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Well. I did it.

I moved my blog to WordPress! (Actually, Darcy of Graphically Designing, a highly qualified friend o mine did all the work with some behind-the-scenes kudos to Lisa Boyd. I just ate bonbons).

And bless her heart because did you know that moving 50 THOUSAND comments over is not an easy task? It’s is also made more difficult when the blog writer has uploaded every picture for over two years in the largest format. Oops. But let’s not talk about all my faults. Let’s focus on my new workspace.

I’m still learning the ropes, but I can already say, I love it here! Poke around and make yourself at home while I work out the bugs and update the links. Visit Darcy over at Graphically Designing, too.

My real life friends over at Eleven2 are hosting my blog. (Up until a month ago, I thought a host was someone who wears an apron. It’s a wonder I have a blog, y’all. Seriously, low tech over here). Anywho, they are an amazing homegrown business with AWESOME customer service, great attitudes and cool widgets. Okay, I made up the widget part, but it sounded high tech, didn’t it?

In honor of my switcheroo, Eleven2 is offering YOU a free month of hosting on any of their accounts. Just enter this code at checkout: wearethatfamily

It expires: Never.



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    Hi Kristen,

    I came over from a link that said you had a blog entry about bulk blogging? It said it wasn’t found — can you point me in the right direction?

  2. 3

    designer says

    We would be amiss if we didn’t credit Lisa Boyd for forcing the database in. She is a database NINJA! If anyone is ever looking for a girl genius: Lisa is your girl!

    Way to go, Lis. thanks again for coming to our rescue!


  3. 16


    Love the new look! However, none of the old links are working…had referred someone to Works for Me Wednesday and the link is “no longer found”…bummer…hope that can get fixed 😀

  4. 18


    Welcome to WordPress. Your new blog is crisp, clean, uncluttered and still filled with amazing stories, tons of useful information and links, and wonderful pictures!

  5. 21


    Very nice (o:
    I went back to the WFMW post to finish and it dose not highlight the ones you have already visited. Hope it will be fixed to do that. It is so much more enjoyable to see what you have already looked at. Love your blog. I was hoping some young Christian Mom like you would talk about the whole Vampire craze that is going on. My eight year old Granddaughter says they play vampire at recess and of course lots of kids know all about Twilight and the other books and movies. What can i tell her about What God would think of this….just wanted some advice from out here in blog land.

  6. 23


    LOVE IT!! I use WP also and it’s been a great experience. And the blog looks great! Your people did an awesome job. Moving all that info. is not an easy thing to do….not something I would want to tackle! Great job, people!

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    Congrats on the move. It’s always fun!

    I Tweeted you a few helps, but if you want to email me I can give you more details on what to add to your htaccess to fix the feed redirects. There are also details here: http://ylcf.org/2009/04/can-you-see-us/

    And a favorite website with WP helps you may want to check in the future is wpbeginner.com

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    Monica says

    I was ready to send out a www. APB on you. I check your blog every day (for the last 5 months or more). Missed Saturday and then I couldn’t get your site to come up yesterday or this morning. Good thing it’s back in working order. I always enjoy your posts. :)

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