy to our daughter. He shows her every single day what kind of a man she should look for. I love him!!!

  114. 135

    Misty says

    I love the pink my husband rocks tee! I adore my husbands total devotion to being a stay-at-home dad!! Our 14 month old daughter gets to play with daddy all day and is the happiest baby you’d ever meet! I absolutely adore him and am very proud to be pregnant with our Baby #2!

  115. 136

    Sylvia says

    I already own “My husband rocks” and love all the comments I get when I wear it. It really gives me the opportunity to let people know how God has blessed me with such an amazing man! My husband never loses his cool–I mean it!–never! It’s unbelieveable. And we even have two children! He’s awesome! sylviarj at yahoo dot com

  116. 137

    stephanie says

    I love the “my husband rocks” in hot pink ladies fit. Because he does. We’re trying to expand our family and we both currently work full time. He can see the stress it puts on me to work full time and try to be 100% of the wife and mom I want and need to be to him and our 11 month old daughter. He is bending over backwards and working the numbers every which way and found a way that I could stay home with our children.

    I can’t explain the love I have for him for doing this for me, for our family. What an incredible gift. I adore him.

  117. 138


    OH! Ever since I saw your post about I’ve been checking them out regularly and my husband and I wanted to order shirts for each other in honor of our 2nd anniversary (which is coincidently the “cotton” year I guess!) My husband wants the black “My Wife Rocks” and I would love the new red “My husband rocks”

  118. 140

    Michelle Myers says

    I like the red & hot pink shirts & I LOVE my hubs b/c he loves me & even likes me, when I am so unlovely. I could not be more blessed to have such an amzing man to share my life with for the past 18 years! :)

  119. 141

    Juliann says

    I love the grey I love my Wife shirt. My husband would love that and he does ROCK. He is so supportive of what I do every day as a homeschooling stay at home mom. Right now, he’s rocking the cranky teething baby so I can drink tea and have a few minutes to regain my brain! :) Thanks for your blog. I LOVE it….

  120. 142

    Kristy says

    I like the chocolate brown ‘my husband rocks’ t-shirts – my husband does rock, even when he doesn’t, like u said. he’s awesome – loves God and loves me and loves our kids.

  121. 143


    I can’t decide! For him I like the “I Love My Wife.” For me, I like the pink one that you have and the daisy one. The daisy one has special meaning in that he has sent me daisies (my favorite flower) for years and years and years – I’m just not sure about “yeh” – shouldn’t that be “yeah”? Could just be a school teacher thing…. Thank you for sharing this site. What an awesome idea! I can’t wait to pass it along to my friends who have husbands that (almost always) rock. 😉

  122. 144


    Ah! I can’t get his comment to post! I’m shortening dramatically this time – I like pink or daisy and “I Love My Wife” for our family. Great site!

  123. 145

    Heather says

    Love the brown fitted “my husband rocks” t-shirt. Also LOVE the kid’s Daddy Rocks t-shirts with the star. So cute! My husband totally rocks. He works so hard so I can stay home with our two foster kids. He’s amazing!

  124. 146


    love the united rings mocha heather tee.. this company is so cool, btw… need to browse some more… what an awesome giveaway!!!

    …here’s hoping!

  125. 147


    I would love to give him the “My wife rocks” chocolate t-shirt. He is definitely the most patient man I know! And I love it when he sings and plays the guitar, especially at church. He’s a great musician. :)

  126. 148


    I love a few styles they have: “I Love My Husband” shirt in red, “My Husband Rocks” in hot pink & Daisy “He Loves Me A Lot”.
    My hubby does ROCK! He works all day and comes home to cook for us. I don’t cook. He will go w/o things so the kids & I can have what we need. He bbq’s on rainy days. He dances with our daughter at a moments notice. He does ALL the driving when we go on driving back from Disneyland yesterday. That was a long drive back home.

  127. 149

    Chrissy says

    I love the My husband rocks shirt! One of the many reasons that I love my husband is because he is truly a good man and those are hard to come by!!

  128. 150

    Shelley says

    Love the Daddy Rocks shirts…and the My Hubby Rocks! He’d absolutely LOVE to wear this “Love my Wife” shirt. Perfect as an example to the teens in our youth group!

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